Healthy & Tasty Smoothie Bowl

This is my first proper attempt at making a smoothie bowl, and to be honest I completely made up my own recipe for this, nevertheless it turned out to be super tasty! So here is how I made my delicious smoothie bowl, let me know if you have a go at this; its so easy to make.

You will need:
-A blender of some sort (obviously)
-Mixed berries (better if frozen, however doesn’t matter too much)
-Mango (frozen or not frozen is fine)
-Plain low fat yogurt
-Almonds (or any nuts of your choice)
-Granola (or any topping of your choice)
-Orange juice

First of all, you will need to take about two handfuls or so of the frozen berries into your blender, then adding the mango in, this is all personal preference really, add as much or as little as you like. Then add a tiny bit of orange juice just to give a bit of liquid to the frozen fruit. After this you’ll want to go in and add in your yogurt. Again, this is all personal preference, however the more yogurt the better as it makes the mix thicker and easier to eat. Then you want to crush up about 4 or 5 almonds and add them into the mixture, just to add a bit of taste and almonds are very good for you. Then add another drop or two of orange juice to get the mixture going. Then blend! You will find the mixture to be quite thick, almost like a sorbet texture, which is just what you want. Pop it into your bowl and then add your toppings of choice! I chose to add a few almonds on one side, and then granola on the other side and it tasted heavenly. And there you have your super yummy and healthy smoothie bowl, enjoy!

Have you ever tried a smoothie bowl?