A Few Things Floral

Hello everyone, now don’t even ask where I’m going with this post because I don’t even know, hopefully it’ll be good and you’ll enjoy it?! Anyway, I decided I’d do another spring kind of themed post, this one based on floral patterns. I’ve got a few items from my room that have floral patters and are just so cute for the spring time! So I hope if anything you get some inspiration from this post to go and buy some floral print stuff! 

The first two things I’m going to start with is my bedding. My duvet is from Next (from the childrens section may I add) but it’s so adorable! I’m sure a lot of you will have seen the floral rose print bedding from Ikea? Well anyway it’s similar too that, maybe more expensive at £28, that’s for a single anyway, but i love it. Also my throw at the end of my bed, its so fluffy like wow, and it matches my duvet almost! I got this from Tesco, which I cannot find anywhere online but I’m sure there is many more just like this!

My cushion, which has 4 different floral fabrics on. I actually made this myself in Textiles at school. I just brought the fabrics in ‘fat quarters’, which is reasonably cheap, and patch worked them together on a sewing machine. It was really simple and I think it looks really nice! If you would like a post on this and more about how I did it, let me know in the comments please.

Next my sunglasses, I really like this style of sunglasses and the print around the edge is even more adorable. I purchased these from Primark I think last year, so they most likely won’t be selling them anymore. But so many other shops have sunglasses just like these, and I think they’re perfect for the spring time. I have to say these sunglasses do break quite easily though so you have to be careful.

I know this is a really random one but my floral print toothpaste mug thing, whatever you want to call it. I got this like the other week in Dunelm Mill. Nothing much I can say about this one, except it was really cheap and does the job nicely! It also makes your bathroom look ready for spring, if thats possible? 

My ‘LOVE’ room decoration thing. I have this in my room all year round anyway, as it sits on my windowsill but it had to be included. I think this is from Cargo? I had it for my birthday. Anyway there are like a million of these sorts of things hanging around in shops, so I thought I’d include this into the post.

The floral print makeup bag/purse type thing. I also got this from Primark, I think they may still do this? Anyway, I think it’s perfect for anything you just want to tuck away and put in your bag. Like make up or toiletry type products, and it looks super pretty!

Cath Kidston hand cream, this stuff smells so good! The packaging is adorable, as is all Cath Kidston products, and works wonders. Your hands will feel so super soft after using this, honestly. I can’t seem to find this exact one anywhere online though, but I know there are some extremely similar products.

The floral socks are from Primark, yet again oops sorry! Everyone has seemed to copy Topshop’s frilly socks since they came out last year but Primark seem to have some pretty cool ones, like these. I think these socks look cute with white converse, or just under low cut boots. 

Finally the Juicy Lucy notebook. This is a really random one, as I hardly use notebooks, but I dug this one out to write down ideas for things, like this blog. I think notebooks come in handy any time and this is just a plain and cute flowery one!

I hope you enjoyed this post, I know it was random and maybe not to everyone’s taste? Any how, I love floral print and I hope you got inspiration to buy anything with a floral design this spring! Thanks for reading.

Lucy xx