15 Random Facts About Me

Hello everyone, I thought as I’ve just started this blog, none of you will really know much about me. So I’ve decided to tell you 15 random facts about me, and I hope you get to know me a bit better! (All the photos in the collage above were taken by me). 

1. My name is Lucy and I am 15 years old and its not to long until I’m 16

2. My favourite place to be is at the beach

3. I’m at my happiest when its sunny, and my favourite season by far is summer

4. I’m obsessed with buying clothes and make up, I honestly can’t get enough of it

5. I love taking photos, and I always have even when I was younger

6. I love going to concerts and the joy you get out of them

7. I’m a sucker for super girly movies, especially disney

8. I really dislike rain, it just makes me miserable

9. I love food, and I have a very sweet tooth

10. I’ve done dance since the age of 4 but stopped when I was about 11 and recently got back into it

11. One day I hope to be part of the fashion industry 

12. I’m more of a creative person than academic 

13. My favourite band is the 1975 and I got to see them a few weeks ago

14. Sadly,I’ve had quite a lot of friendship issues my whole time at school

15. I’m seriously addicted to the internet (no surprise there)

I hope you enjoyed reading this, do comment if you have any questions about anything and also what else you’d like to see on my blog, that’d really help me out. P.S there will be some sort of fashion post soon, most likely an OOTD, just that school kind of gets in the way, but I promise one will be up soon. Thanks for reading! 

Lucy xx