Your Best Friends While Feeling Poorly

Hello everyone, so its the end of August, and pretty much the end of summer now, which makes me so sad. This seems to happen to me every year however, around the end of August beginning of September time, I always seem to get ill. It’s like an end of summer cold, which sucks. So today I thought I’d share with you little things that help me feel a bit better when you’re feeling poorly!

So first of all, when you have a bit of a cold you’re pretty much guaranteed a blocked nose. What I find helps this is a ‘Vicks nasal inhaler stick’, so boring I know but it’s something actually worth having to clear your nose up a bit! Secondly, a concealer that maybe covers up those dark circles under your eyes since you haven’t been getting much sleep. I chose the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer, because I find this really brightens up under your eyes. I know some people might say ‘oh I don’t want to be wearing make up if I feel ill,’ true, but I still feel that having just a tiny bit on can make you feel just that bit better about yourself!

The next two things are the the S&G body butter, in the little travel sized pot and oh my gosh this stuff has the best smell! When I’m not feeling well my skin doesn’t feel great either, so moisturizing is a nice thing to do. Secondly is the baby lips in ‘Mint Fresh’. I’m pretty sure everyone in the entire world has heard of the baby lips collection, and everyone is over the hype now but this one is great for feeling a bit more fresh. The baby lips leave your lips feeling super soft and smooth, and this mint one makes your lips feel fresh and you can smell the mintiness so it kind of clears up your nose also.  I just feel like this helps refresh me a little!

And last but not least, MOVIES! Especially chick flicks, what would staying in bed all day doing nothing be without a good movie? I love just sitting in bed with my laptop, watching soppy girly movies that make laugh. A few I love are ‘A Cinderella Story’, ‘John Tucker Must Die’ and ‘Mean Girls’, but there is millions more you could watch.

What do you like to do when you’re feeling poorly? Thanks for reading!

Lucy xx