Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Budget Beauty | Essence Lipstick In Barely There

I'm pretty sure most people in the blogging world are a sucker for a budget beauty buy. Recently I have discovered the brand Essence, and I just had to blog about it. I'll definitely be doing more posts on budget beauty, because personally I love reading them. Anyway, I'd heard a lot of craze over Essence and had seen the stand in my local Wilkinsons and wondered what all the fuss was about. They have such a range of products which are so reasonable its incredible. I'd been on the hunt for a nude pink lipstick for a long time, but hadn't found one I liked. Until I spotted this beauty, which is there lipstick in Barley There! 

There lipsticks are £2.30, which is incredibly reasonable I was so impressed. The colour is drifting towards your typical Kylie Jenner lip, however a lot more natural. Its a very dark pinky nude, I can only describe it as your lips but better. It applies so nicely, and is extremely hydrating! I was so impressed with how much hydration this has, its not drying on the lips at all and doesn't cling to any dry patches you may have. Its so easy to apply, Its quite a sheer formula, but I really like that as it gives a nice natural glow to this lips. Eating and drinking isn't a problem, as you don't get left with an awkward lipstick mark or have to worry about it smudging across your face as it fades naturally, and you'd be able to reapply without using a mirror in my opinion. If you're looking for a natural looking lipstick, I'd highly recommend you go and give this a try! I am so impressed for the price and will definitely be going back to check out more of Essences products. 

Have you tried anything from Essence? 



  1. haha this is so funny, we have essence since forever in germany! Personally I´m not a big fan of their products, but this shade looks really nice! x

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

    1. Thats crazy, seems to only just have landed in the UK! I was slightly surprised myself when I found I liked this haha, such a gorgeous shade though x

  2. I've not yet heard of this brand but I love that colour so I think I'm definitely gonna go and give them a try! xo

    1. Its such a pretty colour, you should definitely give Essence a try x

  3. I've never tried Essence before and I don't have a Wilkinsons close to me so that's great :( but this shade looks really pretty
    Dalal x


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