Beauty Tips I’d Tell My Younger Self

There are so many things I wish I knew a few years back, to save me the trouble of embarrassment. Here are the beauty tips I would have given my younger self!

01. Clear mascara doesn’t do anything. I used to own a clear mascara that I got from Avon, and back in the day I thought it was just the bomb. However, it wasn’t. I should have saved myself the trouble and either purchased an actual mascara or just gone without! 

02. Don’t go and pick a foundation on your own. I somehow thought it’d be a good idea to go with my friends into the local boots and just pick up a random foundation from Natural Collection, which clearly was way too orange for my complexion. I should have asked someone to help, or just gone without because I definitely didn’t need foundation at the age of like 13. 

03. Don’t attempt eyeliner for everyday schoolwear. I seemed to think it was a good idea to (badly) apply gel eyeliner for school everyday at an age where I didn’t need it. This isn’t the worst, I just looked quite ridiculous!

04. Stay away from that blush girl. I really packed on the bright pink blusher just onto the apples of my cheeks, they were just pink circles that were rubbed on my face. I really should have learnt how to apply it before taking endless pictures of myself with vibrant bright cheeks.

05. Finally, the bright eyeshadows. I didn’t even know a smokey eye existed, or neutral eyeshadows. So blue or pink it was for me. I suppose you live and learn to be fair, so its kind of good I went through this phase. But honestly, those bright colours really weren’t working for me, haha.

What would you tell your younger self?

Lucy x