Nivea Fruity Shine Watermelon

I believe this is a newish edition to the drugstore, the Nivea Fruity Shines. I saw this featured in one of Gabby’s (velvetgh0st) video, and it caught my eye. I’m all for drugstore budget buys, and I wanted to give this a try. For the tiny price of £1.66 you can’t really go wrong. I have mine in watermelon, but I believe they also have peach, cherry and strawberry. 

This reminds me quite a lot of the Maybelline Baby Lips, but slightly nicer in my opinion. Its just a sheer tinted lip balm that really moisturizes your lips. Its not an addictive lip balm either, if that makes any sense, haha. I mean, you don’t want to keep re applying it every 5 minutes! It gives the perfect amount of shine to the lips and I think this will be a staple lip balm in the summer time. Its great when you don’t want to wear a lipstick, however it still gives you a slight tint.

Have you tried the Nivea Fruity Shines?