Having A Bit Of Body Confidence

Hello everyone, I’ve decided I want to do Friday posts with a meaning. So each week I am sharing my thoughts on current topics and issues and maybe do a bit of advice, and even asking for advice. Today I was having lots of thoughts on a particular topic, which is body confidence. A really big issue that affects so many girls/women, including me. The reason I chose to use the photo at the top is because, what you think in your head about your body is not necessarily true. It is so easy to look in the mirror and pick out flaws and the things you dislike about yourself. However, it can be equally as easy to look in the mirror and pick out things you like about yourself. Its just finding that confidence.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still learning to build up confidence because that is something I lack but I want to try and help people see a more positive side to their body. The older I’ve got the more I’ve grown to know that really, you can’t copy everyone else. Its all about finding your own style. There is always a trend going when you’re at school that everyone tends to follow, but if secretly you don’t like it, then don’t follow the crowd. If you personally don’t think that look suits you and your body type, don’t do it for the sake of looking ‘cool’. Because at the end of the day, you have to look in the mirror and go, ‘hey I really like this outfit today,’ and see all those good things about your body.

Of course there are things on your body that just can’t be changed, and that is something you have to learn to except. This is probably one of the hardest things of all. The things you can’t change, do not define who you are as a person. They make you unique, different and beautiful. I think the main thing that affects people feeling down about their appearance is the way models and celebrities look. Most of the stuff you see is fake, whether its photoshopped or cosmetic stuff. But in some cases, some models and celebrities are gorgeous, down to earth people, but nobody can look exactly like them, because they are their own person and you are yours, and that is fine.

So that is just a few things I’ve touched on, there is so much more to say but I can save that for another day. I hope you took the time to read this and maybe feel a bit better about some things. Please feel free to comment with views on the subject and how you feel. Thanks for reading!

Lucy xx