Guest Post: 5 Minute Face

A quick introduction – this Sunday I’ve done a guest post in collaboration with Dalal from Monochrome Daisies. Definitely head over to her blog its amazing and she has some really awesome posts! I hope you all enjoy this guest post and check out Dalal’s blog.

Managed to find myself a marble countertop at the air bnb we were staying at so of course I took full advantage and took some blog photos, as you do. As Rebekka exclaimed ‘you’re a real blogger now’ when I shared the photos, I really do feel accomplished- now time to figure out a way to get a marble counter top back in England. Anyway as school is ominously looming over us (well the majority of us have already gone back) I’ve put together an array of products, ranging from drugstore to high end, that’ll showcase a makeup look that you can put together in a short space of time as well as allow you to feel comfortable throughout the day whilst maintaining that ‘healthy glow’ you would

have homed during the summer. 

This step is optional as I know foundation isn’t everyone’s choice of base during school but I couldn’t not add this in. The Clinique Superbalanced foundation is so lightweight; it offers minimal coverage that is just enough to mask any blemishes and any imperfections whilst allowing the look of healthy skin. I was never a fan of foundation but this has been a serious game changer for me!

If I could only wear one makeup product for the rest of my life it’d have to be concealer, the Nars Creamy Concealer to be precise. Summer usually induces those out of proportion sleep patterns where you’ll sleep at 6am and wake up at 3pm so of course this’ll take a toll on you once you’re back at school. I apply this in an upside down triangle shape and blend to brighten and open up the face, it’s crazy what a little bit of concealer can do!

Brows have been a popular point of interest for the past year or so, as many women (and men) have started to fill and shape theirs- of course I joined in. My eyebrows are naturally shaped well so I only fill them in to intensify their darkness as the sun and sea salt tends to not only lighten my hair, but my eyebrows too. Although I’ve been lusting over the Benefit Gimme Brow since April I just couldn’t bring myself to pay nearly £20 for a brow gel so I decided to give this MUA one a try. I don’t love it nor hate it, it’s one of those neutral products that I’ll use but once it runs out I won’t be repurchasing. Don’t get me wrong, it does the job and all and helps thicken and darken my eyebrows but it’s not wonderful.

Diorshow Iconic mascara. All my blog readers know how much I freackin’ love this stuff, although I’ve bought the Too Faced Better than Sex mascara (perks of the duty free) which I love equally as much (feels like I’m talking about children) I think it’s a little too dramatic for school. The Diorshow lengthens your lashes and gives that fluttry look thus making you appear more wide eyed and ready to learn (ha no.)

I’ve never really ventured out into the world of blush before as it’s quite daunting for me although I am lusting over the Nars ones; my cousin lent me the Une Breezy Cheeks in shade Blush Grand Air. I was a little on the fence when trying this as I always get a vision that if I apply too much then I’ll look like those cartoon characters with bright red cheeks and blue eyeshadow…just me? I was pleasantly surprised to find that this dusty mauve toned pink blends into the skin seamlessly to create a naturally flushed look (no overly red cheeks, phew), you can either apply it with your fingers or with a brush, in this case I used my RT cheek brush to blend onto the apples of my cheeks.

Lastly is a makeup bag staple that’ll you find in the makeup bags of tweens up to fully grown women- it’s just that good, the Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch allows hydration and a sheer wash of colour to warm up the face. This is a very light pink colour which can be built up but for this scenario it’s best to keep it toned down. This lip balm sits proudly in my blazer pocket all year round and is easy to whip out when your lips are feeling a little parched. 

What products do you use to complete your 5 minute face?