• I swear I’m the worst when it comes to posing for photos, what are my hands doing😭😂 Please tell me I’m not the only one👀 I hope everyone’s had a chilled out Sunday and a good weekend, despite the freezing cold weather. This week is looking pretty similar to the last few, just lots of uni work😂✌🏼💗
  • Does anyone else have a bit of a hatred for January? I think its the miserable weather that does it for me, although at least its sunny this morning (finally)🙌🏼 I hope everyone’s had a good week regardless, I have a few more weeks of dissertation stress to deal with but I’m getting there😂 Definitely in need of a holiday😅✈️💛
  • Gifted Items • All the @dermalogicauk goodness🤩 I feel so lucky to be part of the #Skinfluencer programme, I get to try out so many goodies and I’ve found some staple products from it🙌🏼 Something I use everyday is the Prisma Protect moisturiser, it sits perfectly under makeup and is SPF30👏🏼 Do you have any favourite Dermalogica products?💛
  • Long time no see👋🏼 Dissertation writing has been taking up most my time (and brain capacity) so content has been few and far between😞 This photo is from summer when my room was looking fresh, I wish it was like this now😂💛
  • Today’s outfit✌🏼 Honestly can’t beat a good pair of denim dungarees and a decent cream jumper😂 I didn’t think I’d be posting again til the new year, but here I am👋🏼 I received @dollyalderton ‘Everything I know About Love’ for Christmas and I’m loving it so far, literally full of laughs and things that make me feel better about my own situations😅 Can’t beat a good book💛
  • Gifted Items • These are a few of my favourite things✨ I’m super excited to be partnering with Dior (@diorbeautylovers) again, I feel so privileged🙊 I absolutely love the original Joy perfume so its nice to have the option of the ‘intense’ version as well🙌🏼 Anyway, I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas - see you in the new year✌🏼💖 #DiorBeautyLovers #PartneringWithDior
  • Goodbye Sheffield👋🏼 I couldn’t leave without getting a photo outside my favourite coffee shop - @steamyard. I swear if it wasn’t 4 hours away, I’d be there daily😂 But now the countdown is on til Christmas, just need to wrap my presents this evening and I’m good to go🙌🏼♥️
  • Did somebody say pancakes?🥞 I swear I’d move to Sheffield purely for the good food🤩 Whats your go to topping? Mine will always be strawberries and nutella🍓 Also, its only 4 days until Christmas and I am so excited this year🎄
  • Helloo from a very rainy Sheffield👋🏼 The weathers been awful but the food has been amazing, thanks to @thecabinsheffield and @steamyard🙌🏼 Honestly can’t believe Christmas is only 5 days away, still need to wrap all my presents ahh - anyone all prepped and ready?💛
  • Gifted Item • 2020 is going to be a busy one for me and I’m so happy to have a gorgeous @papier diary to make note of everything🙌🏼 Their diaries would make the perfect Christmas present, they offer so many beautiful designs and you can personalise them too🤩 I can’t wait to start using this and (hopefully) get my life together😂💛

Why I’ve Decided Not To Make Goals For 2020

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Life Lately

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The Perfect Travel Backpack With Gaston Luga

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Afternoon Tea At Sketch

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