• Happy Sunday, its funny because I certainly don’t look like this right now😂 I’m pretty exhausted after a long week but here we are✌🏼 Tomorrow I’m getting my hair done and I’m so excited to go back blonde💇🏼‍♀️ What are you up to this week?💛
  • Long time no see👀 Life has been a bit hectic and overwhelming recently, I’ve been poorly for what feels like forever (literally well over a month now), I have a new uni project to be doing and a few other bits and pieces that have been pretty time consuming. I guess thats the way life goes sometimes though🤷🏻‍♀️ After this week it should be a little less full on and I think I’m finally on the mend🤞🏼 I really do miss shooting content and I’m hoping I’ll manage to find time for it again, because I wanna get back to it. Anyway, I hope everybody’s well - what have you been up to?💛
  • Arguably the hardest part of my degree is now over, the dissertation🙌🏼 I don’t think I’ve ever been so relieved to see the back of something, I literally hate academic writing😂 Although I’ve spent the past 4 months reading about feminism, I went ahead and bought @_maisiehill_ and @lottejeffs books because they looked so good🙌🏼 Hope everyone’s having a good week so far💛
  • Throwing it back to a couple of weekends ago in a sunny (but very cold) Oxford😌 Its such a beautiful place that I really wanna explore more at some point💭 I hope everyone’s had a good week anyway, January has finally come to an end and I couldn’t be happier😂 I’m on the final stretch for my dissertation, I can’t wait to see the back of it come Friday. And tomorrow I’m off to see the Jonas Brothers, basically just so my 11 year old self can live out her dream✌🏼💗
  • Simpler times - one of my favourite photos I have from when I was a kid😌 Life feels very overwhelming at the moment I have to say, deadlines approaching and all that👀 But I can only put trust in the fact that things will work out✨ I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend💛
  • I swear I’m the worst when it comes to posing for photos, what are my hands doing😭😂 Please tell me I’m not the only one👀 I hope everyone’s had a chilled out Sunday and a good weekend, despite the freezing cold weather. This week is looking pretty similar to the last few, just lots of uni work😂✌🏼💗
  • Does anyone else have a bit of a hatred for January? I think its the miserable weather that does it for me, although at least its sunny this morning (finally)🙌🏼 I hope everyone’s had a good week regardless, I have a few more weeks of dissertation stress to deal with but I’m getting there😂 Definitely in need of a holiday😅✈️💛
  • Gifted Items • All the @dermalogicauk goodness🤩 I feel so lucky to be part of the #Skinfluencer programme, I get to try out so many goodies and I’ve found some staple products from it🙌🏼 Something I use everyday is the Prisma Protect moisturiser, it sits perfectly under makeup and is SPF30👏🏼 Do you have any favourite Dermalogica products?💛
  • Long time no see👋🏼 Dissertation writing has been taking up most my time (and brain capacity) so content has been few and far between😞 This photo is from summer when my room was looking fresh, I wish it was like this now😂💛
  • Today’s outfit✌🏼 Honestly can’t beat a good pair of denim dungarees and a decent cream jumper😂 I didn’t think I’d be posting again til the new year, but here I am👋🏼 I received @dollyalderton ‘Everything I know About Love’ for Christmas and I’m loving it so far, literally full of laughs and things that make me feel better about my own situations😅 Can’t beat a good book💛

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