OOTD: Tea Party

Hello everyone, I’ve finally got round to doing an OOTD post! Yesterday I went to a ‘tea party’, which a friend did for her birthday. It was a floral theme which of course I love and I went out and bought this dress for it. I bought it from the shop ‘Select’, which is a new shop in the town near to where I live. It’s actually a really nice shop with reasonably priced stuff, I’d recommend it if you have one near you. Anyway, the dress is a size 8, tshirt type dress with just a lovely daisy print all the way down. The collar is my favourite part of it, its just plain white (as you can see), and its the same on both sides if that makes sense? haha. 

This is just a close up of the print for you all because I think it is just gorgeous! Daisy print seems too really be a thing this spring/summer time which makes me happy because I looove daisy print its so pretty. 

I paired the dress with my white converse because I don’t actually own a pair of heels or anything. So I also had to add my plain white frilly socks of course, these are about the only socks I ever wear. I think this pair were from Primark but as you know Topshop sell them also. I then purchased a flower crown headband from Select, it was half price and its just so pretty. I’ll definitely be wearing this a lot in summer. Finally my sunglasses which are from Primark. I really wanted a pair like this from Urban Outfitters, but they’re £16 and the ones I got from Primark were £2 and they’re very similar so it kind of made sense to get the £2 ones. I think these kind of complete the summery look.

And there we have it! I hope you enjoyed this post and it maybe gave you some inspiration! Sorry there isn’t a picture of me in the dress, I’m awkward and yeah sorry about that but please comment if you liked any of the things I’ve shown, and what else you’d like to see on my blog! Thanks for reading!

Lucy xx