Friday, 22 July 2016

July Favourites

Not quite the end of July yet but close enough, so here we have my July favourites...

I haven't done a favourites posts in seems like forever, so I thought it was time I popped one up. I've actually been enjoying a few new things throughout July which I'm excited to share (or already have shared)! 

I raved about this in a recent post, but I've just been LOVING this product. I do love a good gloss because they always feel more comfortable than matte formulas to me. Well for an everyday basis anyway. I have the shade Angel Food Cake and its the most gorgeous dusky pink, a your lips but better shade. For a daily basis I think this is stunning, and don't find the formula sticky at all. Winner for me!

New Look Silver Hoop Earrings | £2
It was actually £2 for a pack of two I believe, it came with silver and gold but I'm much more of a silver jewellery person. I've just really been enjoying wearing these, I used to find large hoop earrings quite 'chavy' buuuut they've come back into fashion and I just think they're really cool.

I also did a review of this recently, but I've been using it pretty much everyday since I purchased it. This is from Tanya Burr's new soft luxe range, and its soo pretty. I've been using the champagne highlight shade all over the lid with the lighter brown shade through the crease. Its so good for an everyday eye look, and isn't overly pigmented so just works really well on a daily basis.

I picked this up recently, so I haven't been using it the whole of July but I've still been enjoying it nevertheless. Straight up, I'm crap at eyeliner. I just can't do it, I always mess it up and my wing looks ridiculous every time. But I'm not one for giving up (sometimes) so I picked up a new eyeliner. I picked this up in dark brown, because I figured it'd look more natural than black and I was right. This eyeliner is so easy to apply as the tip is fairly thin and I can just about do a wing, a very tiny wing but still its a step forward haha.

I've seen these belts everywhere recently, but I picked this up at the beginning of June but have been really loving it this month. Since we've had some seriously hot days this past week, I've been wearing my black mom shorts from Topshop, with this wrapped around. I love the two paired together and just think it gives such a grungy look, definitely my style.

What have you been loving this month?

- Lucy


  1. i'm going to pick up the NYX eyeliner when i run out of my current eyeliner, it sounds really good:) i love hoop earrings. lovely post:) x

  2. YAY FOR NYX!!

  3. We love NYX! I wish one day I would try Tanya's make up products! Unfortunately, we don't have them in Greece.

  4. I have been meaning to get something from NYX for ages! Those butter glosses are on top of my list! Great post xx

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