NYX Xtreme Shine Lip Cream

Hello everyone, I’m very late on the bandwagon with this product I know, but I really wanted to post about this because I find it just the strangest lip product and I wanted to share my thoughts with you all. 

I have read reviews on the NYX lip creams, and a lot of people seem to really enjoy them. I still can’t make up my mind fully whether I like this or not.

I have this in the shade Natural, which looks like a pinky nude shade in the bottle and even when you swatch it on your hand. This is why I opted for this because I was looking for a slight nude shade. However, when I got home, I tried this on and it honestly is the most completely different shade on my lips. It is almost the colour of a foundation or concealer which I wasn’t really going for, because I find that to be to nude. I did try it for a second time, and put a little less product on my lips and see how this worked out. It came out slightly better as you could still get a glimpse of my natural lip colour. 

The smell of the product is really odd if I’m honest, it smells just like playdough, weird right? The one amazing thing about this product is the pigmentation, it is literally the furthest away from a ‘sheer’ lip product. 

On the bottle it explains how it isn’t a lip gloss nor a lipstick, and it really is a lip cream so it does what it says!

So, overall I do like this product but I’m so unsure on the shade, its a bit misleading really, since its a different colour in the bottle compared to on the lips. But I will have to keep trying to see if I can make this nude shade work!

What do you think of the NYX Lip Creams? Thanks for reading!

Lucy xx