Getting Down To Work

Hello everyone, I’m so sorry I haven’t posted a lot recently, back to school has been way too busy. So this post is rather relevant, I hope that anyone who has been back to school, college etc will maybe like this post and use a few things! 

First off, just sit down and have a look at the work you have to do, and the way in which I choose what pieces of work I will do first, is check when I next have that lesson. For example, if I have it the next day, that’s the first piece I will do. It’s always fun to use different colours when working, to highlight things and writing out key points. (Not that doing homework is fun, but it might just brighten it up a bit, haha). 

Just to make it a little bit more relaxing when you have a ton of work in front of you, I like to light a candle. The one I have is ‘coconut banana’, which smells incredible! I find candles relaxing, and just help me to concentrate a bit more than I maybe would without. 

Finally, I love having music playing whilst I’m doing homework and things. Not too loud but just quietly in the background. The 1975 are my favourite band EVER, So that’s what I love to play, I find it super relaxing. So having your favourite band/singer playing in the background can be helpful to get you down to work, and you can also have a little sing along whilst working, even if you can’t sing, like me. 

I hope you enjoyed these small tips that help me get on with working and make the time pass quicker. Do you have anything that helps you work? Thanks for reading everyone!

Lucy xx