Q&A a Day

I know what you’re thinking, another post on this book. But I HAD to do a post on this, because its honestly the best thing I’ve ever bought. If you haven’t heard anything about this, what it is, is a 5 year diary. Each day it asks you a different, unique question, where you answer over 5 years. I think its the most amazing idea, because as the years go by you can see how your answers have changed and how you personally have changed. I started this, this year so I still have the 5 years to go, and I’m so excited to see how my views and opinions change over the years. The book itself is actually gorgeous, it has gold edges to the book which makes it look so pretty to have in your room. There isn’t much more I can say about this amazing little book, but you can purchase it off of Amazon for about £10, I think? Its definitely worth it and such a nice thing to look back on over the years!