Quick Fix Charcoal Face Mask

Hello everyone, sorry I haven’t posted in such a long time. I have some exams coming up at school and it’s kind of just been busy, but I’m desperate to keep posting because I love writing posts even if it is a small amount who do read, I appreciate it a lot. Anyway, my skin hasn’t been the best lately and I’ve been trying to find new ways, or new products to help get rid of all the spots on my face. I was in Boots, and I’d seen ‘Quick Fix’ face masks before, and this one caught my eye.

This was £4.99 in Boots, personally I think that is really good. This is almost a dupe of the Sanctuary Spa charcoal face mask, just £5 cheaper! However this one doesn’t heat up in your hands as you rub it onto your face. But I’m pretty sure it does mostly the same job. The smell of this face mask is actually really lovely, compared to some this has a fruity scent to it, which kind of surprised me, since its a charcoal face mask. It states on the back its ‘packed with vitamin c’ which is really good for your skin. You leave this on for 5-10 minutes, and like most face masks it hardens on your skin then you wash it off with warm water. It was really good and didn’t irritate my skin at all, it was quite nice to have on my face and then as soon as I washed it off I could feel my skin was slightly softer. 

I wouldn’t say this totally took away my spots, but I wasn’t expecting that. It’s purpose is to help get away the black heads, dirt, and white heads on your skin anyway, but I feel as if it eased my spots a lot. They’re not as puffy and red as they were the previous day, and I feel it’s actually helped a bit. So overall, I think this a really good product to go for if you’re not looking for an expensive face mask.

Whats your favourite face mask? Thankyou for reading guys, and I really hoped you enjoyed!

Lucy xx