The Sunday Chatter #3

I missed doing a Sunday Chatter last week; but to be fair there wasn’t anything I could really talk about – pretty boring week! But its back!

This week I just want to have a casual chat and talk about appreciating your health. I was struck down with an end of summer cold this week, I know this might sound a little silly to some as it’s ‘just a cold’. But I never take time to appreciate and be thankful for feeling well enough! Also when you’re poorly you’re pretty much bed bound for a few days and it sucks. It made me realise I need to take some more opportunities when I’m well and go out and do more instead of laying in bed on tumblr, netflix etc. I don’t know if this is just me? I’m sort of just sharing what’s been going through my brain; I hope this makes some sense haha! 

Even though I had this horrid cold – I managed to fit a bit of shopping in for back to college clothes and I managed to pick up a super comfy cardigan from Primark which you can find here and also a slouchy jumper from H&M which you can find here. I was so excited to finally be shopping for warm clothes again, I much prefer autumn/winter fashion opposed to summer! I don’t actually like winter itself too much; I’m not a fan of dark nights and gloomy days and getting up in the freezing cold. But at least you can wrap up warm! I’m excited its September because its my birthday month – ahh I love birthdays! Also I’m back to college very soon; hopefully that won’t affect my blog but just  to let you know I might be quite busy! 

I love writing these, it gives me a chance to let out my thoughts and have a good old chat with anyone who reads my blog. I hope you enjoyed a little catch up into my life and you’ll be back for more!

How has your week been?

Lucy x