Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Lash Sensational Vs Roller Lash

This makes me a bit nostalgic, as way back I did a post comparing The Falsies and Miss Manga mascara...

Benefit Roller Lash | £19.50
Okay, so lets start with Roller Lash. I believe this came before Lash Sensational, so we'll start here. I got a sample size of this when it was first released in Elle magazine, and couldn't resist buying the full size. It was the best mascara I had ever laid my eyes on (no pun intended). So lets start comparing. I adore the packaging of this mascara, its so much fun and I love how you can get a good grip on the handle when applying. The other thing I seriously love about this, is the length of the wand. Its very long and thin which is actually handy. Its not clumpy in any way and separates the lashes well. My only criticism is it doesn't give much volume, but I can over look that.

Maybelline Lash Sensational | £7.99
This mascara is fairly new to me, as it was out of stock in a lot of places for a good while. This is a great dupe for Roller Lash and for a fraction of the price which is brilliant, can't beat a good 'drugstore' dupe. This has the same shape wand as roller lash with very similar bristles. I don't like the packaging as much, but its still very chic and I love the colour. This gives a very similar effect on the lashes as Roller Lash, however its a bit more clumpy. The trouble with this is that it does stick my lashes together quite a bit but it gives a brilliant curl and makes the lashes look lengthened and thick.

So the verdict, I think I prefer Roller Lash. This is because it gives a more natural looking lash, holds a curl and doesn't give you silly panda eyes at all. Lash Sensational does a similar job but I feel as though my lashes look quite fake when I wear it, and I'm more about that natural lash.

Which do you prefer?


Sunday, 24 April 2016

The Sunday Chatter #9

I don't particularly have much to say this Sunday but I mean look at that cinnamon swirl, delicious...

I do like doing the odd catch up over here on my blog, I personally love reading these types of posts so why not put one out there myself. Regarding the photos above, I really want to go out and take more photos in general apart from the white background blog photos (which I love taking), but its nice to vary it up isn't it.

I've not been doing anything particularly interesting recently, what with exams looming over This means revision, which I really should be doing more of and lots of work for my photography project which needs to be done by like next week. But they'll be over sooner or later so lets leave that stress there for now. Something quite exciting though, I started up my Youtube channel properly a couple of weeks ago and I've been loving filming! You can view my channel here and I'd love it if you could subscribe because I'll be posting videos hopefully once a week, if not once every so often haha! Theres three videos up currently, and they're in a montage kinda style which I prefer to sit down talking ones as I don't like showing my face much and hate the sound of my voice on camera. Hopefully one day I'll be able to show my face though...

At the beginning of June I'll be popping up to Manchester as well which I am so excited for as I've never been up north before! I'm sure its not that different to down here in the south but its always exciting going somewhere new. Expect a blog post from that as I'll be snapping away the whole trip! Just wondering, does anyone reading this live in Manchester at all? What should I see if so? Anyway I think thats it for now from me but I hope you have a lovely Sunday and a great rest of week!

- Lucy 


Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose In It

I love Soap & Glory and have done for a couple of years now so I decided to pick up 'Scrub Your Nose In It'...

I'd seen this floating around and featuring in a few blog posts over the past few months and I hadn't read much into it but I saw it was on offer in Boots and just had to pick it up. My initial thoughts were how gorgeous the packaging was. Its so chic, and just really photogenic if I'm honest haha.

So this is aimed at combination to oily skin I believe and is a facial scrub, but aimed at your T Zone. My T Zone is the oiliest part of my face, except the dry patches around the side of my nose but that aside I have quite oily skin. So I was very excited to give this a try. My first thought about this product when I opened it up was the lovely smell. Its a very fresh scent, quite minty with a hint of tea tree scent.

You have to squeeze a fair bit out to make it apply evenly across the T Zone, but you do get quite a lot in the tube so its fine. Unlike some facial scrubs, its not too harsh on the skin, however you can feel it working away at the dry skin. You leave this on for one to two minutes, and then wash off with water. I've never felt my skin feel so soft after washing this off, it was like any dry skin that existed there had suddenly disappeared! My skin felt so fresh and renewed it was great. I think by using this once a week, its really going to help out my skin. I can't really fault this product, it does everything I want to do and the packaging is so chic.

Whats your favourite Soap & Glory product?

Lucy x

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Anxiety 101 | Needle Phobia

Here is post number two of my mini anxiety series and this one is all about needle phobia...

Needle phobia is very common in people that suffer with anxiety. The correct name for 'needle phobia' is actually Trypanophobia. Apparently 20% of people suffer from this phobia, so don't feel alone if you do suffer with it.

I don't recall suffering from needle phobia when I was a child, sure I hated having vaccinations but they were a rare occurrence and not something I would worry about much. It was when I reached Year 8 in school, it was time for the HPV vaccines. These set of three vaccines (now reduced down to two) prevent against cervical cancer, so of course they're very important.

This was the first time I'd be faced with injections since I was about 5 years old, so obviously I was very nervous. I was also horrified that I had to have three of them across the space of a few months. When faced with the first injection I refused to go into the gym hall, where they were holding the vaccinations. I cried and I screamed and I did not want to go into that room full of people having injections. The school nurse ended up forcing me into the room, and threatening me saying I'd have to sit down breathing in and out of a paper bag if I didn't calm down. This was because I was having a panic attack and hyperventilating so much that I could have potentially passed out. This is when I knew the phobia of needles was real. Even though each time the injects came around, I had them done and obviously they didn't hurt and weren't half as bad as I'd pictured in my head but this is not what needle phobia is about.

Since then I have had to have two more vaccinations about two years ago. I had these done at the doctors surgery which was much better for me as I was on my own, however the first time around I had another panic attack and could not have them done. Second time round I managed to calm myself down enough to not panic what so ever and have them done, that was the bravest I've ever been. Anyway enough about my experiences and onto what having needle phobia consists of. 

I personally hate the sight of needles, the thought of needles, basically anything related to them. If they appear on a TV programme or movie I will turn away so quickly its unreal. Its not the needle itself or the pain, its the thought of the needle inserting into my skin. I think thats the key thing from this, its the thought, the 'what ifs' the sharpness of the needle.

I've had so many people say 'having a blood test/injection doesn't hurt you know' and I do know. I'm not afraid of the pain, I'm afraid of the needle going into my skin. So many people make comments like this and I know they don't mean to be rude or inconsiderate but its not helpful and I know they don't understand my fear. I've tried CBT therapy and another type of therapy where I start with looking at pictures of needles then work my way up to holding an actual surgical needle. As far as I was concerned this worked, but as soon as I booked in to have a blood test (I hadn't been feeling well and was told I needed a blood test) I couldn't do it. I tried 5 times to have that blood test but failed each time, and I still haven't had it done because I'm just unable to cope when it comes to needles.

Needle phobia doesn't effect me like my emetophobia does however its still a serious problem and a pretty horrible phobia as having any surgical treatment is a right old chore and tiresome. Because of my needle phobia, going to the doctors, dentist and hospitals mostly can cause me trauma as I put two and two together. I fear hospitals and illness tremendously because I'm terrified I'll end up with a needle in my arm. So its not just the needle itself I suppose but the surrounding factors.

Theres help available for this phobia, online and in person therapy. I'm yet to find what will work for me and how I'll get over this phobia, but hopefully I will do sooner or later. This webpage is really useful and helpful if you're suffering from needle phobia, it says a bit about what it is and some help available. Again if you suffer with this phobia I am happy to talk about it if you DM on twitter or email me!

Do you suffer/know anyone who suffers from needle phobia?

Lucy x

Friday, 15 April 2016

2 Year Anniversary

So yesterday marked the 2 year anniversary of my blog...

I just want to say a massive thank you to anybody who takes time to sit and have a read through my blog, I will be forever grateful. I feel as though I've come a long way in two years, photography wise, writing wise etc. This blog wasn't originally called Forever September, that came a good year afterwards but I'm glad I made that change. I tried to start off this blog well before April 14th 2014, but deleted the posts and stopped up until then. If you want, you can read my very first post here, its rather funny as I basically do a review of the Soap & Glory Solar Powder and write about how much I don't like it, but now thats a totally different story, I love the stuff.  

I hope to continue blogging for years to come, as its what I just love doing and its a great little escapism for me. Hopefully my blog will continue to grow and get better, and I hope to still have you sticking around to read. Much love!

Lucy x

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

A Mini Boots Haul & First Impressions

Who doesn't love a good browse around Boots every now and then...

I went in to get myself some more Garnier Micellar Water and got side tracked, bought all this and guess what? I forgot to get the Micellar Water, typical but anyway I ended up getting a few bits and pieces!

I spotted this as it was on offer (now only £6), and I've never tried any Soap & Glory skincare before so I thought I might as well pick it up and give it a try. Its essentially a facial scrub, but for your T Zone area, hence the name. It helps to exfoliate, clean and purify the skin and lifts away any pore clogging dead skin cells. It smells really good, very fresh and minty. My first impressions are really good, my skin feels so smooth once I've washed this off and I can really feel/see it work!

I've tried this concealer before and wasn't the biggest fan of it, so never repurchased. However I saw I Covet Thee talking about this in one of her drugstore week videos and it made me want to give it another go. Its not a doe foot applicator like I'm used to and love, its one of the squeezey ones with a brush like applicator which is kinda meh. I do like the coverage of this however, but the shade range is pretty appalling. I got the shade Ivory which is the lightest shade and for someone as pale as me its still too dark.

I got another concealer because I just run out of them so quickly, I use it on a daily basis and usually replace foundation with it. I'd seen a few good reviews on this concealer and heard it gave a great coverage so I snapped it up. What really annoyed me though, is when I got home, opened up the pot, someone had already dipped their fingers in it (gross). But looking past that, I got the shade 10 which is porcelain I believe. I do really like this as it does give a pretty good coverage, however I found it clung to a few dry patches I had. Its also not too bad for under the eyes and didn't crease all that much.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moisture | £4.99
Okay so I can't find this anywhere on the website, the closest I've found is the frizz version. But anyway, I picked this up because I've been having a bit of a nightmare with my hair at the moment. I have short hair and its so dry and straw like, which is really bad as I can't have much more cut off! Maybe its because I've bleached it, I'm not sure but I needed to something to help put some moisture back into it. So I picked this up, and I love Aussie products as it is. The smell is amazing in my opinion and you can really feel it get to work straight away. My hair always feels very smooth after washing this out and I think its helped a lot to get rid of the dryness in my hair.

Imperial Leather Mouthwatering Fruit Chew Shower Cream | £1
Finally, the best smelling shower cream EVER. I picked this up because I'm running out of my current shower cream, and this was only a pound. If you're in Boots anytime soon, you need to give this a sniff its amazing. Its basically the smell of fruit salad sweets. Its a good shower cream, pretty average but its cool because I smell like a fruit salad!

Have you picked up anything from Boots recently?

Lucy x

Sunday, 10 April 2016

A Realistic Whats In My Bag

whats in my bag, handbag, a realistic whats in my bag, hand gel, purse, primark sunglasses, maybelline babylips, seo

Today I wanted to do a whats in my bag post but a realistic version...

I'm a person that likes to go light when out and about and carrying as little as possible is a thumbs up from me. I'd been on the hunt for a small bag that I could throw a few bits in that were essential, and voila I found this little gem. Its from Topshop, and it was in the sale for £15. Unfortunately I can't find this on their website but they had tons left in the store I bought it from, so maybe keep your eyes peeled.

So onto the contents of my bag. First off is my tiny little coin purse from Primark. Its very childish but thats what I love about it. I can't carry my main purse in this bag as its simply too big, so this is perfect for stashing any notes or coins in. It also does fit my card in if needs be, and it fits nicely into my little bag. Secondly we have my amazing pair of sunglasses that are also from Primark. If you've seen the oh so popular Dior sunglasses about, you'll know they've copied the style a bit with the small piece of metal going across the top of the sunglasses. I love these they're really flattering and I know I'll get a lot of wear out of them this summer. 

If you read my last post about my emetophobia, you'll know hand sanitizer is a must for me. I have this rather large bottle of Cuticura Mango Shimmer antibacterial hand gel. This smells amazing and I think its going to last me a rather long time! Lastly we have my favourite tinted lip balm of all time, Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me. I've loved this for a very long time, its very moisturising on the lips and gives a gorgeous subtle red tint.

Realistically, what do you keep in your bag?

Lucy x

Friday, 8 April 2016

Anxiety 101 | Emetophobia

emetophobia, phobias, fears, anxiety, anxiety 101 emetophobia, mental health

I'm starting a mini series that'll probably go across the course of about 3 weeks or so all about anxiety and my personal experiences and struggles, in order to help others out there...

I do warn you now, these posts may be lengthy but I have a lot to say on each matter, so please bear with me on this one. I desperately hope I can help a few people out there that maybe suffer with similar problems. 

The first issue I want to talk about is 'emetophobia'. If you don't know what emetophobia is, its the fear of sick (vomit). As simple as that. Nobody likes throwing up, its extremely unpleasant however being an emetophobic is something slightly different than just finding being sick 'unpleasant'. Although the number of emetophobics is unknown, its said that more women have a fear of vomiting than men. The closest estimation is that 6-7% of females suffer with emetophobia and only 1.7-3.1% of males do.

Now the statistics are over, I want to share my experiences, living with emetophobia. I have been afraid of sick ever since I can remember, although when I really sat down and thought about it, I think I've managed to trace where the phobia first started. I must have been about 5 years old, me and my best friend at the time were playing at my house whilst our mums were having a coffee and a chat. Suddenly my friend announced she felt unwell and had to go to her mum, then proceeded to throw up in my bathroom. I remember feeling panicked, even as a 5 year old and crying for hours. My parents told me I was being very silly and it was only sick but I was so traumatised by it. And from this, I've been afraid of sick ever since. 

Now having emetophobia is much more than just being scared of sick in general. Theres much more to the matter. Emetophobia has stopped me from doing so many things in life, its almost like a barrier that I just can't get past. Having emetophobia means that whenever I hear there is a 'bug' going around, panic fills my body and all I want to do is run away from everybody and everything and hide in my own little space. This is all in fear that I will catch the bug and as a result be sick myself. I also can't eat anything in a public place without using hand sanitizer, in fear that I will have picked up nasty germs and then be putting them in my body. If one of my friends has thrown up within the past few days I physically cannot go near them, its impossible for me. Recently one of my friends had been sick the previous day but come into college anyway. She was in one of my classes and I had to stay in a separate room and do my work all on my own purely because I couldn't be near her, in fear of catching something. 

So along with not being able to be near people that have thrown up, or wanting to run away when I hear there is some sort of 'sick bug' going around, I also can't go near alcohol. Typically, you don't throw up from a couple of alcoholic beverages yet I can't even have a sip of one in fear it might make me throw up. Parties aren't really my thing, as people tend to get very drunk which results in a lot of sick. And I really can't stand the sound of it, or obviously the sight of it so thats really not fun for me. Annoyingly the 'typical teenager' drinks and thats what a lot of people socialise over, so it makes me feel quite left out when I say I don't drink, or don't go out somewhere where drink is involved.

Talking about the sight of sick, hospital programmes on TV or anything of the sort is a no go. I believe the fear of hospitals or anything in that field comes along with emetophobia, well in my case it does. This is something I'm going to talk about in another anxiety 101 post though. So if there is any form of sick on the television, I have to cover my eyes, ears everything! I might not even be able to watch the programme at all. Taking any form of medicine is an issue for me as well, as so many have the side effect of vomiting. I won't take anything that has this side effect in fear I'll end up getting it and throwing up. As you can see, emetophobia really does effect every day life. 

I had a particularly tough year last year and my anxiety/emetophbia got extremely bad. One night all the way back in January of last year I woke up in the middle of the night feeling extremely sick, and I really thought I was going to throw up however I didn't and I think I stopped myself as I was just so terrified. Whenever I personally feel sick, I get panic attacks and that night I had a pretty severe panic attack from feeling sick, which was truly horrible. I then proceeded to feel sick almost everyday that year and onto the beginning of this year. This stopped me from eating and obviously I lost a lot of weight. My fear and anxiety also stopped me from going on a trip to New York, which is truly gutting and it still upsets me to this day that I was not able to go on that once in a life time trip due to emetophobia. 

I am much better now than I was back last year, however still suffering from emetophobia, and I imagine I will do for the rest of my life. But there is help available for emetophobia, such as CBT therapy, exposure therapy and other methods. If you have emetophobia, just know you're not alone. Its not fun, but it can be managed and thats the best thing to do. I manage my anxiety daily and try and stay rational about situations. If you can relate to any of what I've mentioned, maybe consult your doctor and they can refer you to get help for the phobia. If you want to chat about this issue you can DM me on twitter via '@foreverrsept' or email me at ''. If you got this far, wow thank you for sticking by and reading through it is much appreciated.

Do you have any phobias?
Lucy x

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

My Small But Sweet Perfume Collection

Today I thought I'd share my small but sweet perfume collection...

I actually got this for about £14 from Fragrance Direct so much cheaper than its original price. This is probably my favourite perfume from the bunch. Its chic and sleek bottle looks lovely on my dressing table also. This is more of a sweet scent opposed  to musky, with top notes of juicy watermelon, mid notes of invigorating florals and dry notes of velvety musks. This doesn't mean an awful lot to me but if you know about your perfumes, hopefully thats helpful! Its definitely a mixture of scents but it works so well and I love it. It also lasts all day and I can still smell it on my clothes the following day so that gets a thumbs up from me!

I've had this for a good while now and I still love it. How amazing is that bottle though? I feel as if this is a very summery scent, however I still wear it all year round because I just love it. With top notes of, bergamot, marigold and mixed fruits its clear its a very sweet scent. Spot a theme here? I just love a good sweet scent and I think a lot of people would love this fragrance. It doesn't last all day however which is kind of annoying but when first sprayed, is very strong and slowly fades out.

Definitely the most daring bottle of perfume I own, and kind of childish really. However I just love the scent of this (obviously) but again I feel its a very summery 'happy' scent. Even though again, I wear it all year round. Its said to be a floral scent but I don't really agree with that. I think its very fruity with a hint of floral underneath, its actually quite a subtle scent thats not too in your face. The longevity of this is really brilliant as well, lasting pretty much all day. 

Whats your favourite perfume?

Lucy x

Sunday, 3 April 2016

A Chat With Jodie Loue

I tend to read a lot of blogs and so many bloggers out their inspire me on a daily basis and one of those people is Jodie from Jodie Loue...

If you're not following Jodie already, you can here. Her blog is amazing, photography, writing style, everything! So I asked her a few questions about blogging/beauty, so I hope you enjoy getting to know a bit more about Jodie if you don't already!

01. What inspired you to start blogging?
I would say my inspiration for blogging is the typical response. I'd read blogs for a good while, probably for around a year, and I thought it was something that I could do. I was in my second year of A levels, and everything was a little bit stressful and I needed a creative release as all my chosen subjects were very much knowledge based. The likes of Kate from Kate La Vie and Rebecca from From Roses really inspired me though, both of their blogs are flawless and I just adore their photography. I'm forever in awe of their blogs.

02. What are your favourite posts to write about?
Anything that features makeup, I love to write about that. The photography process is my favourite part of those types of posts. I really enjoy putting the lifestyle posts I sometimes do together. I'm always pleased with how those turn out as that tends to be when my writing is the strongest. My all time favourite post though, has to be the one I wrote about why failure isn't a bad thing. I like the idea that my hard times in life, can maybe help someone else.

03. Whats your favourite beauty product to buy?
I seem to collect eyeshadow. I'm actually a bit embarrassed about how much of it I own. Something about a good neutral palette always reels me in every time! I might not own any of the Naked palettes, but they are my weakness. Although at the moment, I seem to be a magpie for lip products, which is a bit ironic really as I'm afraid of a bold lip.

04. Wheres your favourite place to buy beauty?
My favourite place has to be good old Boots. High end counters tend to intimidate me, and I'm more of a high street makeup girl. Something about being able to swatch freely without a perfectly manicured assistant watching me, puts me at ease. I've just discovered Space.NK so I think that might dethrone my beloved Boots soon. The staff aren't the typical hawks like they are in some beauty halls, and from the limited times I've walked into a store, I have nothing but kind words to say.

05. Where do you see your blog in 5 years time?
This question is a hard one. I would love for my blog to still be around and active in 5 years, and I think if I could maybe earn a couple of pounds from it, then I'd be happy. Although I'm hoping that I'll still be posting, something which has become so hard now I've started uni. Let's say I'm still around in five years, then I'd like to think my photography would've improved and that my blog layout is clean and minimal like it is right now, and that theres an equal mix of lifestyle and beauty posts!

Thank you so much to Jodie for answering these questions and I found it a pleasure to read through and I hope you did too! 

Lucy x

Friday, 1 April 2016

Sudio Vasa Earphones

sudio earphones, rose gold earphones, sudio

I listen to music constantly, there isn't a time when I'm not so earphones are something that are essential...

Sudio* are a lifestyle brand who make elegant earphones (as you can tell from above) and offer studio sound quality for a third of what they would cost in stores. It started a few years ago when the founders were looking for earphones. The market consisted of black electronic products as well as street and hip hop products which didn't fit their style. They wanted a stylish accessory, like a watch or a belt, a brand like Ralph Lauren within earphones. So they decided to create a product they wanted to buy.

As you can see from the photos Sudio earphones* are exceptionally pretty and stylish. They have a range of earphones to choose from and I picked out the Vasa Rose Gold White earphones which come on, are truly gorgeous and who doesn't love a good bit of rose gold?! Along with the earphones you get a leather carrying case, four extra sleeves, owners manual and quality assurance card; very professional. Unlike some headphones the lead is flat, not circular, which I think really helps to keep them tangle free because whats more annoying than tangled earphones? I'm glad they come with four extra sleeves because if they don't fit your ears you can swap them for larger or smaller. Which I found very helpful. As for sound quality, its pretty good. If you're going to compare them with something then I'd say the quality is just that bit better than the original Apple headphones that come with your iPhone. More than anything they're ascetically pleasing and I really adore the rose gold aspect and they make a great fashion piece in my opinion.  The Vasa Earphones retail for £55 which for a premium pair of headphones is a pretty good price. 

If you want to pick yourself up a pair of these lovely earphones you can use the code 'foreverseptember' for 15% off!

Lucy x

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