Soap & Glory Solar Powder Review

Hello everyone, this is my first blog post and I hope you enjoy reading it and please comment on what other things you’d like to see and read about.

I decided I’d do a review on a make up product that i bought not that long ago, thinking it’d be amazing from other reviews but haven’t felt like it’s been that great.

Its the ‘Soap & Glory Solar Powder‘. I’m not sure whether £11 is reasonable for this product, I think maybe a bit less would be better. I love all the soap and glory packaging though and I think it looks so perfect from the outside. One thing however on the box it did say ‘Highlighter/Bronzer’ which is kind of misleading since it isn’t really a highlighter, just a bronzer and powder. 

In the pictures they do look slightly different colours, this is just the lighting and the second picture shows the colour of both of them a lot better. It also does originally come with a sort of shimmery purple powder covering the ‘S&G’ but comes off very easily and doesn’t rub off on your face when you put the bronzer and powder on. I kind of found that both the bronzer and powder came out quite orange on my face and I really had to blend with another powder to make it look more natural, but after I’d done this it did seem to have quite a nice look too it.

On the back of the product it does say for ‘Sun-kissed skin’ which I don’t think it gives you. It does have the slightest bit of shimmer in it somewhere as well, as I could kind of tell from some angles and different lights. It doesn’t give you the proper ‘sun-kissed’ look you would imagine, but it may just be me. 

Please comment if you’ve used this product and you think I’m wrong with all this, it was just my opinion but if I had to rate this out of 5 I’d probably give it maybe 3.5 or 4, so it isn’t all that terrible and I will be using it, just maybe in different ways to make it work.  

Thanks for reading x