Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Christmas Gift Guide For Her

I'm seeing gift guides left, right and centre BUT I really wanted to add my own contribution to the mix. I always find them helpful, as some people can be a real struggle to buy for. Admittedly, I find boys much harder to buy for than girls but doing gift guides 'for her' are really fun haha. So here we have my picks, with some low end and high end bits. Hopefully you get a few ideas!

I hope this gave you a few ideas as to what you could pick up this christmas, I personally love the asos pyjamas!

- Lucy

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Christmas With Jewellerybox

I know we're still in November but christmas is only a month away, and I can't quite believe it, this years gone by way too quickly. Hopefully I'll have a few christmassy posts going up, as I'm already in the festive spirit. I have two christmassy Jewellerybox pieces that I'm 100% going to be wearing both for the lead up to christmas and on christmas day.

Sterling Silver Frosted Ball Half Hoop Earrings*
I've been in love with this style of earring for ages but never got round to picking some up. I'm a silver jewellery wearer through and through, so these were perfect. Essentially you have the little silver stud through your earring hole then the other half dangles beneath, and its super pretty. These are really simple but somehow really festive. They'd be perfect for any time of the year to be honest, thats what I liked most! They're also so reasonable at £6.75, like you can't argue with that!

Sterling Silver 7 Inch Snowflake Bracelet*
This is definitely a more festive number. Again, it has to be silver for me and to be honest I feel like this makes the bracelet look more christmassy! Its such a dainty little piece, I love it. If you're a fan of dainty jewellery, I'm sure you'll love this! Its a little too big for me, but I can still wear it. I think this is such a cute accessory to just spice up your outfit a bit, and get you in the christmassy mood of course.

- Lucy
This post contains PR samples*

Sunday, 20 November 2016

The Packhouse Farnham

Happy Sunday! Yes, that is a Christmas tree in mid November. I know, quite early but I visited one of my favourite little places to have a mooch around (ha, mooch love that word). Its based in Farnham, so this is for you who live in the south of england, sorry to my up north people! Its essentially just a vintage/antique/quirky homeware and lifestyle shop, based in a very old house. Its really pretty to just look around and you can usually find some gems. They also opened a new café recently, which is absolutely gorgeous.

Hope you enjoyed scrolling through these festive and cosy photos on your Sunday morning. It made me feel so christmassy looking at all the decorations and christmas trees dotted around the place. I'd recommend visiting the packhouse if you're local to surrey or live in the south and are willing to travel, its lovely.

- Lucy

Friday, 18 November 2016

Bloggers Made Me Buy It

Since blogging, I've accumulated quite a substantial amount of makeup. Well, its definitely not the biggest collection ever but you get what I mean haha. A lot of the makeup I've bought over the few years are blogger influenced, so here are a few bits that I bought purely because bloggers typed about them.

First up we have the Sleek Solstice Highlighter Palette. This is literally everything. With three powders and one cream, this little palette is perfect. I'm so glad I finally caved and bought this, but I don't regret it one bit. For a drugstore highlight palette, its extremely pigmented and I'd say if you were to buy one thing from Boots this month, scrap that, this year, it should be this. Onto something a little more high end now, the Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette. I think I ended up buying this about a week after it was released because of the HUGE blogger hype over it. I previously had the Naked 3 palette which I loved, and didn't have anything smoky, so this seemed perfect. I used it a fair bit in the first month or so of having it, but unfortunately its been pushed to the back of the pile. I don't tend to do a smoky eye that often, but I do think this might need to be cracked out again for the festive season. 

The Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray. Technically I wanted the UD All Nighter setting spray but it was out of stock basically everywhere (thanks bloggers haha). So I opted for the de-slick version instead. I decided to buy the travel size option first incase I didn't like it, but I'm pleased to say I really do. Although I don't use it on a daily basis, its so good for when you've done a full face of makeup for a night out. I always find looking for a foundation is such a chore, theres so many out there. I wanted a cheap(ish) one, and remembered so many bloggers rave about the L'Oreal True Match Foundation. I really love this foundation, it gives such a great coverage and the shade is perfect for my pale complexion. The only bad thing I have to say about this, is that it clings to dry patches quite badly. I've found this with most L'Oreal foundations I've tried, but apart from that I love it.

Onto some lip bits now. The NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. How could I not mention these?! Every blogger and their dog has tried these I swear. I'm so glad I tried these out because I'm addicted and have quite a few in my collection. They have beautiful shades, they're pigmented and are SO flipping comfortable on the lips, like nothing I've ever tried before. Everything about these are perfect, so I suggest trying them out if you haven't already! Finally, the Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in Eastend Snob. This lip product was all the range about a year ago now, it was the perfect nude pink shade. I really loved this lip liner, but soon got board and threw it to the back of the pile. As much as its a pretty colour, the stick always seems to snap which is really annoying because you end up wasting so much product! 

What products have you been influenced to buy through bloggers?

- Lucy 

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

November Glossybox 2016

I'm back today with another Glossybox 'unboxing' type thaaang. I really enjoy doing these, as everyone gets something different in their box and its always interesting to see. Also, its a great way to find and discover new products, woo!

Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask | RRP £85 for 23ml
As you can probably see, I haven't tried this face mask yet. In a way I'm too scared to try because once its gone its gone, and I mean its not very cheap for a new one is it?! Its described as the ultimate pre-party pick me up with instant results. I'll definitely be trying that out to see if its true.

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray | RRP £16
I've been using this for about 4 or 5 months now and I really like it, so its nice to have a mini one that I can take away or use once my other one has finished. The smell of this is so lovely, a very fresh lavender scent. It definitely helps you to relax before drifting off to sleep.

De Bruyere Beauté Jumbo Eye Pencil in Bubble 07 | RRP €15
By the looks of it, this jumbo eye pencil is from a French brand. This is a lovely purply, champagne shade that is very pretty put across the entire lid. Although I did find that the glitter was a bit too chunky and not exactly 'shimmery', and the longevity of it wasn't the best.

Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes | RRP £4.95
I was pretty chuffed to see these in my box with month. I'm a recent false eyelash convert and am slightly obsessed with wearing them. These are really pretty and look great for a night out, without being to over the top!

Ruby Professional Large Tapered Blending Brush | €8
This was also quite a nice treat. I do love a good makeup brush, and you can never have too many blending brushes in my opinion. Its great for just blending out all your eyeshadow once its done, although its a bit flimsy. Its really soft though, so all is well haha.

- Lucy

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Song Loving Sunday #2

Remember all that time ago back in January where I shared my favourite songs, well I completely forgot about that until now when I really wanted to write a post about songs I've been loving, haaa. Music is everything to me, and whenever I can, I'll be listening to it. 

Brooklyn / Fickle Friends
I actually got to see Fickle Friends when I went to Reading this summer and they were literally insane. I can't even remember how I found out about them, but this is their most recent song and its such a tune.

505 / Arctic Monkeys
Yaaas to Arctic Monkeys. I recently fell in love with 505 again, can't believe I even forgot about it in the first place.

September / Pity Sex
This is courtesy of Katy, who mentioned this song in one of her recent music posts. Pity Sex are quite a chilled, indie band and September is honestly the most relaxing song to listen to, especially this time of year.

The Less I Know The Better / Tame Impala 
I'm officially obsessed with Tame Impala. They're such a unique band and I've never heard anything quite like their style. This song is again, very chilled out but it just has such a happy vibe to it. 

Ride / Twenty One Pilots
I've recently been converted into liking Twenty One Pilots, but damn their newest album is so good. I don't really know what kind of genre their music is, all I know is that I love it and this song.

Paris / The 1975
To be honest, I've loved this song ever since the album came out earlier this year. I feel like this song is really fitting for the colder months as well, its calming and just ugh I love the 1975 basically haha.

That's My Girl / Fifth Harmony 
Totally different to my other picks but I'm not sorry. This is such an upbeat song, and I can't help but sing along to it. I feel like theres a lot of girl power involved, and its just really catchy.

Joan Of Arc / Jamie T
I loove Jamie T's new album, and this song is probably my favourite. Jamie T has a very unique style in my opinion, and I just love this.

Walk With Me / Cosmo's Midnight & KUČKA
I really don't know anything about the artist of this song, but they have such a lovely voice. I found this on my discover weekly playlist on Spotify and had to add it to my playlist. 

This Town / Niall Horan 
I'm an ex-one direction fan girl and I'm not even ashamed to say I love Niall's new song. Its actually so beautiful, and his voice is incredible. 

What songs have you been loving recently?

- Lucy

Friday, 11 November 2016

Jeffree Star Skin Frost In Peach Goddess Review

Okay I swear I have been on the hunt for a Jeffree Star Skin Frost, forever. When I was browsing BeuatyBay the other day I spotted they had three in stock, and I literally screamed. They had King Tut, Mint Condition and Peach Goddess. And I obviously picked up Peach Goddess.

I love Jeffree's videos, and I know he's been known to be problematic but I'm willing to look past that for now. His makeup line is just incredible, and so unique. I'm a huge highlighter lover, so it was clear I needed one of these in my collection. So first things first. When I opened the box, I was truly shocked at the size of this product. Its literally massive, I really didn't expect to get so much product. Because of the size, it has a really decent mirror, which is perfect. I mean, I'm so glad its the size it is for £25 haha.

The embossed Jeffree Star logo just makes it so special in my opinion, and so personal. I'm scared to ruin it if I'm honest! The colour of peach goddess is obviously peachy, but it has a beautiful iridescent shine to it, which looks stunning swiped across the cheekbones. I have found however, that you need to really dip your brush in a few times to get a decent amount of product off. You could really build this up to be 'blinding' as Jeffree likes to say, but equally you can keep it really subtle, which is amazing. Like most highlighters, its great for the cheekbones, cupids bow and brow bone. And can we just talk about that packaging though?! Its stunning, definitely not my usual favourite colour but it just suits this product so much.

Have you tried anything from Jeffree Star Cosmetics?

- Lucy

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Equipment I Use For Blogging

I'm always really interested to see what other bloggers use equipment wise, camera stuff etc. I thought I'd share what lenses I use, and other bits and bobs I use to blog.

First things first, the camera itself. I use a Canon 70D, which is definitely on the more pricey side of things when it comes to camera equipment. But in my opinion, its so worth it. Its not just good for photography but filming as well, so if thats something you're interested in, I'd recommend this. Whats great about this camera, is that it comes with a wifi function. So I have an app on my phone that acts as a remote and I can take the photos from my phone whilst the camera's set up elsewhere, pretty cool.

If I'm going to use the wifi function, I usually have the camera on a tripod. I have this Hama Star 75 Tripod and it works a charm. I used to have a really crappy one that was super cheap, (not that this one isn't cheap) but it sucked. With this one, I can take landscape and portrait photos so its perfect for outfit photography! 

Lets talk about lenses now, woo. The lens I use for the majority of my blog photographs is the Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens. This is perfect if you want that soft background blur on your photos, and is pretty awesome for product photography. Equally as good for outfit photography as well, as it just makes whatever's in the foreground pop. Would highly recommend this lens, its not overly expensive either so thats a bonus. Second lens I use is the Canon 24mm f/2.8 lens. This is a fixed lens again, but much more wide angle. Hence the 24mm opposed to 50mm. This is great for general landscape photography, or if you just want to fit more into a shot you're taking. I think this is a good option for flatlays as it fits a lot more into the frame, yet still gives that professional look. 

Thats basically all I use equipment wise. I hope anyone who's interested in the more tech side of things enjoyed this post!

What equipment do you use for blogging?

- Lucy

Sunday, 6 November 2016

4 Favourite Lashes

I've definitely got into wearing false lashes in a big way, I just love the way they can complete an eye look. Here's some of my fave lashes I've been loving recently woooo!

The first pair of lashes I ever bought, I honestly love these. If you're a newbie to the whole eyelash thing then I'd definitely recommend these. They just give that extra bit to your lashes, they're not over the top or daring, just pretty and natural yet still noticeable.

These are a little bit different from the last pair. If its volume you're looking for then these are the one. I think these are perfect for a night out, or if you're doing something fancy. If you've done some cool eye makeup these finish the look sooo perfectly. Also if you order them from False then they're a lil bit cheaper!

I picked these up for a gathering I was going to a few weeks back and I've used them a fair few times since, I loove the way they look. They're thinner in the middle and 'flutter' out the further they go out. This looks so flattering because it gives some lift to the outer corners of your eyes. Super pretty.

The cheapest of the bunch and probably my favourite. I'd heard Tanya Burr talking about the Ardell Demi Wispy lashes a while back, and when I saw Red Cherry offered some I had to give them a try. These look so natural but still SO pretty ahh. Each individual lash is separated nicely to make them look even and really flattering. Again these are super cheap over on False so I'd recommend highly!  

Do you have a favourite pair of lashes?

- Lucy

Friday, 4 November 2016

3 Must Reads #1

I don't read all that often, but when I do I always wonder why I don't do it more often. I thought I'd start a little series called 3 must reads, of books I've absolutely loved and would recommend to anyone.

I've been watching Will's YouTube channel for around two years now, and his videos are probably some of my favourite on the entire internet. When I heard he was coming out with a book, I knew I'd have to buy it. Essentially, Will asked his viewers questions over six months, all about relationships. Breakups, crushes, you get the idea. All the letters that he received were compiled into a book to make This Modern Love. I honestly felt all the emotions under the sun reading through this, one minute I'd be smiling, the next I'd be sobbing. Its amazing and I couldn't recommend it enough.

I previously wrote a whole review on this book, which you can read here. I read this book whilst on holiday in the summer, and I couldn't put it down. A girl called Lennie is grieving, and she has two boys on her hands. I won't say much more as I don't want to ruin it, but its an amazing read. I love how Jandy Nelson writes, its so beautiful. Would highly recommend.

This is the book I finished most recently. I managed to finish it so quickly as well, as the chapters are fairly short and snappy. If you've suffered with a mental health issue, or know somebody else that has, this would be a great read. I could relate to a lot of things Matt was saying, and it felt comforting. He doesn't just share his experience, but there's so many uplifting points in there as well. Which is so important for recovery. 

What are your must reads?

- Lucy 

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

5 Autumnal Lip Picks

We're well into autumn now, and its definitely time to whip out the berry tones for me! These are five lip colours I'm definitely going to be using this autumn.

I manage to snap this up with my Boots points, after seeing Fran talking about it over on her blog. I'd been after a autumnal liquid lipstick and this is perfect. The formula of these lipsticks is incredible, and I can't get enough of it. It doesn't apply patchy or anything like that either, just an all round winner for me.

These were all the range last year, and its obvious why. These lipsticks are pigmented, and look gorgeous on the lips. Cherry Pop is a true red, not too dark, not too bright. This is a great option if you want to go for a red lip this autumn!

This lustre finish MAC lipstick is one of my all time faves. Plumful is a subtle, yet beautiful, plummy colour. Its not drying at all due to the lustre finish it has. It gives a gorgeous sheen and is sooo great for an everyday autumn lip. I can't get enough of this lipstick, and I'm sure I'll repurchase this over and over.

The NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream's are one of my favourite liquid lipstick formulas. Rome is one I picked up at the end of summer, as I was feeling a darker nude shade. This is a browny/purple toned lipstick, I can't describe the exact colour but I'd suggest giving it a swatch. Its soo pretty, not patchy at all and is super comfortable for an every day autumnal lip. 

I drifted away from No7 products over the years, as I discovered new brands and all that. Then my lovely friend Chloe bought this for my birthday and I fell in love. I think raspberry wine is a great name for this, its definitely a browny/red wine shade. Its super comfortable on the lips, which is something I always look for and it looks super pretty. I'd recommend checking out this shade!

What are your favourite autumnal lip colours?

- Lucy
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