Sunday, 31 January 2016

January Favourites

Already January is over...Christmas seems like a week ago wow! Although I've loved a lot of things throughout January...

Starting with the least glamorous but probably the best thing, eyelash curlers from Wilko. My last eyelash curlers that I'd had for a few years were just dead, they weren't curling my lashes anymore so it was time for some new ones. I was looking at the more high end eye lash curlers but then just opted for some cheap ones, but these are AMAZING I promise, they work a dream on my eyelashes!

I've sung this concealers praises in a post not too long ago, but its just brilliant. Its the only concealer I've used basically throughout December/January. It has a medium/high coverage and its pale enough for my ghostly complexion. Highly recommend.

I received this for Christmas and its safe to say I was rather excited when I opened it. I've been desperate to see what the hypes about with this, and now I know. This lip balm is a texture I've never seen before and nourishes like no other. Also it smells so lovely and fixes chapped lips over night.

This is the first Zoella product I've owned and its brilliant. I've needed a new hand cream for quite some time and this ticks all the boxes. My favourite bit about this has to be the smell for sure, I think its her original scent and its just gorgeous, very mature. You only need a very small amount of this and it moisturises my hands really nicely.

Lets just take a moment for this palette. Again, a lot of hype around this and I just needed to see the fuss. These shades are highly pigmented and just all round stunning. They have such good longevity and the colours are really unique. Its not overly expensive either for what you get, love love love.

What have you been loving this month?

Lucy x 


  1. lovely favourites, i've been loving the zoella hand cream too:)xx

  2. New eyelash curlers are the best! I was a bit splurgy and went with the Kevyn Aucoin ones, but I'm loving it so far. I get super pale during the Winter too so good to know there are concealers for us pale folk haha. I usually reach for my NYX concealer cause it's perfect for me and is much cheaper than the NARS and UD concealers!

    Cindy |

  3. I did some searching and the Zoeva palette's colors look amazing!



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