• Happy Saturday🌸 As a congratulations for finishing uni my family got me these gorgeous peonies😍 I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far and enjoying the weather🌞 I’m looking forward to next week so I can get back into the whole blogging thing properly🙌🏼💗
  • So, I’ve officially finished university (I can’t believe I’m finally typing that)🥺 The past 3 years have flown by, its just a shame its come to an end like this, but fingers crossed for a postponed graduation ceremony🤞🏼 I’m so grateful for the whole experience, I’ve met some amazing people and I’m glad I made the decision to go after being so unsure😌 Also look how gorgeous this bouquet is that one of my best pals got me - so sweet💛
  • Happy Friday, a slightly different post today👀 I hope everyone’s been enjoying the sun (responsibly)😂 I don’t have much to report tbh, because guess what? I’m still doing uni work🤪💗
  • A photo from the archives, I took this about 3 years ago now I think? Anyway, its still very relevant as its #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek 💭 Although its always an extremely important topic to note, I think its especially important at the moment with the state of the world. It’s so important to take care of our mental health, just as we would physical🧠 Unfortunately I have had my fair share of bad mental health periods (thanks to anxiety and emetophobia), but I just want to remind everyone that it does get better. Nothing bad lasts forever, I promise you. You are SO much stronger than you think and although you may have to live with a mental illness, you can manage it and not let it define you😌 My DM’s are always open if you need a helping hand or for someone to listen. Lets keep talking and break the stigma💪🏼🤍
  • Messy hair, comfy clothes kinda Monday💆🏼‍♀️ I can’t believe I finish uni next week, you would have thought that’d be enough to give me some motivation to get finished, but here I am posting this after a nap😂 I hope everyone has had a good start to their week - oh and I hit 3K again, yay🥳💛
  • Is there anything better than pretty underwear?🤭 Retail therapy is a real thing during lockdown people, I’m currently waiting on another @asos order - oops😂💗
  • An important reminder🙌🏼 Times are tough but we’re getting there😌 I have 2 weeks left until I’m uni free and I honestly can’t wait, it means I can play Animal Crossing to my hearts content without feeling guilty😂 Hope everyone’s week has been okay so far💗
  • Amsterdam is so beautiful, I miss travelling and exploring new places😔 Obviously that isn’t going to happen anytime soon, so I’ll have to relive past trips through my camera roll😂 I’ve been feeling pretty low the past few days, lockdown is confusing, like does anyone know whats going on? Just pls give me back normal life😅💛
  • Sunshine on my mind🌞 Jumped on bedsheet hanging up in the garden bandwagon for this shot😂 But anyway, I hope everybody is having a good weekend so far (as good as it can be) and I hope you managed to soak up some sun today💛
  • If I could be anywhere right now, I’d be back in Ibiza with minimal worries🌊 I miss the sea, fresh air and normal life😂 I’ve been struggling a lot the past few days and I’m trying to accept that thats okay, given the current circumstances🤷🏻‍♀️ I did however finish watching Normal People and its the most beautiful thing I’ve ever watched - I’d highly recommend if you’re looking for something new💛

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