Subtle Autumn Shade | Mac Plumful

Hello everyone, today I wanted to do an autumn themed post because I feel as if I haven’t done enough and I love the autumn time. Recently I went to London, and I really needed another lipstick that would suit the autumn time. I really wanted a Mac lipstick because I don’t own enough, and I’d heard of the shade ‘Plumful’ and thought it was perfect for the autumn time. 

The reason I LOVE this shade is because its not too dark. Its quite a scary thing going for a really dark lip when you’re not used to it, and this is a really subtle purply colour that just looks really lovely. Its a ‘lustre’ lipstick however, which I was a bit unsure of when I bought it because I know that the matte / creme sheen formulas tend to be a bit more pigmented. However, this hasn’t failed me yet! I’m pretty sure many of you will have heard of this lipstick before as well, because its not exactly new but I haven’t seen many posts on it so I thought it could do with some recognition this autumn. If you’re looking for a nice purply shade this autumn but you don’t want to go all out or too dark, I would really recommend this beauty! 

Whats your favourite autumnal lipstick? Thanks for reading guys, I hope you enjoyed.

Lucy xx