MUA Smokey Eyes

Hello everyone, this is a post I’m really excited to do, so I hope you enjoy it! I’m going to tell you how to create a smokey eye look with the MUA Undress Me Too-Eye Shadow Pallet it is £4 from Superdrug, which is super cheap for a pretty good eye shadow pallet. So here we go!

So firstly I take my Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush (which is part of the Real Techniques Starter Set), then I am going to apply the light brown shade called ‘Lavish’, which is the second left colour on the top row, and just applying that all over the lid of my eye. I have to say one thing about this pallet, none of the colours are very pigmented and are all quite faint so you may have to apply quite a lot to get a good effect, but you can’t really complain for £4.

Then I am going to use the dark brown shade called ‘Obsessed’, which is the second left colour on the bottom row. Still using my base shadow brush, I just put this through the crease of my eyelid and blend it in with the previous eye shadow I just applied. You can also take a smaller eye shadow brush and just take it down under your eye and lightly blend that across to make a more smokey effect.

The last shade I will be using is the shimmery silver one called ‘Reveal’ which is second from the right on the bottom row. Using my Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush (I know it says ‘crease brush’ but I think it does the job for this), I am going to get some on the tip of my brush, then gently brush that across the bottom of my eye lid. I think this sort of finishes off the look without making your eyes look to dark. And there you have it, a lovely smokey eye look for just £4!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this, please comment down below if you went and brought this pallet and tried this look! Also comment what else you’d like to see as it really helps me out, thanks again!

Lucy xx