Wednesday, 30 March 2016

March Favourites

l'oreal elvive extraordinary oil, nip+fab, makeup geek prom night, sigma e25

March favourites time, for once I don't feel like this month has gone by in a flash I feel its actually gone on for quite a while & I'm excited to see April come along...

I've been using this oil every time I wash my hair, I adore it. I use about two pumps in the palm of my hand, rub it together then run through the middle and ends of my hair. It feels really nourishing and I'm obsessed with the smell!

Since BeautBay stocked the Makeup Geek eyeshadows I was all over it. I bought myself a small Z palette and I'm slowly collecting. I picked this beauty up half way through March but I've been totally obsessed. Its a lovely taupe/purple shimmery shade and its great for a one wash colour or as a base with a deeper purple run through the crease.

I'd read a lot of posts on Nip+Fab products and decided it was time to give them a go. I've been looking for a serum and I saw this was on offer on Amazon so I snapped it up straight away. I don't know the ins and outs of what the glycolic acid does but I've heard its good for the skin. I use this after cleansing and moisturising and its so refreshing, it also smells like grapefruit which is amazing.

I love using black eyeliner through my waterline and I'd been using the same kohl eyeliner from Avon for a good 4/5 years which is pretty unhygienic so it was time to pick up a new one. I didn't want one that was just going to smudge 5 minutes after applying it so I did a bit of research before. I'd read a bit about this one so I decided to pick it up and lets say it does not disappoint.  

I've mentioned this in a previous post but it deserves another mention. I purchased this at the end of February I believe and I've just been loving it. Its a brilliant dupe for the MAC 217 blending brush and a lot cheaper. I've heard brilliant things about Sigma brushes and this has lived up to the standards. 

What have you been loving this month?

Lucy x

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Zoeva Rose Golden Blush Palette

Okay so can we all just appreciate this beautiful little palette thats just dropped from Zoeva...

The Rose Golden Blush palette from Zoeva has pretty much just dropped (I think) and I couldn't resist buying it, as it looks so gorgeous. Thought I'd share my thoughts on this lil palette and what I think because I love reading reviews on newish products so hopefully this will be helpful to people who are looking to buy...

So its called a blush palette however its not really is it. It consists of a bronzer, highlight and blusher. You get a very generous amount of each one, as you do in most Zoeva palettes. This retails at £13 and I don't think thats too bad for a little palette like this one. At the very top we have the bronzer. I'd heard this bronzer was good for pale skin, and since I've got a ghostly complexion I was drawn in by this! Its a very cool toned bronzer and actually is quite a 'muddy' colour, if that makes any sense. What I'm trying to say is I can't see any red undertones with this, which is what I like. However its not very pigmented at all, which shocked me because most Zoeva products I've tried so far have been highly pigmented. You really have to swirl your brush round in this to get a good amount on the cheek bones. I do like this as it gives a subtle bronze/contour, however if you like a more pigmented product this may not be for you.

Onto the bottom two shades in the palette. In the middle is a gorgeous highlight. It looks slightly scary in the pan as it is literally white but alas, it gives the perfect glow on the skin. This is much more pigmented than the bronzer, and you don't need a lot. It has an iridescent finish to it and I really love that. Again I think this is great for paler skin tones, however I think a highlight with an iridescent finish could work on anybody. And finally we have the blush. A gorgeous very shimmery rose gold shade. This is what gives the palette its name and I must say this is a very pretty blush. Along with the bronzer, I don't think this is the most pigmented blush I've ever tried but that doesn't matter too much to me as I don't want to look overly flushed! Its a very pretty, as it says, rose gold/pink shade that I thinks perfect for the up coming spring/summer time and gives you that extra glow due to the shimmer. 

Have you tried the Zoeva Rose Golden palette?

Lucy x

Friday, 25 March 2016

Acne Ultra Clear Treatment

I don't suffer with acne per se - however I do suffer with some hormonal breakouts and I also have scarring from previous spots/breakouts...

Thats where Acne Ultra Clear* comes in. This cream can be used in the same way as you'd use your ordinary moisturiser. Its primarily an acne treatment, so if you do suffer with acne this might be something you want to try out. However it can work for those who don't suffer with acne and get those annoying breakouts or the odd spot. It also helps to reduce skin redness and spot visibility. The brilliant thing about this product is it contains 100% natural ingredients, such as coconut oil, beeswax, pot marigold and more. 

So onto what I actually think of this cream. Well I think its really lovely. As you can see its a bit of an odd colour, sort of beige which is different to other creams which are white. The only slight issue I have with this is the smell, I mean it smells organic (if thats even a thing). It smells quite earthy and not very appealing. However if you're not a fan of heavily fragranced products you may like this. You don't need much of this as it goes a long way, so with a 50ml pot this will last you a long time. The good thing about this is I've actually seen results. Some people have seen results within as little as 7 days. I have a few small spots on my cheeks and redness/scarring from previous breakouts and I feel as though its faded those scars and cleared up a little bit of that redness. Nothing drastic but I can actually see something. I'm very impressed and I feel its kept spots at bay, as I haven't got a single blemish since using it. I'll be continuing to use this and it may pop up in a favourites post you never know!

I also have a 10% off discount code for you all which you can claim here

Lucy x

This post contains PR samples*

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

How To Enjoy Working Out At The Gym

I've only just started going to the gym really but I thought I'd share so of my tips/thoughts on how to enjoy your time there a little bit more...

01. Buy nice gym clothes
I think this is so important, maybe not essential but I think it'll help so much. If you've got clothes you're comfortable in and feel nice in, you're more likely to go and get stuff done. Its always nice to have an outfit going on, and the gym should be no exception.

02. Find good music to listen to
I can't not listen to music whilst I'm working out, it really motivates me. I think when you're listening upbeat music it really ups your motivation and makes you want to work harder. One of my favourite albums to listen to whilst at the gym is 'Adventure' by Madeon. I'm not sure how well known Madeon is but I believe he is a young DJ and the songs on the album are predominately upbeat, electronic type of music. I'd really recommend you have a little listen!

03. Don't force yourself
If one day you've planned to go the gym and by the end of the day you're super tired, don't force yourself into going because you won't enjoy it. I think you need to push yourself yes, but going when you're really not up for it isn't worth it. Go when you feel most motivated as I think you'll do best.

04. Set yourself a target
Go into the gym knowing what you're going to do within that session. For example you could set yourself to do 5K on the bike, thats something to aim for and you'll feel good once you've achieved it. Or you could set yourself a routine, so you spend 10 minutes on the bikes, then go and do some squats and lunges for 5 minutes etc.

05. Don't be put off by the pain
After the first few workouts you're going to be in a bit of pain lets be real, especially when you wake up the next morning. The more you work out the less pain your legs/stomach will be in the morning. So one tip is to not be put off by how much you ache!

Do you have any good work out tips?

Lucy x

Sunday, 20 March 2016

The Sunday Chatter #8

And here we are again with another Sunday chatter...

I really need to start writing Sunday chatter posts more often because I really enjoy them. I'm sorry there has been a lack of posts over here recently but I'm so busy with all sorts of things it kinda stresses me out. Its really annoying as I love blogging and its a real escapism from normal life. But anyway, what have I been up to recently?

A few weeks back I got my tragus pierced, and I love it. If you're thinking about it I'd really recommend because it looks so pretty, plus getting it done didn't hurt one bit! I plan to get a few more piercings before the year ends, I think next up is my nose. I'm still learning to drive, its such a lengthy process and didn't expect it to take as long as its taking. I'm hoping to pass by the summer, I think thats a good aim so I can get from A to B under my own steam. How long did it take you to learn, if you've done so? 

At the end of last month the 1975 released their new album. Can we just discus this for a minute please?! I'm a slight fangirl and they're the best band around in my opinion haha, slightly biased. I've been truly obsessed with 'I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it'. What a lengthy title eh. My favourite track from the album has to be 'Shes American'. Its so upbeat and a really feel good song, if you haven't heard I'd recommend you listen to that, and the rest of the album of course haha! 

What have you been up to recently?

Lucy x


Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Beauty Tips I've Learnt Over The Years

I've learnt a lot of things about beauty the past few years so I thought I'd share a few...

01. Moisturiser isn't just for dry skin types
For some reason for a long time, I had it stuck in my head that moisturiser should only be used by people who have dry skin. I have and always have had quite oily skin and I just assumed that by applying moisturiser it would make it worse. However I now know moisturiser can really help to keep the skin hydrated and it doesn't make my skin any oilier.

02. Let somebody else do your eyebrows
Plucking your eyebrows is all well and good until you go overboard. I've had an incident where I've taken far too much off the front of my brow and it looks like I'd shaved a quarter of it off! I think its best to leave your eyebrows to the professionals, I like to get mine waxed now.

03. Winged eyeliner will take a while to master
I'm still trying to get the hang on winged eyeliner, its a tricky thing! I've found that felt tip liners are easier to use due to the thin tip. I've tried with gel eyeliners and I've just found them harder to get that winged effect, but I want to try again in the future!

04. You don't need THAT much bluser
Oh wow are there some embarrassing pictures of me from a few years back with extremely flushed cheeks. I really liked to pack that on, silly me. Blush really is meant to give a natural looking flush to your face and isn't meant to make you look like a clown. I tend to pick more natural shades nowadays.

05. Blending is key with eyeshadow
I used to think a smokey eye meant black eyeshadow all over the lid...without any blending. Its safe to say I looked horrendous and resembled a panda. Using a mixture of browns and neutral shades to create a smoky eye is a much better idea and actually looks kinda good. 

What beauty tips/things have you learnt over the years?

Lucy x

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Bedside Table Tour

Since doing my shelf tour I've really wanted to share other parts of my room over on my blog. So I present to you my bedside table...

It really doesn't sound exciting, a bedside table tour haha?! So lets start of with the most important bit, my actual bedside table. This is the Selje from Ikea. I have the one without wireless charging because it costs way more with that. Its pretty small and made out of metal, its my kind of style and I love it.  The second biggest thing on my bedside table is my Philips iPod doc. I can't actually use my phone with this because I have an iPhone 6s and this has an adapter for a 4s, but luckily I can just use bluetooth connection with it. Next to that I have my cute little alarm clock from Ikea (again). Next up is my Q&A a Day journal which I love and fill in everyday. Essentially there is a question for every day of the year and you just fill it in, I love this and its such a nice thing to look back on and how your thoughts have developed over 5 years.

The back corner of my bedside table consists of my little bits and pieces. Here you can see my little succulent that I use as a prop for almost every single one of my blog posts, its so cute I love it! Next to him we have my Zoella Wonder Hand hand cream which I love so much and use every night before bed, and it smells incredible. My favourite little bit of my bedside table has to be this tiny little ring holder from Muji, this is where I keep my only two rings. How adorable is it?! And finally we have my beloved Nuxe Reve De Miel lip balm which I use as an overnight treatment for my lips.

Lucy x

Friday, 11 March 2016

Review | Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray

Setting sprays are a thing of the now, something that I was yet to dabble in. However when I saw the Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray was on sale on Feel Unique I had to snap it up...

I bought the smaller, travel size setting spray as I didn't want to go all out if I wasn't going to like the product. What sold this product the most to me was its 'oil-control' feature. I have quite oily skin, and throughout the day my makeup has been known to slide off my face. So why wouldn't I want to give this a go? I only use this if I've applied a decent amount of makeup because I don't really want to waste the product if I'm only wearing a bit of concealer & mascara. Anyway onto what I really think of the product!

I've always been slightly skeptical about setting sprays, like do they really work or are they just a gimmick? The reason I went for Urban Decay's offering is because I trust them as a brand, I love their eyeshadows and they're always long lasting. I must say this stuff is pretty damn good. I've used it several times and I must say my makeup is almost as good as when I started off the day. As for the oil control, I'm not 100% sure. I suppose it helps slightly but if you do have oily skin I think its quite difficult to find anything that really works to control the oiliness. But I'm really happy with this setting spray and I feel it does hold my makeup in place pretty much all day. I will most likely be purchasing the full sized version once this one runs out!

Whats your favourite setting spray?

Lucy x

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Three Most Used Eye Brushes

Not going to lie, doing my eye makeup is probably my favourite part of my whole makeup routine. I'm kinda obsessed with eyeshadow and couldn't do it the same without these beautiful brushes...

My most recent buy - the Sigma E25 Blending Brush. I've never tried anything from Sigma before and I don't know why, this brush is perfect. I believe this is a dupe for the MAC 217 blending brush, but its a fraction of the price. I use this through the crease to blend my eyeshadow out and give it a nice soft effect. I love the length and weight of this brush, it feels quite pricey and the quality of the actual brush is fabulous. Definitely recommend this blending brush if you're looking for something similar to the 217.

This is a Zoeva brush I haven't heard too much about, I'm not sure why because its a great little brush. Again the quality of this is just wonderful, and it feels luxurious. I use this brush to put product through my crease, because its tapered it blends the eyeshadow in without any creasing. Its so soft and its great to work eyeshadow into the crease with. I'm not sure how I did my eye makeup before using this, I love it and its super cheap.

Its a shame this doesn't come as an individual because its a lovely brush. Its slightly shorter in length and feels quite weightless compared to the other two brushes. I still love this though as the bristles are so soft, which you can expect from all RT brushes. I like to use this to pat my base shadow colour all over the lid and it does a great job!

What are your top 3 eyeshadow brushes?

Lucy x


Friday, 4 March 2016

Two Extremely Helpful Books

Reading is something I really love but definitely don't make enough time for. Thats why I love books you don't particularly have to read from front to back, you can sort of flick through and still enjoy it...

Recently I've read these two books which I think are extremely helpful, particularly if you're interesting in photography or you suffer with anxiety. The first book is 'Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs'. This is such a helpful book if you're starting out with photography or you want to take your photography skills one step further. It talks all about shutter speed, aperture, what the ISO does on your camera etc. All the things you need to know about if you want to shoot your photographs in manual mode. Which can be so helpful, because I personally feel shooting in manual can make all the difference between an average photo and one you're really happy with. It has some gorgeous photos within the book as well and mentions some famous photographs which is quite interesting too. I think this is worth getting your hands on if you're interested in photography!

The second book I'd highly recommend and haven't heard anything about before it 'Mindfulness On The Go'. This book is amazing if you suffer with anxiety or maybe suffer with anxious spells from time to time. It is literally as the title says, mindfulness on the go. It also talks about why you should practise mindfulness & why its a really good thing to do. Its a very relatable book and I think can really help to open your eyes to the world of mindfulness. Admittedly I don't practise being mindful on a daily basis but when I can I definitely try to be more aware and calm. If you're interested in the topic of mindfulness or you're unsure what it is and what to get into it, I suggest getting this book. Its very simple and easy to read and pretty much sums mindfulness up in a book. 

What two books would you recommend?

Lucy x

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Come Along With Me | London #1


Ah London. I adore London and all that it has to offer, so on Sunday I went with a couple of friends to visit some art galleries and have a look around so here I am back with another come along with me post...

One of the courses I take at college is photography (which I just love) it requires you to have a look around some art/photography exhibitions and galleries. Which I really don't mind because I love having a good old mooch around an art gallery. Our first stop was The National Portrait Gallery, and to be honest I wasn't that impressed. We wanted to go to the Vouge 100 exhibition but it cost about £15 to get in, so that was a no go. I mean the paintings were lovely in the rest of the gallery but not my type of thing. So we ditched that and went for lunch in Pret. You can't beat Pret in my opinion, the food is so good, and there is one on literally every corner in London. My friend had the nicest looking blueberry muffin which you can see above. I had a really good chocolate orange cookie but that was all gone before I had time to photograph it. After that we took the tube all the way back to the Tate Modern. I honestly love this gallery, so much to see and so many interesting bits. There was a huge art piece of plants/soil in triangles which formed the most interesting shape! I also photographed the buildings around the Tate and on the walk to it, a lot of new vs old architecture. And that was basically our day in London! There will definitely be more London posts in the future as I've got so much more to explore.

Whats your favourite thing to do whilst in London?

Lucy x
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