5 Ways To Manage Troubled Skin

I am definitely a person who struggles with their skin, that is why I am always looking for new ways to help and improve it where I can. I’m not a skincare expert, nowhere near, so these are just a few tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way with trying to help out my troublesome skin.

1. Drink plenty of water – You’ve probably heard this tip a million and one times, but I think its something that genuinely works. Keeping your skin hydrated is important, and by drinking water you’re ensuring your skin has enough moisture to help keep it as clear as possible.

2. A face mask never hurt anyone – I  find facemasks so good, not really in the long term but in the short term. They help to clear away any dead skin cells lingering around on your face, and also they help to smooth out your skin. I definitely feel better after using one.

3. Antioxidants – I suppose you can count tea tree as an antioxidant, its proven to be a very good thing to put on your skin to help out with spots. It helps to keep spots at bay, or for them to get increasingly worse. This will help manage any troublesome spots.

4. Facial Wash – There are products available now, where you can cleanse your face without having to use a facial wash and water. Personally I don’t think these will work as effectively. (Please correct me if I’m wrong), but a good old facial wash/scrub always seems to keep my skin under control.

5. Stop touching your face – Sounds like a funny one I know, but one of the main things that causes spots (obviously) is dirt. By touching your face, you’re spreading unwanted dirt onto your face, causing you to have a break out or the odd spot here and there.

What are your tips to help manage troubled skin?