3 Healthy Snacks I’ve Been Loving

There are so many things to read about having a healthy lifestyle these days, whats good for you and whats really not etc. I’ve tried and tested some things, for example green smoothies which to be honest with you, I’m not a fan of. Along with almond milk, again not such a big fan. However, these are three things I am a fan of and having been enjoying as a healthy snack lately! Also, these are all vegan too! Enjoy.

Almond Butter – I was hesitant to try this as my experience with almond milk was far from appealing, but this is something totally different. This is such a great alternative to peanut butter (as I hate peanut butter) and tastes super yummy! It is great to eat on toast, rice cakes and you can even add it into milkshakes. Also cutting up an apple and spreading it over that tastes super yummy. Even if you’re not a peanut butter fan, I can guarantee you will like this! 

Almonds – I think I’m just going almond crazy at the moment, but they taste so good. These are such a good snack to have whilst you’re doing work, homework, revision, whatever. These are great because they’re sweet, so instead of snacking on chocolate you could be snacking on these which are 10x better for you. Your body will appreciate it. Obviously don’t eat these if you have a nut allergy or anything, I know thats obvious but just putting it out there just in case, haha. 

Chocolate Covered Rice Cakes – As much as I love normal rice cakes, they can get abit boring and samey. These dark chocolate covered rice cakes are just the most amazing lightweight snack when you’re craving something chocolatey and sweet. They’re quite low in fat and sugar, so they’re not particularly bad for you. I could easily go through a packet a day of these, they taste incredible. So if you enjoy rice cakes, then you’ll certainly love these ones. 

Whats your favourite healthy snack?