My Travel Bucketlist

There are so many amazing places in the world I’d love to visit. I decided to make this travel bucket list in the hope that one day I can look back and say I’ve visited them all.

01. America

My number one dream, is to travel across the whole of America. Doesn’t matter how long it takes, I’d love to visit as many states as it is possible. I have never experienced American culture, and I know it varies slightly throughout the different states. New York is a must, it looks like such a beautiful city with so much to do and see. On the other hand California looks insanely beautiful, and I wouldn’t mind spending my days there. The main things I’d love to see is the Empire State building, Golden Gate Bridge and The Grand Canyon, such wonders of the world.

02. The Maldives 

As you may know, The Maldives are disappearing quite fast due to global warming etc. It looks like such a tranquil, peaceful place where you wouldn’t even have to think about your life back home. I’d love to be able to get away from everything to a little place like this, where not many people live and where its not too busy. I think it’d be a great way to find peace and go to a place that might not actually exist in 100 years time.

03. Sweden 

A country that is very unfamiliar to me and I know little about. I’m so interested in the culture in Scandinavia, and Sweden in particular looks extremely beautiful. Another reason I’d love to visit Sweden, is to get a glimpse at The Northern Lights. Something you don’t get to see much in your lifetime, and I think this would be the perfect country to experience that in. The town’s look pretty, and everything seems clean. Hopefully I’ll get to visit this wonderful country some day. 

04. Australia 

The Great Barrier Reef, in particular. It just looks incredible, all the colourful fish and the colours of the sea bed would be a magical thing to be able  to see. I think ever since I was little and saw Finding Nemo, I wanted to go diving in The Great Barrier Reef, haha. Alongside this, I’d love to swim with dolphins as well, and see all the crazy and cool animals Australia have to offer. Australia seems like such a big adventure, and I’d love to witness it all for myself.

05. France

This is Paris in particular. Its very clique I know, but it does look pretty. The eiffel tower is well known around the world, and really we don’t live terribly far from it. There is also Disneyland Paris to visit, which of course is on my bucket list of places to go, I love Disney. You can visit the warmer parts of France, or the very coldest and that’s what I find cool about it. Definitely a place I’d love to see.

What countries are on your travel bucket list?

Lucy x