Travelling With Style

Following up from my recent travel bucketlist post, I wanted to include some more style into travel. Bonprix have created a few GIFs that do just that, with their new in summer dresses to match some of the gorgeous places around the world!

01. Australia 

Australia was on my travel bucketlist, it looks gorgeous. Its quite a hot climate all year round, I’d definitely style a flowy casual dress for a day out in Aus. A great place for surfing too, so to give off a beachy vibe, what’s better than a fringe bag and a stack of bracelets? I feel the outfit Bonprix have chosen is perfect for an Australian holiday!

02. Paris

Another one that was included on my travel bucketlist. I feel Paris is a place that you can’t be super casual. A smart yet simple summer dress would be perfect to wear for a trip out in Paris. To dress it up even more, adding some simple wedge heels gives off a more sophisticated look. And what would an outfit be without a simple black clutch to carry around?

03. Ibiza 

A place not on my travel bucketlist, but nevertheless I’d absolutely love to visit! Ibiza is known for partying, and a destination for the younger generation. I feel like you could have so much fun there. A super bright summer dress is perfect for a night out in Ibiza, the tropical print dress Bonprix have included in their gif seems just right for a fun night out. Pairing it with all black accessories keeps the focus on your brightly coloured dress. I love this look.

04. Africa

I’m kind of in love with the dress shown in the gif above, I think going for a very flowy summer dress is the right idea if you were to go on a safari. I love the idea of having a print that reflects the safari theme, with darker red colours and an almost aztec print. I would definitely pair this with sandals, a nude is so perfect with the colour of the dress. A statement necklace and bangle to match with the aztec print and theme of the safari look just tops it all off!

05. Thailand 

Thailand looks like such a beautiful place, I will have to visit there some day. Their beaches are just stunning. I feel like if you were to go away to  Thailand you’d be looking for a relaxing holiday. A maxi dress would be so lovely to wear not just on the beach, but going out in the evenings too as you can dress it up. A pair of simple sandals works so well with a maxi dress as it keeps it quite casual for the day time. Again, the fringe bag is included which I’m obsessed with. I don’t think you can go wrong with a fringe bag! And finally some unique accessories to top off the look would be perfect for looking stylish whilst still looking casual. 

What country would you love to visit and how would you style your summer dress there?

Lucy x