Sunday, 15 June 2014

How To: Style Jelly Shoes

Hello everyone, sorry its been so long I've been busy with school work and stuff like that! Anyway, since it's coming up to summer I thought this post was appropriate. I think jelly shoes are a love, hate item, you either love them or hate them. I personally love them! So I'm going to show you a few ways in which you could style a pair of jelly shoes, for this coming summer! One more thing, I purchased my jelly shoes from New Look for £14.99.

The first way in which you could style your jelly shoes, is with a pair of high waisted jeans and a cropped top. I have the Joni Jeans from topshop, and a simple pink cropped top from Topshop also. The jean colour can vary, I think black would also go really well with this look! You could even dress this look up a bit, by adding a kimono or a chunky necklace or something. Or just wearing this casual on a hot day in summer would be perfect also. If it's a super hot day, you could always replace the jeans with a pair of high waisted shorts, this would be a good replacement and look super good with jelly shoes! Personally, I think this is my favourite way to style a pair of jellies!!

This is for more of a dressy style, maybe for a party or a gathering you may be going too. This first one, is a bodycon dress, I got mine from Boo Hoo. (They're super amazing for dresses, you should go check it out if you haven't already)! This is a really simple look, but still quite dressy. I would recommend adding some accessories to this look, because you don't want it to be dull! The second look is just a plain black skater skirt, I got mine from H&M. Perfect for summer, and so cute. You could pair the skater skirt with a pretty cropped top or even a long top tucked into the skirt! With this look I would also say maybe adding some frilly socks with your jellies, however not everybody likes this look because of the whole 'socks and sandals' thing, I get it, but I still think it looks super cute and I'd give it a go. So dressy or casual, jelly shoes are perfect for this time of year!

I hope you enjoyed reading and maybe got some tips on how to wear your jelly shoes or want to now go out and buy some! Thanks for reading. 

Lucy xx



  1. Great little post! I've been wanting to pick up a pair of jelly shoes - these black ones are so cute!! Defo buying xx

  2. great post! I really like the look of jelly shoes, but I got a pair and they were really uncomfortable! would love if you could check out my blog :)



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