Sunday, 30 August 2015

The Versatile Blogger Award

A big thankyou to ellerow for nominating me to do The Versatile Blogger Award! Definitely go and check out her blog its brilliant!

These types of awards are so great because it connects bloggers and it gives readers a chance to learn a little bit more about you; I think its a great idea!

The Rules

01 - You must thank the person who nominated you for the award
02 - Write 7 facts about yourself
03 - Nominate 15 other bloggers

My 7 Facts

01 - I am the worlds biggest worrier - I suppose that comes with anxiety which I unfortunately suffer with. But honestly I will find anything to worry about and it'll be on my mind all day!

02 - I have never broken a bone in my body nor spent hardly any time in hospital (touch wood) I think this is because I've always been so careful because I'm a worrier haha.

03 - I'm not academically the smartest but I always have a million ideas floating around in my head and I love a good creative project; hence why I love blogging!

04 - My favourite food has to be pasta or pizza - typical I know but I love nothing more than a big bowl of pasta or a huge margarita pizza.

05 - I have loved photography ever since I was little - I used to own a little blue plastic film camera that I'd carry around with me everywhere even at the age of about 6 or 7!

06 - I've only ever been abroad twice and both times to Spain. I've never really travelled and its something I'd love to do one day; seeing the world is one thing on my bucketlist.

07 - I HATE horror movies, I repeat hate. There is nothing worse, I stick to my rom coms and disney movies where everything is happy!

My Nominees

I hope you enjoyed this post and found out a few facts about me! Thankyou again to ellerow for nominating me to do this award! I hope the nominees enjoy writing the post too!

Lucy x

Friday, 28 August 2015

August Favourites 2015

August is nearly over? How and where did that time go? Summer is nearly over and Autumn is just around the corner; however I've been loving a lot this past month that'd I'd love to share!

I feel like I've really enjoyed the world of beauty this month and found both new products and products that I had hiding away. First up Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in Eastend Snob. I'm not a massive lip product person; but this neutral pinky shade has been perfect! It has only what I can describe as a waxy formula. It glides onto the lips nicely and is super long lasting! Second up is Mac Paintpot in Tailor Grey - unfortunately this product has been discontinued but its the perfect matte neutral brown shade. I've used it as a base for my eyeshadow; but equally it works well on its own. Which brings me onto my next favourite Naked Smoky Palette. Twelve gorgeous smoky shades to create the perfect smoky look. I've loved this so much and you can read a full review here. Finally for beauty I've loved Essie Pret-a-Surfer nail polish from their Summer collection. A gorgeous summery blue, it reminds me of the seaside and holidays! 

As far as skincare goes I've only really been loving two products this month. Starting off with Nivea Daily Essentials Oil Free Moisturising Day Cream (worlds longest name). I've struggled trying to find a moisturiser that was right for me; and finally I've done it! Its aimed at oily/combination skin type and works well to control oils but at the same time hydrate and moisturise the skin. A great new addition to my skincare routine. Secondly, a product I've fallen back in love with and that's Lush Tea Tree Water. This works wonders when I have a few spots starting to appear or have had a bad breakout. With its antibacterial features it helps to keep dirt and spots at bay. Love it.

Music & Film
So many new songs out this month; I've been loving really upbeat songs as it is summer right? Some of my favourite include: Go by The Chemical Brothers, The Night Out by A.Trak vs. Martin Rework, Black Magic by Little Mix, Ocean Drive by Duke Dumont and Stay With Us by Seoul. And onto movies, Love, Rosie is one to watch! I saw it'd been added to Netflix and I loved it! I love the way its filmed; so cleverly done and is bound to make you cry at some point!

As you can see from the picture a phone case. None other than a Sighh Designs phone case. I decided to treat myself on results day, plus Polly was doing a 20% off deal that day. I decided to go for the Loopy Loop phone case but in the new premium quality. This means the finish of it is that bit better and also more likely to protect your phone. I looove it so much! Thanks Polly.

What have your favourites been this month?

Lucy x

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Pinky Hues

Pink. I find pink to be a pretty safe colour to choose for a blush or a lip product. Here are some of my favourite pink blushes and lip products!

A blush that was in the spotlight a few years back. I totally understand why however. A similar blush to Nars Orgasm I believe, but for a fraction of the price. A beautiful light pinky coral shade with small flecks of rose gold shimmer running throughout. Not only does this blush give you lovely rosy cheeks, it also gives a nice glow to the skin. I adore this blush.

The creme puff blushes were spoken highly of a few months back; again I completely understand why. A dupe for some of the Hourglass blushes, these marble blushes are stunning. This gives a subtle pinky glow to the skin, and you don't need very much each time. Meaning this gorgeous blush will last you a long time!

This lipstick is so underrated, I haven't heard very much about it on the blogosphere. Its a beautiful, quite bright, pink shade that's so moisturising on the lips. Its so easy to wear, and you don't have to spend all your time worrying about it smudging everywhere. The only time I find it needs reapplying is after eating, such a gorgeous pink shade to add to your collection.

When Tanya brought her lipglosses out there was so much excitement. This gorgeous pink lip gloss would pair perfectly with Sunny Seoul, but equally looks stunning by itself. It hasn't got a sticky formula nor does it need constantly reapplying. Its such a subtle, yet noticeable glossy pink. Quite girly and pretty, plus it smells incredible. 

Do you have any favourite pink blushes/lip products?

Lucy x

Sunday, 23 August 2015

The Sunday Chatter #2

The Sunday Chatter is back again, though I wasn't 100% happy with last weeks. I want them to be somewhat inspiring, if not make you think. So I'll be adding a theme to each week, which will relate to the past week I've had. I hope you enjoy these posts!

So this week was the week I found out my GCSE results. It's been a looong old wait - and I've been so nervous in the build up too it. I think what I want to focus on this week is just believing in yourself and what you're actually capable of. And equally knowing that its not the end of the world if you don't get what you want. I was pretty happy with my results, I passed maths which was my biggest concern & I cried with happiness haha. Luckily I got what I needed to go onto doing what I want to do; which includes photography and media. I think a lot of pressure is put on young people these days to do well and achieve high but a grade doesn't define you. Only you can shape your life and where you go from there and I don't think any sort of grade should stop you from doing what you want to achieve. To anyone taking their GCSEs next year, or in future years my tip is to just believe in yourself and do your best. Because at the end of the day thats all you can do, and you'll probably end up surprising yourself. Well done to anyone who received results the past two weeks too.

I hope this meant something to someone, and to encourage you to have some self belief because at the end of the day only you can make your life what you want it to be. So go for it, take opportunities and just keep going. Like the quote says 'Life doesn't stop for anybody'. It was a different type of Sunday Chatter this week & I think I prefer it opposed to talking about my (usually) boring week. I'd like to carry on injecting some positivity into my blog each week! I hope you enjoyed.

How has your week been?

Lucy x

Friday, 21 August 2015

My Current Skincare Routine

My skincare routine doesn't tend to switch up very often, however its been a long time since my previous one & things have changed. If you want to read my old skincare routine you can here.

There's a theme throughout my skincare routine; a lot is aimed at oily/combination skin. Because I have pretty oily skin. I use the Garnier Micellar water to take off my makeup, I don't think there's a noticeable difference between the normal Micellar water and the one aimed for oily skin; however I love this and it gets my makeup off like a dream.

I have done a full review of this product, if you would like to read it, its here. I use this as my main cleanser, again its oil free to help control the oils on my skin. It isn't a foaming cleanser, which I love and it feels refreshing on the face. You can really feel it get to work straight away and my face always feels so nice afterwards. Plus you only need the tiniest amount, so a little goes a long way.

I have linked the information to this if anyone would like to look into it. This is a prescribed solution to help with spots, in specific acne. In no way shape or form do I suffer with bad acne, but I get very regular breakouts that take a long time to go away. It was making me quite insecure so I decided I'd get a prescribed drug for it. If you do suffer with bad breakouts/acne I would recommend talking to your GP about this, it has helped me.

A recent discovery, because no moisturisers were working for me. Again its oil free to help control my pesky oily skin. I've really been enjoying this, it makes my skin feel very smooth and hydrated without making it feel greasy or oily. However it is very heavily scented, I personally don't mind the smell but something to bear in mind if you don't like scented skincare products.

I use this to help fade my spot scars quicker, because I do get very bad scarring from spots and its super annoying. I find Bio-Oil helps make them go much quicker than if I left them to their own devices. Would highly recommend to anyone suffering with scars.

I have also done a full review of this here. I really love this, I love a lot from the Botanics range. Not going to lie, this is very rough on the skin. If you like your exfoliators to be gentle and soft this isn't for you. This is heavy going and really works there and then. When I have areas of dry flaky skin I will whip this out and rub it on. It isn't the nicest feeling, but it just works so well. I'd recommend this if you want a quick fix for dry patches. 

What products are in your skincare routine?

Lucy x

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Simple Drugstore Makeup Look

The drugstores these days have some amazing products that sometimes get neglected due to higher end brands. I have a full makeup look for you thats all from the drugstore!

A fairly new product to the drugstore, this foundation is just perfect. Maybe even better than some high end foundations. It glides on nicely, and is easy to blend in. Even though it claims to be matte, it doesn't make your skin look cakey at all. A great budget foundation to try.

I've gone through at least five tubes of this stuff, its incredible. A lightweight concealer that not only helps to cover under eye circles and blemishes, but brightens too. A great multi tasker. One of my favourite concealers. 

The powder of all powders! You can actually see a difference when this is applied. Its great to set foundation or concealer, I find you can even use it on its own if you don't want to use foundation. Its very mattifying and last a very long time.

Not super cheap, but well worth the money. To be honest, this is the best drugstore bronzer I've found. Its warm, and not orangey at all. Paired with the powder on the other side, when swirled on a big fluffy brush its great for warming up the face and giving you a bronzy glow.

I'm yet to find a brow pencil/kit from the drugstore. However, in the meantime this brow gel is a god send! It sets the brows in place so well and really gets to each individual hair. You can feel that they're set, but without the crispy feel. They really do stay in place all day with this, plus they have a good colour range which is perfect.

If you read my blog regularly, you will have seen this featured in a number of posts. Its a great dupe for some of the By Terry Ombre Blackstar cream eyeshadow sticks. Its creamy and blends really well. The colour is a gorgeous browny/mauve shade with a hint of shimmer. Its just perfect for a simple eye look.

Probably my favourite drugstore mascara. A very volumizing mascara that also gives great length. There was quite a lot of hype around this when it first landed in drugstores, and I can see why. It just finishes off a makeup look really well and has great staying power. Love this mascara. 

What are your favourite drugstore products?

Lucy x


Sunday, 16 August 2015

The Sunday Chatter #1

The Sunday Chatter, is a series of posts I'm going to be starting that will go up either every Sunday or every other Sunday. Just a summary of my week; essentially a diary. I hope you enjoy a small insight into my life!

This week has mainly consisted of early mornings, and lazy afternoons. Monday was a chilled day, primarily spent in Starbucks sipping on a Mango & Passion Fruit Cooler, and chatting for a long time. With a chilled evening snacking on some Bournville chocolate (my favourite). Tuesday was almost a day of chores, an early doctors appointment to attend then a lazy afternoon until I had to visit someone I see about my anxiety; I don't want to go into much detail. Then I accidently found myself in Starbucks again, with the same Mango & Passion fruit drink oops! Wednesday I was working all morning, which was tiring to say the least. So that whole afternoon was spent reading my way through blogs and watching youtube videos to my hearts content! Thursday was actually exciting for once, I took a trip up to London! Maybe not the best day to pick, as it was pouring down with rain all day and I managed to get soaked through to my skin walking to the Saatchi Gallery, which I did a post on here. I also braved Oxford Street to get to the new Lush store and it did not disappoint! So much loveliness, it was amazing. Friday a lazy morning not waking up early for the first time all week. I had loads of blog posts to read through so I was happy for the morning, well most of the day actually as I was making the most of the time I had off. I also surprised my friend who'd been away travelling for a month which was so lovely. Saturday and here we are, back at the weekend. Work it was this morning, and I got paid (yay)! So tempted to spend it on makeup, but I know I need to save haha. I'm always so tired out after, so I just chilled and ate a lot basically all afternoon! Nothing very exciting. 

I know this week wasn't exactly the most exciting, but I wanted to start the series off. Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit into my life and what I get up to on a normal week. Hopefully there will be some more interesting weeks in the future! 

What exciting things have you done this week?

Lucy x

Friday, 14 August 2015

A Trip To Saatchi Gallery

Yesterday I took a trip up to London, specifically to the Saatchi Gallery. I'd never been but knew great things, so I was very happy I was finally able to go. 

The first picture is of 97000 plastic blue plastic bags all piled up into a long line, it was so clever. Second photo is of a hanging tree sculpture, it was incredible it looked like a real life miniature tree. The third picture was of the 'roots' of the tree sculpture because it looks so interesting and life like. The fourth picture is of some fancy bowl sculptures, I thought the brown one looked like chocolate! Fifth, we have a picture of something slightly disturbing. They had an exhibition on for 'celebrating mortality' and obviously, the theme was death. So there were many sculptures laying 'dead' on the floor of one of the rooms, made from different materials etc. It was creepy at first to say the least. Sixth, is a close up of one of the 'dead' people, I loved the fact he had his head covered in books. And lastly is just some pictures hung up on a wall, because they were too beautiful not to photograph. 

I'd really recommend going to the Saatchi Gallery, its not very big and easy to go around in about an hour. There's so many interesting pieces in there and its something really nice to do.

Have you ever visited the Saatchi Gallery?

Lucy x

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The Only Ones Giveaway Prizes

I was lucky enough to win 'The Only Ones' Essie Summer Collection giveaway, plus I got to pick my own full sized Essie nail polish. I thought I'd post about it because all the colours are just gorgeous and I'm super grateful.

You can read The Only Ones post on the Essie Summer Collection over on here blog, here. She held a giveaway and I was the lucky one! I've never owned any Essie nail polishes before, so obviously I was seriously excited to hear I'd won. I was allowed to pick out my own full sized nail polish also, and I opted for 'Maximillian Strasse-her' which I know is a popular shade, plus I don't own anything like it in my collection.

So lets talk about the summer collection, first in the pack comes 'Chillato', a lovely muted green colour which I actually love. Secondly is 'Peach Side Babe', which is a pale peachy shade which is so perfect for summer. Moving onto 'Pret-A-Surf' which is a bright pinky red shade. It reminds me of the colour of an ice lolly you'd have on holiday. And finally we have 'Sunset Sneaks', this is probably my favourite out of the bunch. Such a unique shade of blue, and it also helps I love blue nail polish haha. All in all, the Essie Summer 2015 collection is just gorgeous, and I'm so happy I was able to win it. 

The shade I picked which is 'Maximillian Strasse-Her', is a grey polish with a muted green undertone. I'd seen a lot of hype over this in the past, and I know that both Vivianna Does Makeup and Lily Pebbles love this shade; and I trust their opinion. Plus, I own nothing similar to this colour so it sort of made sense. Its actually a big contrast of the summer collection, which I thought was a good idea as this could see me through into the colder months. I'm honestly in love with the shade as its so wearable as well. 

A big thankyou to The Only Ones (Natalie), who's blog I absolutely love, for hosting such a great giveaway, and I'm very happy I was able to win. 

Whats your favourite Essie nail polish shade?

Lucy x

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette

I think as everyone knows, Urban Decay have launched a brand new palette to add to their 'Naked' collection. I was lucky enough to get my hands on one before they sold out!

This by far has to be my favourite Naked palette so far. The packaging is gorgeous, its so easy to open and close and isn't made out of cheap cardboard material; but made from a hardwearing plastic. I love the way it closes, its magnetic and you won't have any worries of it flying open say if you were travelling. I also love the design on the front, the smoky edgy look is very photogenic!

Onto the shades you'll get in this stunning palette. They're all so beautiful, there's not one shade I dislike! 'High' - This is a cream/champagne shade with a hint of shimmer; perfect for the inner corners of your eyes. 'Dirtysweet' - A light bronzy shade, again with a hint of shimmer. This would be a gorgeous all over lid shade. 'Radar' - More of a brown shade, almost taupe. Urban Decay state there is an iridescent shimmer to this shade too! 'Armor' - A metallic silver shade with hints of shimmer running through, this shade is so perfect for a smoky eye look.'Slanted' - To me this is almost a light blue shade, but swatches & goes onto the lid as more of a grey. A light metallic grey shade.'Dagger' A darker blue/charcoal shade with hints of shimmer in again. 'Black Market' - An almost black shade which UD describe as a satin finish, so not too much shimmer.'Smolder' - Probably my favourite shade, its a dark purple/plum shade. Such a nice addition to the palette. 'Password' - This is a cool taupe shade, which is matte. I love how they've split the mattes from the shimmers in this palette. 'Whisky' - A very rich brown, it reminds me of a chocolaty colour. This is also matte; could work well as a crease shade or on outer corners. 'Combust' - This is a light soft baby pink, with a bit of a taupe undertone. 'Thirteen' - The irony of the name, its the twelfth shade yet called thirteen, nice one UD. This is a beige satin shade, could also work well on the inner corners.

That was pretty long winded; but all the shades are completely wearable whether that's for the daytime or the evening. I also love the brush that comes with this palette, you get a smaller finer smudging end and then a fluffy blending brush on the other, which is basically all you need when creating a smoky eye! 10/10 for this palette, well done Urban Decay.

What's your favourite Naked palette?

Lucy x

Friday, 7 August 2015

Travelling With Style

Following up from my recent travel bucketlist post, I wanted to include some more style into travel. Bonprix have created a few GIFs that do just that, with their new in summer dresses to match some of the gorgeous places around the world!

01. Australia 
Australia was on my travel bucketlist, it looks gorgeous. Its quite a hot climate all year round, I'd definitely style a flowy casual dress for a day out in Aus. A great place for surfing too, so to give off a beachy vibe, what's better than a fringe bag and a stack of bracelets? I feel the outfit Bonprix have chosen is perfect for an Australian holiday!

02. Paris
Another one that was included on my travel bucketlist. I feel Paris is a place that you can't be super casual. A smart yet simple summer dress would be perfect to wear for a trip out in Paris. To dress it up even more, adding some simple wedge heels gives off a more sophisticated look. And what would an outfit be without a simple black clutch to carry around?

03. Ibiza 
A place not on my travel bucketlist, but nevertheless I'd absolutely love to visit! Ibiza is known for partying, and a destination for the younger generation. I feel like you could have so much fun there. A super bright summer dress is perfect for a night out in Ibiza, the tropical print dress Bonprix have included in their gif seems just right for a fun night out. Pairing it with all black accessories keeps the focus on your brightly coloured dress. I love this look.

04. Africa
I'm kind of in love with the dress shown in the gif above, I think going for a very flowy summer dress is the right idea if you were to go on a safari. I love the idea of having a print that reflects the safari theme, with darker red colours and an almost aztec print. I would definitely pair this with sandals, a nude is so perfect with the colour of the dress. A statement necklace and bangle to match with the aztec print and theme of the safari look just tops it all off!

05. Thailand 
Thailand looks like such a beautiful place, I will have to visit there some day. Their beaches are just stunning. I feel like if you were to go away to  Thailand you'd be looking for a relaxing holiday. A maxi dress would be so lovely to wear not just on the beach, but going out in the evenings too as you can dress it up. A pair of simple sandals works so well with a maxi dress as it keeps it quite casual for the day time. Again, the fringe bag is included which I'm obsessed with. I don't think you can go wrong with a fringe bag! And finally some unique accessories to top off the look would be perfect for looking stylish whilst still looking casual. 

What country would you love to visit and how would you style your summer dress there?

Lucy x

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Homemade Granola Recipe

I'm a big granola fan whether I eat it for breakfast, or as a snack I just love it! After seeing Lily Pebbles make her own granola, I decided I'd make up my own recipe as well so here it is!

200g Porridge Oats
150g Trail Mix (seeds, dried fruit etc)
2tbsp Sunflower Oil
1tsp Vanilla Extract 
2tsp Cinnamon
Golden Syrup 

So first of all you're going to want to weigh out 200g of porridge oats. Once you have done this, pour them into a big bowl. After that, either measure out or pour 150g of your trail mix in with the oats. I purchased a trail mix back from Tesco, which includes dried fruit, seeds etc. If you don't like this, you can add whatever you want to make it to your taste. After that you'll want to add in your 2tbsp of sunflower oil, if you don't have sunflower oil, vegetable or coconut oil is just as good. Mix this in with a big spoon and then add your 1tsp of vanilla extract, mix that in again. Then add the 2tsp of cinnamon, this is a choice though if you don't like cinnamon don't add in. After just mix in again. Finally adding in the golden syrup. I didn't measure this out, I just went for it and poured it straight in because I didn't know how much I would need. Just make sure you add enough so that it starts to stick together quite well and you don't have flaky oats like you did at the beginning. Then the last step is to spread it all out onto a baking tray that has grease proof paper on. Make sure its quite evenly spread out and then pop it in the oven for about 20-30 minutes on gas mark 2. You will know when its done as it'll be golden and almost crisp looking. Then take it out of the oven and leave to cool. 

Have you ever made granola? 

Lucy x

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Photo Diary: South Devon

Slapton Sands beach in Torcross
'Sea Breeze Cafe' sign in Torcross 
Walk up the hill at Torcross
Salcombe high street
Salcombe Coffee Company
Cake at the Salcombe Coffee Company
Kingsbridge market
Flower crowns for sale in Kingsbridge market
Ice cream window at Kingsbridge
View on Blackpool Sands
Hills and cliffs on Blackpool Sands
Picnic on Blackpool Sands

Recently I went away to the South of Devon. I took quite a lot of photos, and picked out some of my favourites to share on here to create a photo diary. There were so many beautiful places and so many beaches around. I managed to visit two of the beaches close to where I was staying and I have to say they were beautiful. One of my favourite places was the Salcombe Coffee Company, the cakes were so delicious and it was very photogenic. Secondly, I loved the Kingsbridge market as they had so many little bits and bobs, where I bought an anklet and a bracelet which are so pretty. I hope you enjoyed the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Have you ever visited the South of Devon?

Lucy x
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