Halloween Nail Ideas

Hello everyone, as you all know its coming up to halloween and that makes me super excited so I decided to do a halloween relate post. You should expect some more of these the coming weeks, because I love doing things for halloween! Today I thought I’d show a few nail polish colours that are perfect for halloween/halloween time. I will probably be doing a post on halloween nail art, so bare with me. I don’t like going full out for halloween personally, so these nail polishes will be slightly on the simpler side. The two from the left side, are by Avon and BarryM. I included these two more simpler colours for people that may not be going all out, like myself but still want something quite dark and mysterious.

You can never go wrong with a red nail polish for halloween. There is so many ways you can work with this, whether it is simply painting your nails red or doing some cool nail art which looks like blood or something! This one is a super old one I have had for quite a while, I really should purchase a new one, but I never wear red nails other than around halloween time, oops. You can get red nail polishes anywhere for cheap, so I think this is a staple nail polish you will need this halloween! (Expect a tutorial on some nail art with this red soon)!

Glittery nails are always lovely all year round, but you can really do cool things with this on halloween. This is a Topshop nail polish, which is a really good one I must add. Whether you just paint your nails with this, or go over the top of another colour, it can always look good. I will be doing some nail art posts with this involved, so keep a watch out. You don’t have to use this for just your nails either, as its halloween you could be really careful and take a few glitter bits and put them onto a part of your face maybe. This may not seem like a sensible idea to some, but I think it could work. haha.

Whats your favourite halloween nail polish colours? Thanks for reading guys, I hope you enjoyed and watch out for some halloween nail art tutorials coming soon!

Lucy xx