Thursday, 25 September 2014

Getting Down To Work

Hello everyone, I'm so sorry I haven't posted a lot recently, back to school has been way too busy. So this post is rather relevant, I hope that anyone who has been back to school, college etc will maybe like this post and use a few things! 

First off, just sit down and have a look at the work you have to do, and the way in which I choose what pieces of work I will do first, is check when I next have that lesson. For example, if I have it the next day, that's the first piece I will do. It's always fun to use different colours when working, to highlight things and writing out key points. (Not that doing homework is fun, but it might just brighten it up a bit, haha). 

Just to make it a little bit more relaxing when you have a ton of work in front of you, I like to light a candle. The one I have is 'coconut banana', which smells incredible! I find candles relaxing, and just help me to concentrate a bit more than I maybe would without. 

Finally, I love having music playing whilst I'm doing homework and things. Not too loud but just quietly in the background. The 1975 are my favourite band EVER, So that's what I love to play, I find it super relaxing. So having your favourite band/singer playing in the background can be helpful to get you down to work, and you can also have a little sing along whilst working, even if you can't sing, like me. 

I hope you enjoyed these small tips that help me get on with working and make the time pass quicker. Do you have anything that helps you work? Thanks for reading everyone!

Lucy xx


Thursday, 18 September 2014

Ghost Eclipse

Hello everyone, so it was my birthday very recently and I was super lucky to get this perfume. I'd asked for it, but wasn't sure I'd get it because it is slightly pricey. Well, depending on how much you'd want to pay for a perfume! I know I can't go on about this because of course, you can't exactly smell it. Which sucks, because it smells gorgeous. I'll try my best to describe, haha. 
So first off, can we just talk about the packaging. It's just the most amazing perfume bottle I've ever seen! It is shaped like a crescent moon, with the colour going from an orangey colour, to red. Hence the name 'eclipse'. This is the 50ml bottle, but I feel like there is more because of the shape. I can only describe the smell as slightly fruity, but not a sweet fruity smell. With maybe an under smell which is a little bit floral. I'm the worst at describing smells, but just take it from me that the smell is just the best thing ever. I watched one of Zoella's videos, where she talks about this and thats where I found my love for this perfume. Ghost do also have another moon shaped perfume out, which is called 'Deep Night', which is a dark coloured bottle. Also one more super good thing about this, the smell lasts on you ALL day, which with some perfumes just doesn't happen, but this stays strong pretty much throughout your day. 

Whats your favourite perfume? I hope you enjoyed this post and it's made you want to go out and have a smell at this gorgeous perfume. Thanks for reading!

Lucy xx

Sunday, 14 September 2014

What I've Learnt When Buying Make Up

Hello everyone, today I thought I'd share with you a few hints and tricks when buying make up! I'd like to say this is for beginners but then again, I'm still learning and I guess I could take a few tips from myself still, haha. Anyway, here we go. 

  • If you're starting out with make up, never go straight into the deep end. Go for a foundation, or mascara or whatever you're planning on buying, from a fairly cheap brand. Just so you can just test and try and work out how to use it in a way that's good for you. 
  • Kind of something to add to that first point, ALWAYS find a foundation/concealer/powder etc, that is correct to your skin tone. There is nothing worse than buying a foundation without testing it, getting home and finding out its to orange or to pale for your skin. In pretty much every place you can buy make up, whether it be a drugstore or a high end shop, someone will help you out picking the right colour for you.
  • Don't go for something just because everyone else loves it. If you're doubting whether or not to buy a new product everyone else loves, don't feel you have to buy it! Especially if it's expensive, maybe ask for a tester before you go out and spend loads of money to see if its really right for you.
  • You can never have enough mascaras. This is probably a really bad point, but I honestly can't get enough of mascaras. Is that bad? Every mascara is so different, and it can be hard to find a really good one. So trying a few is never bad, right? 
  • If you're starting with make up, I don't think make up brushes are essential. However, the more you get into make up and things, they're a pretty good thing to be using. Blending with your hands and fingers can be fine, but brushes can sometimes do a better job I think. Especially when it comes to eyeshadow, brushes are something you want to be using. 
What have you guys learnt over the time you've been using make up? I hope you all enjoyed this post, and thank you for reading!

Lucy xx


Tuesday, 9 September 2014

What's The Difference: Wake Me Up & Match Perfection Concealer

Hello everyone, I'm sorry I haven't been able to post as frequently as I was last week, but it's back to school and it's a little bit harder to find time, but I'm managing! Also, expect some more interesting posts soon because it is my birthday in a week, yay! Anyway, on with the post. 

So, these two concealers have been my favourite recently, I kind of scrapped the collection concealer a while ago. I can't say these two are the BEST concealers out there, but I'm not that keen on spending a lot on a high end one. So let's compare. To start with the 'Match Perfection' concealer. This obviously is the concealer to go along with the match perfection foundation. I find this concealer to be very creamy and extremely similar to a foundation like feel. It does say 'highlights' on the packaging, but I don't think it does that. It kind of makes my under eyes feel a bit cakey. However, the coverage is wonderful and it counteracts your dark circles so well, so its a bitter sweet sort of thing really. Secondly, the 'Wake Me Up' concealer, literally SO many people have raved about this and how amazing it is. I do agree some what, but not 100%. It does give a glow to your under eyes, and makes you look a lot more awake but the coverage isn't as good as the 'Match Perfection', at all. It's a very light concealer, as it doesn't feel cakey at all but then that sort of explains the coverage problem. If I had too pick between the two, I think I would go for the Wake Me Up, purely because I don't feel like I have a ton of make up under my eyes.

The applicators for the two are totally different, and I think you can maybe guess which one I prefer more. (I feel like I'm really criticizing these two products, but I actually quite like them both, oops!) However, the Wake Me Up is sooooo much easier to apply, since it just has the usual plastic tube with the wand type thing, where as the Match Perfection has a brush like applicator, which I honestly cannot stand! You have to squeeze the tube for concealer too actually force its way out, it's just a very annoying design. If it was like the Wake Me Up, I don't think I'd have such a problem with it. I was so confused when I first went to use it as to how I was supposed to get it out. I'm sure a few other concealers are like this too and it was just me being stupid, but still, less time is wasted using the Wake Me Up! 

So there we have it, what is your favourite concealer? I hope you enjoyed this post, and maybe you made a decision over which one you will go for next time? Thanks for reading!

Lucy xx 

Sunday, 7 September 2014

The Perfect Foundation For Oily Skin

Hello everyone, I am back today (finally), with a post I'm pretty excited to share. So, I'd heard quite a lot about the L'Oreal Nude Magique Eau De Teint foundation, and people have said it's really good. Anyway, I really needed a new foundation because my skin has become a lot more oily recently, and the Rimmel Match Perfection, was almost slipping off my face, and it felt heavy and cakey. Usually I really love that foundation, so I'm not sure what was happening there. So, I'd read that this foundation dried like a powder, and was a very matte foundation. Which sounded super good to me since I was looking for something that could stop my skin from looking so oily. This foundation has done just the trick!

I have got this in the lightest shade I believe which is, 'Porcelain', because I am quite pale. I was a bit worried when I first tried this, about the fact of how runny it was. It's quite difficult to pour some of this out onto the back of your hand, you just have to be careful. I don't put this directly from my hand onto my brush, I dot it around my face so I can then blend it out with my brush, this seems to work better. Then the magic happens, when you blend this is it dries just like a powder and its honestly AMAZING how weightless it feels, I mean some foundations feel so stodgy and heavy but this is really something else. I was also amazed at the coverage it gave, I wasn't expecting too much because of how 'light' its supposed to be, but I was impressed. So all in all, this foundation would be so perfect if you have oily/combination skin.

What's your favourite foundation? Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed!

Lucy xx 

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

3 Ways To Store Your Nail Polishes

Hello everyone, I love reading how people store their make up, nail varnishes etc so I thought I'd share with you three way I store my nail polishes! 

The first way, which might be my favourite, is putting your nail polishes onto a cake stand. Not like a huge fancy cake stand, just quite a small one that sits on a table or dresser. So I just have a white one with small hearts around the edge, and I have put all my BarryM ones on here, just to make it look a bit more organised! 

Second way I like to keep some of my nail polishes is in a small basket type thing. I have a wire one that also has hearts on it, and that just sits on my table along with my make up and cake stand which I keep my other nail polishes on. I  like this, just because its so simple and there are so many different types of basket/bowls you could have to mix and match with your room!

The last one is a glass jar. I have quite a big glass jar, and it doesn't fit THAT many nail polishes in but I think it can look quite pretty on a table/dresser with everything else. You can buy glass jars from pretty much anywhere, and you can get clear ones or ones like mine that are like blurred out a bit. I find glass jars so cute in a room since you can put anything in them, not just nail varnishes! 

How do you like to store your nail polishes? Thanks for reading everyone, I hope you got some ideas from this, plus, everything is super cheap! I hope you enjoyed.

Lucy xx

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