Ghost Eclipse

Hello everyone, so it was my birthday very recently and I was super lucky to get this perfume. I’d asked for it, but wasn’t sure I’d get it because it is slightly pricey. Well, depending on how much you’d want to pay for a perfume! I know I can’t go on about this because of course, you can’t exactly smell it. Which sucks, because it smells gorgeous. I’ll try my best to describe, haha. 

So first off, can we just talk about the packaging. It’s just the most amazing perfume bottle I’ve ever seen! It is shaped like a crescent moon, with the colour going from an orangey colour, to red. Hence the name ‘eclipse’. This is the 50ml bottle, but I feel like there is more because of the shape. I can only describe the smell as slightly fruity, but not a sweet fruity smell. With maybe an under smell which is a little bit floral. I’m the worst at describing smells, but just take it from me that the smell is just the best thing ever. I watched one of Zoella’s videos, where she talks about this and thats where I found my love for this perfume. Ghost do also have another moon shaped perfume out, which is called ‘Deep Night’, which is a dark coloured bottle. Also one more super good thing about this, the smell lasts on you ALL day, which with some perfumes just doesn’t happen, but this stays strong pretty much throughout your day. 

Whats your favourite perfume? I hope you enjoyed this post and it’s made you want to go out and have a smell at this gorgeous perfume. Thanks for reading!

Lucy xx