Go-To Spring Outfit

Its coming up to spring time now, which I am more than happy about and I’ve been buying clothes more appropriate for the spring/summer time! I wanted to share with you two of my favourite purchases that I’ll probably spend a lot of the warmer months in. 

So the first thing was a very different buy for me, I wouldn’t usually go for something like this; but I really wanted to try something new and different. These are my brand new pair of Mom jeans. I got these from asos, and they were actually in the sale for £24, which I was so happy about because I think thats really cheap for a pair of jeans. I was a bit hesitant before buying these however because I didn’t think it was likely they would fit. But they fit me perfectly and I find them really flattering compared to other Mom jeans I’ve tried in the past. They’re a slim fitted type of Mom jean which makes all the difference for me, and I’m in love with them. I think more people should try out a different style of jean, as you never know what might suit you! 

My other go-to item is my pair of slip on canvas shoes from Matalan. These were a complete bargain for £10! I was so impressed that I had to get them. I’d wanted a pair of these shoes for a while but wasn’t sure if they suited me, but these go so well with the Mom jeans. I feel like these will be a popular style of shoe this spring/summer, along with the Mom jeans. They’re very comfy and are really casual and easy to wear with basically anything. 

What will your go-to outfit be this spring/summer time?