Friday, 26 June 2015

Prom Nails | Barry M Coconut

My prom is over and done with now, but I loved the colour of my nails and just had to share them! 

I didn't personally paint my nails, somebody came and did it for me, and did it properly! But I picked out this colour which is by Barry M in their gelly nails range. Its called 'Coconut'. Its an off white colour, which is so pretty. I have to say it comes out more white on the nails than it looks in the bottle, but still super pretty.

My dress was black and white, so I thought this colour would match just perfectly. Its so long lasting, and I managed not to chip any of it off before/at prom, result. It is really shiny and glossy, which I just looved. And of course, I can use this all throughout summer, so thats a plus. I would really recommend this nail varnish, as it can be worn all summer long and its so long lasting and just a generally gorgeous colour.

What colour were your prom nails?

Lucy x


  1. i love a good white or off-white nail polish, they always look so chic! hope you had a wonderful prom x
    natasha // eyebrows, inc.

    1. I love a good white nail polish, and thankyou x

  2. I love the fact that white nail polishes can make your tan pop even more so that's a must for the summer, your prom nails look really nice :)
    Dalal x

    1. White nail varnishes are really good at that I agree, and thankyou x


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