Sunday, 2 August 2015

Photo Diary: South Devon

Slapton Sands beach in Torcross
'Sea Breeze Cafe' sign in Torcross 
Walk up the hill at Torcross
Salcombe high street
Salcombe Coffee Company
Cake at the Salcombe Coffee Company
Kingsbridge market
Flower crowns for sale in Kingsbridge market
Ice cream window at Kingsbridge
View on Blackpool Sands
Hills and cliffs on Blackpool Sands
Picnic on Blackpool Sands

Recently I went away to the South of Devon. I took quite a lot of photos, and picked out some of my favourites to share on here to create a photo diary. There were so many beautiful places and so many beaches around. I managed to visit two of the beaches close to where I was staying and I have to say they were beautiful. One of my favourite places was the Salcombe Coffee Company, the cakes were so delicious and it was very photogenic. Secondly, I loved the Kingsbridge market as they had so many little bits and bobs, where I bought an anklet and a bracelet which are so pretty. I hope you enjoyed the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Have you ever visited the South of Devon?

Lucy x

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