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The people over at BornPrettyStore got in contact with me asking if I’d like to try and choose a few products from their site. Of course I had to say yes – theres hundreds of really great products to choose from on there! I’m going to share with you what I picked out and what I think of them all. Also you can get 10% off your order with the code HEYH10.

First pick of the bunch is the Fluorescent Lip Gloss Liquid Moisturising Lasting Lipstick Lip Paint* in the shade 03 by a brand called Millie. Essentially its a glossy liquid lipstick. The shade range they offer is great, there is 12 shades to choose from in some stunning colours! I opted for the shade 03 because I’d been on the hunt for a orangey red lip shade for a while and this looked appealing. Admittedly it is a very bright shade – quite shocking when you see it in the bottle but nevertheless it isn’t as bright when you apply it. You can build it up to an extremely bright lip or you can keep it on the down low, a bit more neutral. It has a doe foot applicator which I love and think works so well to apply this. Its easy to apply and is very pigmented and shows up as soon as it touches the lips. It doesn’t cling to any dry patches you may have on your lips and glides on smoothly. Its very moisturising like it states in the name and sits nicely on the lips. Sometimes I find with lip glosses or liquid lipsticks they sit funny on my lips and don’t feel comfortable but with this it sits just right. The other great thing is that its very long lasting, I think this is due to the amazing pigmentation. I’m very impressed with this and would definitely consider getting some more colours – maybe opt for a more neutral colour as this is pretty bright, but equally very pretty.

Second on the list we have the daintiest little brush; The Eye Shadow Brush Practical Single Brush For Makeup*. I chose this purely because I don’t own a small eyeshadow brush to pack eyeshadow onto the lid or run underneath my lash line. Its made from artificial hair and is really soft. Its not scratchy on the eyelid which I can find with some eyeshadow brushes – it just smooths on eyeshadow nicely and efficiently. The actual length of the brush itself is just the right size to hold, not too short not too long. The thing I have been using this most for is packing on my base eyeshadow onto the lid, it picks up a lot of product as its quite a dense and small brush. It does a great job of this and couldn’t really ask for a better brush to do this with. I’d really recommend this because its so cheap as well only $2.16 which equates to about £1.39. Can you get better than that really?! Plus with the 10% off code HEYH10 – that makes it even cheaper! 

Not to have favourites or anything – but this has to be my favourite haha. The Handmade Rattan Handled Blush Brush Portable Powder Brush*. Can we just take a moment to appreciate this? Its a dupe for the Nars Yachiyo Kabuki which costs around £38 where as you can get this for only £4.42. That price difference is insane for a brush that in my eyes is amazing. First of all, this is one of the softest brushes I have ever felt which is luxurious when you brush it across your face. I’ve been using this to apply powder and also bronzer. I think I prefer it for powder because it doesn’t pick up too much product so you know for a fact you’re not caking up your makeup. Its great if you want your bronzer a little more on the subtle, natural side. Just use this to brush that across the tops of your cheeks and you’re good to go! I’m so impressed with the quality of it, if you didn’t know it could easily pass off for the Nars offering. Its so easy to handle and is so lightweight. This has quickly become one of my favourite brushes in my collection! Super impressed.

So those were all the products I got my hands on from the BornPrettyStore. Don’t forget if you want to make an order, you can get 10% off with the code HEYH10. Also there is a banner at the side of my blog showing this 10% off deal! I hope you enjoyed this post and liked the products I feautred and maybe made you want to go and have a browse and buy some of your own stuff!

Have you ever bought anything from BornPrettyStore?

Lucy x

This post contains PR samples*