Sunday, 28 February 2016

Review | OGX Coconut Milk Conditioner

I haven't done a review of a product in quite sometime, and after purchasing and using this conditioner for a while I thought it deserved a review. There is a small hype around OGX products, with quite a few beauty gurus mentioning them, people like wanted to give them a try.

Always good to start with the pros right? I love the style of the packaging that OGX, although its proved not to be the most practical - I'll move onto that in a bit. The product itself smells incredible, just what you'd expect, very coconutty. It claims to be 'nourishing' and it definitely lives up to the expectations. Its a very thick, rich conditioner and I can really feel it nourish my hair as I apply it and once I've rinsed it out. It honestly makes my hair feel so soft once its washed out. I'm pleased with how this feels in my hair and the results its given.

Okay, the cons. The worst thing about this, is actually trying to get the freaking product out the bottle, its a nightmare. The first few uses it was easy to get the product out but the more I used up the harder it was to get anything out the bottle. Obviously you have to use one hand when squeezing conditioner out so you can put it in your other hand, but oh my god you need to be super strong to get this out one handed. To be honest I'd say thats the only con with this product, the only other thing is it isn't the cheapest for what it is. But I can't complain that much because I do love it.

Have you tried anything from OGX?

Lucy x

Friday, 26 February 2016

The AM and PM Routine Tag

I saw the lovely Jaye from Jaye Rockett do this tag and I couldn't help myself but do my own, its such a fun little tag to read through & I love have a nosy at other peoples daily routines!

01. Whats your morning beauty routine?
So I'm not the best with skincare in the morning, weekdays or weekends. My main concern is what I'm going to eat for breakfast quite frankly haha. However I do apply moisturiser before applying my makeup. If its a weekday where I have college I tend to stick with concealer (my Seventeen Stay Time), a one wash eyeshadows (No7 Shadow Stick in Cool Mink) and then mascara (L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes in Extra Black).

02. Whats for breakfast?
Again this varies from weekday to weekend. On a weekday it has to be cheerios with almond milk! Not the fanciest thing in the world but thats all I really have time for before I go to college. On the weekends its usually either nutella on toast or a croissant with nutella. Kinda a bit obsessed with nutella haha.

03. Coffee or tea?
It has to be tea for me, although I never drink it in the morning. I just can't stand coffee, I love the smell but the taste is just bitter. Can't really beat a good cup of tea.

04. How long does it take you to get out the door?
On a weekday when I have college, literally no time at all. I'm up, ready and out the door within 35 minutes because I need my precious sleep. If its a weekend and I'm doing something later in the day it can probably take up to an hour and a half.

05. What is your go to makeup on a fuss free morning?
Firstly my Body Shop Instablur because its a great primer. I'll probably go for my bareMinerals Complexion Rescue for my base and of course my Seventeen Stay Time concealer after that. For bronzer I'll most likely use Soap & Glory Solar Powder and for blush Max Factor Creme Puff blush in Seductive Pink. Highlight will probably be Topshop Glow highlighter in Polished. On the eyes I'll most likely use a mix of my Makeup Geek eyeshadows and theBalm Nude Tude palette. Mascara will be L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes and eyeliner Soap & Glory Smoulder Kohl.

06. What is your evening beauty routine?
If I've worn minimal makeup I'll take it all off with my Garnier Micellar Water, or if I've gone for a more heavy makeup look I'll take it off with my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish. I'll then clean my teeth (important step right), then go in with another cleanser. This happens to be my Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser which just does a brilliant job for me and makes me feel extra clean. I then slap on some moisturiser, I'm currently using La Roche Posay Effaclar H Soothing Moisturiser. Once thats had time to sink in I finish with my Dr IASO AC Booster which is a facial oil and has done wonders for my skin.

07. Snack time! Whats in the bowl?
Most likely chocolate of some sort, lets just say its hardly ever healthy.

08. How do you wind down and prep before bed?
I guess I like to log off my laptop, get into my pyjamas do my whole skincare routine then hop into bed. I have a Q&A a day journal that I like to write in every day so I fill that out. On the rare occasion I'll read or have a scroll through Tumblr on my phone which is kind of relaxing, looking at pictures haha.

09. Cozy up! What are you wearing to sleep?
I get extremely hot when I'm in bed like I almost overheat, so I just wear an oversized tshirt and some little pyjama shorts to keep my cool.

10. What are some things you must do before hitting the hay?
Well, fill out my Q&A a day journal for sure because I want to keep that up. Always apply my Nuxe Rev de Miel lip balm and apply my Zoella Wonder Hand hand cream. Just so I feel all prepped and moisturised before I hop into bed.

Do you have a morning or evening routine?

Lucy x

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Ellis Tuesday Giveaway Prizes

The lovely Ellis from Ellis Tuesday held an amazing giveaway to win all of the (shown above) haircare products! I entered not thinking much of it and then found out I'd won, I was over the moon. This is the second giveaway I've won and I'm very grateful. So I've had a bit of a play around with some of the products and I thought I'd share what exactly I won!

I was so happy when I found out I'd won these - I'd been looking into getting some for ages because I'd heard they were really good. I've tested them out for a couple of days and I can confirm they are really good. I like to tie my hair up to get it out of my face, so having hair bobbles that don't leave kinks in your hair is such a bonus. They're also much better for your hair as unlike normal hair ties, they don't do as much damage due to the shape they are. Bonus!

I was really intrigued by this product I'd never heard of it before. Essentially its so you can get natural looking curls. I don't have naturally curly hair but I really want to see if this works just as effectively. You apply this onto damp hair, and scrunch your hair up, drying it in that direction and you should end up with some curls/waves! Such a brilliant idea for a product and I'm really excited to see how this works!

Ahhh a tangle teezer! I love tangle teezers so much and I honestly don't think you can have enough. I already own the orange and yellow one and its pretty well loved and probably needs a good clean, so I was super happy to receive this brand new one. I also much prefer the colours of this one to my previous one, definitely more of a pink/purple gal haha. I think this is going to take pride of place on my dresser and I'll definitely be using this daily.

This was another one I was very excited to receive. I do love a good styling product and am always on the hunt for something good as I have such flat hair (it sucks). I've given this a quick go and from what I tried its a really good spray! I applied this near the roots of my hair and scrunched it up, which gave it a bit of volume and texture. I love how its a spray wax, I find that very cool and you can feel it has a waxy texture to it. Also it smells really good, which is always a bonus!

Okay so I'm officially obsessed with this oil. I haven't tried many hair oils except a TRESemme argon oil which was good but pretty average. This oil is really rich and feels so nourishing on the hair. It smells incredible, something along the lines of harribos haha. I use this after I've washed my hair and it just feels like such a luxury item to be using and applying to my hair. Love this!

So there we have it, thanks again to the wonderful Ellis for holding such a good giveaway. If you don't already follow Ellis' blog head over, I promise you won't be disappointed.

Lucy x

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Come Along With Me | Windsor

So on Thursday I took a trip to Windsor with a few of my friends. I'm sure everybody has probably heard of Windsor, probably being most famous for Windsor Castle itself, where the Queen often stays (obviously). Its such a beautiful town and I thought I'd share some of the photos I took and tell you a little bit about my day.

The shops in Windsor are pretty good I must say, perfect for a blogger like me haha. You have the likes of Benefit, Kiehl's, Aveda, Zara etc. We had a good look around those, although I was good and didn't buy anything - partly because I don't have much money and partly because I don't need anything. Its such a pretty place to shop as well, the architecture is lovely as you can probably see from the photos. We also walked past Windsor Castle, its so beautiful and I can see why so many tourists want to come and visit. We stopped for lunch in Prezzo which was so delightful. I had a margarita pizza (as always) and it was super tasty. For pudding I had a nutella and banana calzone, which I didn't manage to get a photo of because it was eaten too quickly (oops) but it was just one of the best things I've ever tasted - so nice!

Have you ever visited Windsor?

Lucy x

Friday, 19 February 2016

Desert Island Beauty

Admittedly if I were stranded on a desert island the last thing I'd be thinking about was makeup - but lets ignore that, as that defeats the object of this post haha! I've picked 5 products I know I'd be happy with if I really were stranded without my makeup stash.

For starts, this has SPF 30 and if I'm going to be stranded on a boiling hot island in the middle of nowhere, I think this could come in handy. I picked this because of how lightweight it is, and how radiant it looks on the skin. If this was the only 'foundation' I could ever use again, I'd be okay with that. I love the colour match, the way it feels and looks on my skin, just everything!

Bored of me raving on about this yet? I adore this concealer. Its actually light enough for my ghostly complexion and gets rid of those pesky under eye bags like nobodies business! I couldn't live without concealer thats why I'd take this with me, just to cover up all of those blemishes and dark circles and I feel like this does the best job.

Every time I try a new bronzer, I'll keep going with it for a while but always gravitate back to this beauty. I love the way it subtly bronzes up my skin with such minimal effort, you can't beat this bronzer. I'd feel like my face was complete if I had this with me on a desert island as well, it just finishes off a look really well.

The mascara of all mascaras, nothing beats this. Okay well I'm yet to find something that beats it haha. I could easily apply this without a mirror, which I doubt I'd have on a desert island. It doesn't clump my eyelashes, it separates them well and just looks really lovely, plus lasts literally all day so I wouldn't have to worry that I look like a panda. All time favourite.

I love this eyeshadow palette. You're probably wondering why I'm not taking one of my UD Naked Palettes, well I hate to admit it but I feel as this palette pips them to the post. I get good use out of every eyeshadow in this palette, and can probably get a good few different looks from it. They're also highly pigmented and just really easy to blend. So I might not have brushes with me but I'm sure I could use my fingers right?!

What five items would you pick if you were stranded?

Lucy x

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

A Mini Sportswear Haul

So exercise...not my best friend lets say that. Exercise is something I do so little of, actually I practically do none. In spite of this, I have signed up to a gym (yaay). Probably the most enjoyable part of this, is choosing out some really nice sportswear so you can look half decent when you're sweating like nobodies business on the treadmill haha.

The first place I popped into was Primark - not the first place you'd think of when you think sportswear, but they do have some pretty decent bits and pieces around. I picked up a really nice grey sports bra, and the best part about this was it was only £3.50! Bargain if you ask me. I can't find this one their website sadly but I'm sure they'll still have it in stores. I like how supportive it is and how comfy it is, because sometimes its difficult to find a genuinely comfy sports bra.

The second place I went into was H&M, and wow do they have some super funky gym clothing. I needed some leggings/trousers to wear and I spotted these, which I love. They kind of match the bra as well so thats a bonus. You can get these here. These weren't the most expensive either and £14.99, plus they fit so well and are very easy to move about it. Love them!

Finally I thought I'd treat myself to a new pair of trainers, although I do have a bright pink pair of Nikes. I opted for some Nike Roshe Runs in navy. I actually got these in the junior section of JD Sport as they go up to size 6.5 and I'm a size 5. Also these were only £30 opposed to the £70 that adult roshes are. Crazy right?! Anyway, I cannot describe just how comfy these shoes are, I feel like I'm walking on clouds. They fit perfectly and feel so comfortable to walk/run in. I've never had trainers that feel THIS comfy, so I'd highly recommend these bad boys!

Where do you buy your sportswear from?

Lucy x

Sunday, 14 February 2016

The Sunday Chatter #7

Its been so long since my last Sunday chatter post, I've missed doing them! I decided it was appropriate to do one this week to explain why I haven't been around as much in the blogging world.

Blogging has kind of taken the back seat the past few weeks which is so sad I know. College has had me so busy, its crazy. I've got a ton of course work to do, as my subjects are all very heavily course work based - which I don't mind too much as I suck at exams. It just means I've had little time to get photos done before it gets dark and have the time to sit down and type up a full blog post that I'm happy with. I like to make sure my posts are the best they can be, so theres that. Alongside coursework, I've been learning to drive which takes up a lot of time. I'm enjoying it but finding it a little difficult to get used to, I honestly can't wait until I've passed and am on the roads. I'm currently revising for my theory test as well which I'm praying I pass. Learning all this theory stuff is difficult you know, and kind of a pain! Hopefully I'll be on the roads around summer time, which is when I'm most likely going to want to be driving around. 

Things I've been enjoying recently though is film photography. I bought myself a disposable camera at the beginning of the year and made a promise to myself that I'd take 'film' photos throughout the year and make a 2016 photo album by the end of the year, I think thats such a lovely way to document your memories from the past year. I'm also hopefully going up to London soon, which means I can take some nice photos and maybe an outfit post will come along with that?! Or possibly another come along with me post, I'm excited anyhow.

Sorry for a very word heavy post, I just felt like having a good old chat and I felt I should do a bit of explaining about where my life is right now - hopefully you managed to make your way through the majority of the post haha!

What have you been up to recently?

Lucy x

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Four Well Loved Brushes

I use these brushes every single day and I don't give them enough credit, some I've had for longer than others but I love them all equally haha. These are four brushes that I now couldn't live without because they're just super amazing!

I don't know how I lived without this brush, I use it religiously every single day. I use this for blending in my concealer under my eyes and around my nose. Its quite small so it fits perfectly under the eyes, compared to using your foundation brush. Its just really soft and gentle and blends in everything perfectly.

This is a cult classic I feel. A brush that is part of the core collection from real techniques. I've had this for a while and I think its about time I got a new one because it won't wash properly anymore (sad times). Anyhow, this brush is just amazing for buffing in your base. Whether you're applying a light bb cream or a full coverage foundation this just always seems to do the job for me. Can't beat it!

Can we please discuss how much this looks like the NARS Yachiyo Kabuki brush? This is an extremely good dupe in my opinion and I feel as if I do actually own the NARS offering, its that brilliant. Also price wise, its ridiculously cheap. I use this for powder, bronzer and highlighter. Its such a good multi tasking brush - and it doesn't pick up too much product which I find really great.

I haven't heard too much about this brush in the blogging world, but its such a good little brush. I find this so perfect for applying eyeshadow into the crease and blending it out. This is the only Zoeva brush I own but its made me want every single last one haha. Its slightly tapered so it doesn't pick up loads of product which makes it perfect for blending colour into the crease.

What are your favourite brushes?

Lucy x


Friday, 5 February 2016

A Few Ways To Tackle Anxiety

Being someone who suffers with anxiety, I know just how much of a nasty and frustrating thing it can be. Over time I've found a few small things that help me out, well at least they ease the anxiety a bit. So what better way to help by sharing it with everybody else.

Distract Yourself - Distracting yourself can be so useful. The ways in which I personally do this, is by playing a slightly challenging/thought provoking game on my phone. I am currently really enjoying the game '1010' which you can download free from the app store. Its just a puzzle solving game but it actually makes you think, which takes your mind away from any anxious thoughts you may be having. If playing a game isn't your thing, reading or watching a youtube video or netflix show may help equally as well, something that will briskly sweep your mind away from any negative thoughts.

Breathing & Listening to a Relaxation App - Breathing is so important when you're feeling anxious. I use the technique of '7 11 breathing', this is where you breathe in, count to 7 then breathe out counting to 11 and you really do feel the weight off your chest lift and your shoulders start to relax a bit more. Alongside this, downloading an app such as 'Calm' can help huge amounts. You can either listen to the sound of rain, the sea and various other calming sounds or have a guided meditation session with someone who speaks to you and makes you aware of your breathing and how you're feeling.

Write Down How You Feel - I suppose this might not work for everybody, but if you're having a particularly anxious spell, quickly grab a pen and write down exactly what feelings you're experiences. Possibly write down how you're going to deal with it or how you dealt with the situation. It might help you for next time as you can remember what you felt and you know how to deal with it a bit better.

Listening to Music & Visualisation - This one can help me out so much. If you have a particular album or song that takes you back to a happy place or time in your life stick it on and imagine that happy place in your head. I promise you'll almost instantly feel calmer because you'll picture yourself in a happy and stress free situation, its just nice feeling really and can reduce your anxiety levels there and then.

Do you have any tips to tackle anxiety?

Lucy x

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

5 Of My Favourite Movies

Alongside beauty and fashion, I really do have a passion for the film making world. From Youtube videos to DVDs I just love a good video/film. I definitely have more than 5 favourite movies but these are 5 movies that I do really love and I thought I'd share them with you.

01. The Adjustment Bureau
This film is so underrated, I've heard little to no talk about this film from anybody. With two pretty famous faces its a movie I feel a lot of people would love. The main character being a man called David Norris (played by Matt Damon), he is an up and coming politician who meets 'the girl of his dreams' who inspires him to make a slightly life changing speech putting him out of an upcoming election. Unfortunately meeting this girl was not what was meant to happen for David, and the men in hats do everything in their power to get David on the right path again. Its a story about destiny, and to fully understand you really need to watch. I love how thought provoking yet sweet it is.

02. A Cinderella Story
A rather different movie compared to the first one. This is your typical rom com, girly chick flick and I love nothing better than those sorts of movies. A Cinderella Story is about a teenage girl called Sam who's parents died at a young age and has been under the control of her evil step mother ever since. She's forced to work in her dad's diner by her step mother to pay for her college tuition fee. Alongside this she has met the guy of her dreams online. They meet at a halloween ball and he makes it his quest to figure out who his 'cinderella' is, since he never found out her name. Its just a brilliant, light hearted film that you can never get bored of.

03. 500 Days of Summer
The way this movie is done and filmed is just incredible, I love it. Again two famous faces, Joseph Gordon Levitt (playing Tom) and Zooey Deschanel (playing Summer). I love the title of this because its a good play on words, instead of it being 500 days of the season summer, its actually Tom's 500 days with Summer, the girl he falls madly in love with. It just shows their relationship through the various 500 days, the days skip back and forth and you almost feel part of their relationship. It warns you at the beginning it is not a love story and I love how its stated that, because you soon find out why.

04. 21 Jump Street
Who doesn't love a good old action comedy? I can't stop laughing every time I watch this movie, its honestly just so brilliant. Also who doesn't love seeing a bit of Channing Tatum on their screen? A story of two boys who want to become police officers. Except they're really not that great at the job as you soon find out. They're sent out on an undercover mission to figure out who is supplying a new drug thats going around high schools. This is honestly hilarious and has such a good storyline to it, if you haven't watched this I really suggest you do!

05. Grown Ups
Finally, Grown Ups. This movie is just a good old laugh. A story of a childhood basket ball team coming together after their coach dies, you get to follow them as they stay at an old school lakeside house with the teams families. They're all very different and the main character has to hide the fact he's pretty rich from the rest of them. There is so many laughs in this movie as they all basically take the piss out of each other the whole way through. Its such a feel good movie in my opinion that will again, never get old.

What are your top 5 favourite movies?

Lucy x
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