3 Ways To Store Your Nail Polishes

Hello everyone, I love reading how people store their make up, nail varnishes etc so I thought I’d share with you three way I store my nail polishes! 

The first way, which might be my favourite, is putting your nail polishes onto a cake stand. Not like a huge fancy cake stand, just quite a small one that sits on a table or dresser. So I just have a white one with small hearts around the edge, and I have put all my BarryM ones on here, just to make it look a bit more organised! 

Second way I like to keep some of my nail polishes is in a small basket type thing. I have a wire one that also has hearts on it, and that just sits on my table along with my make up and cake stand which I keep my other nail polishes on. I  like this, just because its so simple and there are so many different types of basket/bowls you could have to mix and match with your room!

The last one is a glass jar. I have quite a big glass jar, and it doesn’t fit THAT many nail polishes in but I think it can look quite pretty on a table/dresser with everything else. You can buy glass jars from pretty much anywhere, and you can get clear ones or ones like mine that are like blurred out a bit. I find glass jars so cute in a room since you can put anything in them, not just nail varnishes! 

How do you like to store your nail polishes? Thanks for reading everyone, I hope you got some ideas from this, plus, everything is super cheap! I hope you enjoyed.

Lucy xx