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TV And Music Favourites Of 2017

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Both music and TV shows play a big part in my life, so I thought I'd share my favourites of the past year. Not all of these were necessarily released this year, but just things I've discovered in 2017. Enjoy!


Stranger Things
I was late to the party with Stranger Things, I just never got round to watching it. However, when I heard that a second series was coming out, I knew I had to catch up. I was totally hooked by it all, and honestly I think its the best things I've ever watched. Steve Harrington's character development is the best thing about it in my opinion, but if you haven't watched it, I'll leave that up to you to decide!

Riverdale was released at the beginning of 2017, and I really enjoyed the first season. Every episode left on a cliff hanger, and I was so excited to watch the next episode. Season 2 started recently, which isn't as great as the first but still enjoyable. Worth a watch!

Rupauls Drag Race
2017 was the year I finally got into Rupauls Drag Race. Honestly, one of the best shows out there. Its such lighthearted fun, yet so serious at the same time haha. Season 6 has to be my favourite, purely because it has Bianca Del Rio, and Adore Delano, two of my favourite queens. If you haven't watched this, I highly recommend!

How I Met Your Mother
Another show I'm late to the party with, but its so good. I'm still making my way through the nine series show, but slowly getting there with it. Its so easy to watch, as each episode is 20 minutes long. I feel so invested in all the character's lives already, and I'll be sad when I finish the whole thing I'm sure.


Funk Wave Bounce Vol.1 by Calvin Harris
This was probably my most listened to album of 2017. Its what I played pretty much the entirety of the summer, as its just such a feel good album. My favourite songs have to be 'Heatstroke' and 'Holiday'. 

This Old Dog by Mac DeMarco
Quite the opposite of the previous album I mentioned, but I really got into Mac DeMarco this year (I blame uni for this). This album is the most chill thing ever, and its such easy listening. My favourite songs from this album are, 'Still Beating' and 'On the Level'. 

After Laughter by Paramore
I was never much of a Paramore fan, but when they dropped their latest album I was keen to give it a listen. Safe to say, I love it. Its got a nice electric pop feel to it, which is probably why I love it so much. My favourite songs from this one are, 'Hard Times' and 'Told you So'. 

Starboy by The Weeknd
I know this album came out last year, but I wasn't that fussed by it when it was first released. For some reason, I really got into The Weeknd this year, and have had this album on repeat the entire year pretty much. My favourite songs from this are definitely, 'Secrets', 'True Colours' and 'A Lonely Night'.

Alongside these albums, I've loved so many singles as well. Dua Lipa's New Rules was a firm favourite (wasn't it for everyone)?! Perfect by Ed Sheeran was also a song that was on repeat for me. 

What were your TV/music favourites of 2017?

- Lucy



  1. Stranger Things 2 and Riverdale were some favourites for me too! It's strange that I think the second series of Stranger Things was better than the first! I do agree the second series of Riverdale hasn't been as gripping, but I know I'll still continue to watch it.
    Amber |

  2. Stranger Things 2 was SO good wasn't it? Way better than the first series in my opinion. I love The Weeknd too. Starboy is a fab album. xxx

    Lucy |

  3. Yaaasss to RuPaul's Drag Race Season 6 - that's definitely my fave too xx

    Rhi |

  4. I'm so bad with music favorites because I usually just put a list on and listen to that, but shows! Oh my. All those you listed, YES! I found about RuPaul's Drag Race couple years ago and it's flipping amazing. Everyone should watch it! But my favorite this year must be Stranger Things, it's just so good.

    Heidi ✨ | Heidi’s Planner

  5. I feel like I'm the only person that hasn't watched Stranger Things, I am going to have to binge watch it soon!

    Danielle xx

  6. Strangers Things, dedinitely! For the music, Maroon 5 will always be my bet. Happy New Year!

    Xeph Hipolito | multiverse

  7. I love How I Met Your Mother! I've probably watched it for more than 5 times! Great list! <3

    Dee | The Jackie Of All Trades

  8. I've loved Riverdale so much, but I do have to confess that I'm yet to watch Stranger Things! Eeeep!

    Sharni xo

  9. i love calvin harris's album as well. its so good

  10. I started watching Stranger Things last month....much after the hype! It's not my normal genre but it does have you hooked x

  11. I don't watch TV at all so I haven't seen any of those shows but I really do need to start. I used to have some shows that I followed and I miss just zoning out and watching!

    Beauty & Colour | Vegan Lifestyle Blog

  12. I started watching Reign in 2017 and I loved it although I still have quite a few episodes to catch up on. Have had Perfect by Ed Sheeran on repeat since it came out, such a beautiful song! x

  13. After Laughter is a really solid album, loved it.

  14. I'm still yet to catch up on Stranger Things 2, but I need to! I also have Riverdale on my 'what to watch on Netflix' list. Hard Times by Paramore is such a fab song and I've enjoyed The Weeknd's music this year :) This is such a fab idea for a post, I might do my own version (and obviously credit the post idea to yourself, as long as you don't mind!) xo

    Char |

  15. yes for riverdale, stranger things and rupauls drag race. loved all of them.

  16. I've never seen/listened to any of these except Starboy, which is one of my favourite albums. I loved Calvin Harris's singles from his album, but I haven't listened to the rest of the songs yet! I've heard SO many good things about Stranger Things and Riverdale! happy new year x

  17. Yaaaas so happy to see ru Paul on here, that show changed my damn life hahaha!

    Courtney | Lashes and Luxe

  18. Love Mac Demarco!!

  19. Stranger Things was definitely on my favourites this year too! I think I fell in love with Steve a little if I'm honest...

    The Makeup Directory


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