How To: Do A Messy Bun

Hello everyone, I’m sure you’ve probably read and seen many tutorials on how to do a messy bun. But I find that everyone has a different way of doing it. Therefore I am going to share with you how I do mine. (I do apologize for the horrible picture of my hair).

Step One: I like to have freshly washed hair before I do a messy bun, I know that sounds kind of weird but it seems to work better, especially if it isn’t fully dry. Put salt spray or hair spray in your hair then tease it with a comb or brush, this makes it stay put a lot better.

Step Two: Gather your hair on the top of your head, either by tipping your head upside down and gathering it or any other way you prefer. Then start to twist your hair round into a bun shape until its all on the top of your head. Then secure it with a hair band.

Step Three: You’re now free too make your bun as messy as you like! Pull the hair at the front of your head forward to make it loose, and you can also pull out a few hairs at the side of your head to make it even more messy. You can play around with your bun, if you want it extra messy just pull out a lot of hair and maybe tease it with a brush, and if you feel it needs securing more, take a thinner hair band and just tie that around it or use some bobby pins.

Step Four: Your messy bun should now be complete! You can use hair accessories to make it a bit more fancy, like I used a scrunchie but it can look just as good on its own.

I hope this helped you create your messy bun, please comment down below if you followed these steps and what else you’d like to see my on my blog. Thanks for reading!

                                                                           Lucy xx