Lush Dirty Springwash

My love for Lush products just grows each time I go there. My last trip to Lush was a brief one, but I found this little gem. I hadn’t come across it before and the colour for one, really caught my eye. So obviously I had to pick it up. 


This is a super minty, fresh smelling scent. The minty smell is really overpowering; but definitely in a good way! If you want to feel refreshed after a bath/shower this is the shower gel you’re looking for. You’ll come out feeling squeaky clean, I guarantee! Lush describe that it will ‘Leave you feeling minty fresh and alert’. Which is the perfect description in my eyes.


I find all shower gel textures are different, for example some can be really creamy and thick and others very light and runny. Dirty Springwash is very much a thin, runny texture. I think this helps add to the feel of it being light and fresh. It feels so lovely to apply onto the skin, very smooth and refreshing in the shower or bath.


Overall, I am really in love with this product. Who knew you could love a shower gel so much? I love the feeling it gives when you step out the shower, so refreshed and new. I think its a great shower gel to start your day with, making you feel ready for the day ahead! I love the colour of this shower gel also, it looks super pretty sitting in your bathroom. I also really like how this is a versatile product, you can use it as a shower gel or hair gel; so clever. You can buy Dirty Springwash in 100ml for £4.75, 250g for £9.50 or 500g for £15.95. I’d definitely recommend you give this a smell next time you’re in Lush, and maybe even pick it up. I love it. 

Whats your favourite Lush product?