Sunday, 31 January 2016

January Favourites

Already January is over...Christmas seems like a week ago wow! Although I've loved a lot of things throughout January...

Starting with the least glamorous but probably the best thing, eyelash curlers from Wilko. My last eyelash curlers that I'd had for a few years were just dead, they weren't curling my lashes anymore so it was time for some new ones. I was looking at the more high end eye lash curlers but then just opted for some cheap ones, but these are AMAZING I promise, they work a dream on my eyelashes!

I've sung this concealers praises in a post not too long ago, but its just brilliant. Its the only concealer I've used basically throughout December/January. It has a medium/high coverage and its pale enough for my ghostly complexion. Highly recommend.

I received this for Christmas and its safe to say I was rather excited when I opened it. I've been desperate to see what the hypes about with this, and now I know. This lip balm is a texture I've never seen before and nourishes like no other. Also it smells so lovely and fixes chapped lips over night.

This is the first Zoella product I've owned and its brilliant. I've needed a new hand cream for quite some time and this ticks all the boxes. My favourite bit about this has to be the smell for sure, I think its her original scent and its just gorgeous, very mature. You only need a very small amount of this and it moisturises my hands really nicely.

Lets just take a moment for this palette. Again, a lot of hype around this and I just needed to see the fuss. These shades are highly pigmented and just all round stunning. They have such good longevity and the colours are really unique. Its not overly expensive either for what you get, love love love.

What have you been loving this month?

Lucy x 

Friday, 29 January 2016

A Short & Sweet Pamper Evening

Pamper evenings aren't something I do often, usually because I'm too lazy but I felt I deserved one and its good to pamper yourself every once in a while right?!

First off I like to run myself a nice hot bath, and of course use a Lush bath bomb. I opted for Lush Luxury Lush Pud from their Christmas range, I adore this bath bomb and the colours it makes in your bath are phenomenal. Its also super glittery and its all round just a magical experience. I don't really tend to read or anything in the bath; just sit back and relax for a lil while. Whilst in the bath I used the Palmolive Aroma Sensations Glamorous Shower Scrub. I know its a shower scrub but it works perfectly in the bath too, the same of this is incredible and I high recommend you go and give this a sniff if you ever see it!

Secondly I hop out of the bath after I've had a good soak, and pop on some moisturiser. I've been loving Soap & Glory's Righteous Butter - its super moisturising and smells amazing. The original Soap & Glory scent is one I love and I feel this body butter really nourishes my skin.

Thirdly I mean whats a pamper evening without a face mask? For a very long time I've loved the Quick Fix face masks, and I recently picked up their face mask for oily and blemish prone skin. This smells pretty good and its got a lovely consistency. I just leave this on for 10 minutes until its slightly hardened then wipe it off with a flannel. It really perks up my skin and takes the edge of my oiliness, also leaves my skin very soft.

Fourth its time to sit back and relax. At the moment I'm watching Making A Murderer on Netflix and its pretty intense and very interesting. So I just sit back in bed with my laptop and pop that on. I might paint my nails whilst I'm watching, or I'll just chill. And thats the end of my short but sweet pamper evening!

What are your pamper routine must haves?

Lucy x

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Casual Flannel Shirt OOTD

Sometimes theres nothing better than at home days where you can just wear comfy casual clothes...

Flannel Shirt: H&M
Leggings: Topshop

This is a very simple ootd but I really do love it. I'm all about comfy, baggy clothing I just think its the best. Sometimes I don't fancy wearing trackies around the house and want something a little bit nicer, so I usually opt for my super comfy, tight leggings from Topshop. I used to just wear Primark leggings but oh my were they see through. These Topshop ones are super thick, and there won't be any embarrassing moments. Also my shirt I recently picked up in H&M and I just love the colours of this, its pretty oversized and I think it so comfy to chill in. Checked shirts are such a versatile piece that can work all year round! Finally we have the one and only Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Watch*. I love this watch so much and it can work really well with both dressed up outfits and dressed down outfits, like this! Don't forget you can get 15% off with the discount code 'foreverseptemberr'! 

Lucy x

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Song Loving Sunday #1

I'm really into my music and there isn't really a point in the day where I'm not listening to some form of music, so I thought I'd share a few songs I've been loving recently...

01. UGH / The 1975
The 1975 keep dropping singles from their upcoming album which is to be released in February and I've been loving this song, so different but so catchy.

02. Saturday Night Feeling / Willie J Healey
Not an artist I've ever heard of to be honest but this song is so relaxed and chilled, so perfect for a chilled evening.

03. Harder Without You / Deutsch Duke
Again, not an artist I've heard much about but it was on my discover weekly playlist on Spotify and I just loved. Its quite an upbeat song which really gets you going.

04. All in the Value / HONNE
I discovered this from Will Darbyshire on his Spotify playlist, I always have a listen to what hes listening to because I think he has good music taste and this song was one I happened to love as well.

05. Addict / Mike Dignam
I love Mike Dignam, his songs are really lovely and this one is very soothing and calming I just really love it.

06. Gently Let You Down / Compny
More of an indie pop song, which are personally my favourite kinda songs, I just love this its happy and upbeat!

07. Baby You're Right / BABE
This sounds like it should belong to The 1975 this song, its very similar to their taste, possibly why I've been loving it so much!

08. Chewing Gum / Nina Nesbitt
I've loved Nina's last album and when she released this song I knew I was going to love it, its just a great easy listen!

09. The Sound / The 1975
Surprise, surprise The 1975 have cropped up again haha. They're my all time favourite band and The Sound honestly makes you want to jump up and dance around wherever you are!

10. Leaves / Crvvcks
Finally, I heard this song in Sun Beams Jess' vlogs and was intrigued as to what song it was because I really liked it, and finally I found it. Again a very chilled, laid back song.

What songs have you been loving recently?

Lucy x 

Friday, 22 January 2016

Hair Colouring Experience

About two weeks ago I dyed the top section of my hair blonde, which just made me want to dye my hair pastel colours instantly haha...

I just wanted to share what I've found when bleaching and dying your hair different colours. So first up, if you want pastel hair you're going to have to go a fair few shades lighter than your original hair colour and also you're probably going to want to do a full head (expensive). However, I have brown hair naturally and only dyed the top section blonde. So when dying pastel colours, it didn't pick up overly well and obviously it was just the top section that the colour took to. I tried two different brands and two different colours and I just wanted to show how I got on with them.

First off, I picked up the Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Kiss of Colour Playful Pink Treatment. Worlds longest name or what? I didn't expect this to do much but it looked worth a go. You have to wash your hair then towel dry, and run this through the parts of your hair you want to dye. It comes out bright neon pink but that doesn't transfer onto your hair. You have to leave this for about 10 minutes before rinsing it off. I must say I wasn't THAT impressed, I thought it'd leave my hair much pinker. However where I had bleached my hair, it was a lovely pastel subtle pink which people did actually notice. In the end I really like how it turned out, this didn't seem to damage my hair either and it felt quite nice and conditioned after use as well. 

Secondly, I picked up a Bleach London Super Cool Colour in Violet Skies. I'd heard really great things about these colours so I kinda had high expectations. I went in straight away and put this across all my blonde bits and left it on for 15 minutes like the bottle said. When I rinsed it off there was no change what so ever. Maybe the tiniest purple hint but it was very unnoticeable. I was pretty disappointed that I''d spent £5 on something that doesn't work. However after about two days it showed up a bit more, I'm not sure if it needed time to develop or what? Anyway, it was still very subtle and probably not worth it. I think this would work really well if you had bright bleached hair all over. 

Do you have any hair colour recommendations?

Lucy x

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

My Bedroom Shelf Tour

I feel like this has been a long time coming, I've been working on my room for a couple of months, transitioning it from pink to grey/white so heres my little shelf area that I'm very pleased with...

So a quick overview, the shelf is the Persby Shelf from Ikea and it was only £8. Its quite a thick but short shelf, which is what I was looking for. The shelf sits above my desk area which I love because I think it helps to bring it all together, and I can put all the things I don't want hanging around on my desk, on my shelf. So starting from the right hand side. I have my sitting Buddah from The Range and he was only £2 (although it says £7.99 on the website). I adore him, I think he goes so well on my shelf. Next to that I have my white Instax Mini Polaroid. Being a photography lover this is so much fun, and I have all my polaroids pegged up on some string in my room. Behind the two of these things, is my plant pot of fake grass from Ikea. The pot is a Socker plant pot and the grass is called Fejka. Together this came to £3.95, so super cheap.

Onto the left side/middle section of the shelf. My favourite part of this has to be my copper 'L' from Oliver Bonas. This was a Christmas gift, however they're only £10 and right now they're only £7 on sale so I'd really recommend picking one of these up to decorate your room, I love it! Next to that I have my (very well known) Skurar pot from ikea, which is only £2. Gosh, I love Ikea. In this I've popped in some silver fairy lights from Wilko and I think it just makes it look so bright and lovely. Behind these two things I have my succulent from a set I got from Ikea, I'm sure most people know the ones! Alongside this I have my grey, sea salt candle also from Ikea which I believe was only 95p. Plus it smells amazing. And finally I have my little cat print from Paperchase. So thats that, I hope you enjoyed this little shelf tour and maybe you found a few things you'd like to pick up for your own bedroom/house!

Lucy x

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Olivia Palermo X Ciate London | The Cheekbone Cheat Blusher Bronzer Duo

When I first saw the Olivia Palermo collection that Ciate had released I was so excited - it all looked gorgeous but it was rather on the pricey side...

As you do I was browsing through TK Maxx makeup section, because of course you never know what you're going to find there. I spotted they had a few lipsticks/nail polishes from the Olivia Palermo X Ciate collection. Then I saw this beauty. I picked it up, had a good look, it was untouched (unlike some of the makeup in TK Maxx) and I was delighted. Even better still, I turned it over to look at the price and it was £6.99. When it retails for £25. Think its safe to say I got myself a bargain!

Okay so actually onto the duo, can we just appreciate that stunning packaging? Its very ascetically pleasing in my eyes, although it does feel slightly on the cheaper side. Its extremely lightweight and feels sort of plastic like. However I'm willing to look past that as the duo is amazing. So lets start with the bronzer side of things. Its a very cool toned bronze, which I personally love on my skin tone, I can't stand red toned bronzers. Its perfect for contouring and bronzing and I feel it really warms up my face well, without making me look like I've wiped mud across my cheekbones haha. Its also matte which I personally love because I can just go in with a highlighter later to brighten up my complexion. Onto the blush. To me, its a very dusky, subtle pink shade. Which again, I'm in love with! You can't really go wrong with this, I just dab my stippling brush in this and pop it onto the apples of my cheeks and I think it helps to give me a bit of a healthy glow. Its not overly intense, but in no way is it not pigmented. Its a great happy medium, and I love it. 

Have you tried anything from the Olivia Palermo collection?

Lucy x 


Friday, 15 January 2016

New Favourite Fragrance | CK One Red Edition

I suppose fragrance posts are a bit of an odd one because you can't actually smell it but I do love finding out what sort of perfumes people are loving so heres one of my favourites...

I was thinking about buying CK One, the original one because it was on sale on Feel Unique. However I got round to smelling it and I felt it was far too masculine for me. Then I spotted this, the CK One Red Edition For Her. I had never heard or seen this anywhere before, but I don't think its new to the perfume market. I gave it a spritz and instantly loved the scent. Its described as a fruity and floral scent, and I think thats pretty spot on. It features notes of watermelon, violet, patchouli and white amber. Its really long lasting as well, and I can pretty much smell it on my skin/clothes all day. I also saved myself £25 on Fragrance Direct, and got it at £14.95 instead of £40 for a 100ml bottle. When in Boots a 50ml bottle of this is £25. Amazing if you ask me! 

Have you ever tried CK One Red Edition?

Lucy x

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Come Along With Me | Virginia Waters

Welcome to a new series I want to introduce to my blog called 'Come Along With Me' - when I travel or go to a place I love I'll take a few photos and put them up here...

Over the weekend I visited a place called Virginia Water, which is in the south of England. In the middle of the whole place is a lake which you can walk around and its just beautiful. Along the way there is a stunning water fall, which as you can see I took advantage of with my shutter speed. The place is so peaceful and just a pleasure to walk around as you might be able to see. There is also some ruins that had been restored and placed for people to have a look at. They're so interesting and great for pictures. If you're ever around the area, or in the south of England I suggest you visit this wonderful place!

Lucy x

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Night Time Skincare Routine

Not that long ago I showed my skincare routine but now I have a very simple and quick night time skincare routine I thought I'd share...

I cult skincare product in the beauty world I believe, I received this for Christmas and couldn't have been happier, I've been dying to try it. I'd previously used the Garnier Micellar Water (which still gets used when I'm being lazy). You put about two pumps of the cleanse and polish into the palm of your hands then smooth it into your skin, rubbing off your make up until it all breaks down. Then rinse a muslin cloth under warm running water and wipe away the product, and voila your makeup is no more! I love this because my skin always feels so smooth and refreshed afterwards.

I banged on about this stuff last time but its just so good. I know the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish is a cleanser but double cleansing never hurt anyone. You apply this to your damp face and then wash it off again, simple. I do love using this because I have pretty oily skin, so if you're someone who also has a more oily complexion, this might be one for you!

Funnily enough I hated this at first because I thought it was breaking me out, but then I gave it another go as it was just sitting in my cabinet and fell in love. Turns out it wasn't this breaking  me out! This is aimed for more oily and blemish prone skin, which I have so it works really well for me. It really hydrates my skin as well as keeping oils at bay. It doesn't have a particular smell, which is great if you don't get along with fragranced products.

I honestly love this product. Before this came along I never used a facial oil and didn't really understand them. But again this is targeted at blemish prone skin, and also oily skin types. It has kept my skin pretty much free of spots since I started using it. I mean I do get the occasional spot, or mini breakout but I feel this clears it up again super quickly. I love it!

What products have you been using recently?

Lucy x


Friday, 8 January 2016

bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Review

I've been looking for a more lightweight base for a long time & I'd seen good reviews on the bareMinerals Complexion Rescue...

Luckily this was in the sale on Feel Unique down to £20 and I just had to buy it. I got the lightest shade which is 01 Opal, because lets face it I'm super pale. I only own medium to high coverage foundations, which I really didn't want to wear on a daily basis, especially for college. This also has quite a high spf in it so its pretty appropriate for the summer time which is even more perfect. The first time I applied this I instantly fell in love, its so lightweight that you can hardly feel it on your skin yet it gives a lovely smooth layer, taking out any redness or darker patches in your skin. However I do try to use this sparingly because you don't really get a huge amount in the bottle. But I feel a little goes a long way. Also the colouring isn't too pink toned nor overly yellow toned, which is always a bonus. 

Can we also just discuss how pleasing the packaging is, I don't know just something about it that looks really chic and lovely. This really brightens up my skin without being full coverage. Definitely a lightweight base to invest in!

Have you tried the bareMinerals Complexion Rescue?

Lucy x

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

My 2016 Goals

So we're almost a week into 2016 but I have a few goals I'd like to achieve by the end of the year...

01. Get over my phobias - I have vaguely mentioned my phobias on my blog before, but its not a topic I particularly like to discuss. I have a huge needle phobia and also suffer from emetophobia which is the fear of sick. By the end of the year I'd love to be able to deal with them both a lot better.

02. Get more piercings - I currently have both of my ears pierced twice and then one piercing further up my right ear, but I really want more. Also to get my nose pierced, hopefully that will happen by the end of the year!

03. Explore new places - I definitely don't do enough of this, I really want to be able to visit new places and take some super cool photos. Hopefully I'll accomplish this by the end of the year!

04. Pass my driving test - I've had a few lessons already, and I'd really love to have passed by summer so I can be as independent as possible. It'll make life a lot easier if I can get myself places etcc! 

05. Make better blog content - I'm determined to make my blog better, I love blogging so much and I want the content I put onto Forever September to be the best it can! Hopefully I'll get to visit more places, do more cool things and put up some good content!

06. Create a photo album - I'm going to buy a lot of disposable cameras this year, as I want to capture all the great moments and document them all in a photo album. I think this is a lovely way of keeping memories, plus I just adore photography.

07. Do a 10K run for charity - I do little to no exercise which is really bad. I'd love to be able to train and end up doing a 10K run for my chosen charity, I haven't decided which yet but I have a few ideas. I want to get a lot fitter and manage to do the whole run!

What are your 2016 goals?

Lucy x

Sunday, 3 January 2016

The Camel Poncho Edit

I really want to start doing more outfit posts because I really do love fashion so heres my first real shot at it...

Black top: Topshop
Camel Cape: Primark
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Shoes: Deichmann

Luckily the weather hasn't been super freezing cold so I can totally get away with going out dressed like this. I got the cape for Christmas from my parents and I'm in love. It works really well with a long sleeved black top underneath, which keeps you extra toasty! Paired with jeans and some chelsea boots I think I've got myself a pretty cool look. Also my Daniel Wellington watch matches so perfectly with the colours of my outfit, I love it. You can also get 15% off if you want to purchase yourself a Daniel Wellington watch with the code 'foreverseptemberr'. Hope you enjoy this little outfit post! Oh and can I just say how cute is that tree that we passed, somebody had obviously decorated it for Christmas and I thought it was so sweet among all the other plain trees haha!

Lucy x

Friday, 1 January 2016

Best Of Beauty 2015

Not to be cliche but where has 2015 gone...

I've gotten into makeup a lot more this year I feel and I think I've found some really great cult products, thanks to all the blogs I've been reading over the past year as well.

I've been loving this product so much this year, they launched mid way through 2015 I want to say but they created such a storm in the beauty blogging world. I picked one up in seductive pink and its just the perfect rosy blush and makes you look healthy. One of the best blushes of 2015 in my opinion!

Again another great launch in 2015, was this foundation. I picked it up again probably mid way through the year and I've fallen in love. It works so well for me since I suffer with oily skin and it glides on beautifully. I probably should have picked up the lighter shade but a bit of blending and buffing does the trick! I'd highly recommend this.

This wasn't a launch for 2015 but I have honestly used up so many tubes of this. Its lightweight, has a great coverage and really brightens up under the eyes. It also works well on blemishes/spots, so its a great all rounder. Plus it won't break that bank at just over a fiver!

A new addition to my makeup collection in 2015, I previously used the Rimmel pressed powder which is great but this is even better! Its great for setting my makeup in place, and also great if I want to mattify your skin. Which is perfect for me and my oiliness!

This has been my FAVOURITE beauty product of this year, honestly the best mascara ever. I got a sample size of this in Elle magazine back at the beginning of the year and instantly fell in love. When that ran out I knew I had to get the full sized. It separates the lashes perfectly and gives them so much length. It also comes off so easily at the end of the day so its a win win situation.

When this came out I knew I had to have it. I love a good smoky eye and this ticks all the boxes. Such a good range of darker shades, but also a few neutrals as well. It works well for the day time but also the evening as well.

What products have you loved over 2015?

Lucy x

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