Friday, 5 May 2017

5 Throwback Makeup Products

I was going through my makeup collection the other day, and spotted an old MAC foundation that I haven't used for ages and it got me looking for more old school products I haven't used in a while!

So first up, my MAC Pro Longwear Foundation. This was my first high end foundation, and to be honest one of my only high end foundations. I felt so cool going and getting this with my Christmas money, haaaaa. It served me well anyway, I'm not quite sure the shade is quite right but heyho. Its a great mid to full coverage foundation, but I doubt I'd buy it again as I think theres better foundations at that price point and even cheaper ones. Secondly, is my beloved Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. This was my first high end eyeshadow palette I owned, and I got it for my 16th birthday. I still love it to this day, full of beautiful pinks and nudes, its a great everyday palette!

The first bronzer I ever picked up, was the Soap & Glory Solar Powder. As you can see, I have it in the original cardboard packaging, which they've now changed to plastic, thankfully. This was my go-to bronzer for so long, and I still love it, although I seem to have neglected it for my Benefit Hoola. A highlighter that honestly, I never really used was the Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Illuminating Powder. I didn't get along with this to be honest, as pretty as it looks it just sits at the back of my drawer. And finally, a blush I'm sure everybody will remember, the Sleek Rose Gold blush. Such a great blush, with gorgeous gold flecks in it, you can't go wrong with this. Such a great drugstore blush!

What are your favourite 'throwback' makeup products?

- Lucy


  1. I've only just started wearing the Mac Pro longwear. My mum was clearing out her collection and gave it to me because the colour wasn't right for her.
    A definite throwback for me are the Rimmel kohl eyeliners, I was obsessed with them! Still have them though and definitely need to get some new ones! xo

  2. I've never really given MAC foundations a chance, I was colour matched once a few years back and the shade oxidised so badly that I just didn't bother to try any others. I love the Pro Longwear concealer though

    Jodie /

  3. I've actually never used the naked palettes before! That would definitely be on my list

    Beauty Candy Loves

  4. I used to be obsessed with wanting a naked palette but now I'm all about the Too Faced palettes! :P

  5. I love MAC Pro Longwear, I also love the waterproof version they do. I need that Sleek blush, it is so pretty.

  6. This is so funny! I recently found my barbie for mac makeup collection... and I think I would still buy it :D


    Novelstyle Blog

  7. Love the products mentioned ! Oldies but goldies :)

  8. I haven't tried the MAC Pro Longwear Foundation in such a long time, I am going to have to dig it out of drawer!

    Danielle xx

  9. Solar Powder is such a staple product and such a bargain, love it! Lovely post.

    Alice | alicemaysnell

  10. rose gold by sleek is such a throwback product. everyone was obsessed with it and i actually still love it.

  11. I always wanted to try that Estée Lauder powder, but like you said I think I'd just end up getting it because the packaging is lovely, haha!

    PoppyRKay //

  12. I love the Naked 3 palette, its one of my favourite palettes. the Soap & Glory bronzer sounds really good. lovely post!

  13. Throwback wise, I'd have to say the Bobbi Brown blush in Powder Pink and MAC's soft and gentle highlight. To be honest, I've never quite gotten on with MAC foundations though they look wonderful on others!

  14. Great picks! I always forget to show love to all of my Naked palettes & it's such a shame because they're so damn beautiful. I'll have to pull them out soon!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  15. Bronze Goddess is such a classic! I love the scent of that range too. I think the Rimmel Stay Matte powder is the classic throw-back staple for me!

    Morgan | Hyacinth Girl

  16. The Naked 2 Palette was my first ever high end eyeshadow palette and I loved it! I don't use it anywhere near as much as I used to, but I still love the shades Bootycall and Half Baked xo

    Char |


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