Sunday, 13 August 2017

Bloggers I'm Grateful I Met

I'm all about sharing the love for other bloggers, so I thought I'd write a post dedicated to my closest blogger babes. I appreciate you gals so much, and I urge you to check out all of their blogs!
I haven't known Fran very long, but honestly I feel like we're the same person. We get on ridiculously well, and can relate to one another so much. She's hilarious, and her Twitter always cracks me up. She's someone I can rely on, and chat to about my life, whether thats boys, friendships, anything, I know she's got my back. 

I've known Jade for a little while now, and she's just the kindest girl ever. She always drops me a DM on Twitter to check on how I'm doing, and our conversations are always lovely. I feel like I can really open up to her, and she always gives cracking advice. Recently, she was there for me when I was suffering with a really bad panic attack and she was so helpful, I couldn't have gotten through it without her. 

I've been reading Courtney's blog for well over a year now, and I never get tired of her effortless writing style. Not only is her writing style effortless, but her style in general! She's a girl thats always been there for me when feeling down, and always shown support, whether thats through a tweet, comment or DM. This girlie is just such a gem.

Nicole from A Beautiful Chaos
I discovered Nicole's blog around two years ago I think, perfect timing as my anxiety was pretty bad back then. She writes about everything mental health, including her own and others experiences. She's super inclusive and always working on a project of some sort, so I have a lot of respect for her. Her blog is fabulous, whether you suffer with mental health issues or not, every post is a great read.

Obviously, I have met many other bloggers along the way but these are a handful that I'm super grateful I've met. I would highly recommend you check out their blogs and other social accounts, as they're genuinely a great bunch of girlies.

- Lucie


  1. This is such a lovely post! I have made the best friends through blogging and I will always be so grateful for it!! x

    Abi | abistreetx

  2. Awwww thank you so much! I'm so glad I have met you too through blogging xxx

  3. Really great that you got to meet such lovely bloggers

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  4. Thank you so much Lucy! You're my no.1 blogging babe

    Courtney | Lashes and Luxe

  5. This is such a lovely post! And a great reminder of the true beauty of blogging. I always love pretty pics, but there is so much more to life. Thanks for some fun bloggers to check out as well! xo

    Kelsey |

    1. Its so true, I've met some wonderful people through blogging and its such a great thing to be part of!


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