The Sunday Chatter #4

Back to one of my favourite posts to do – the Sunday chatter. I just love sitting down and chatting to everyone it feels like I’m talking to a friend or something. I hope you enjoy this weeks!

So the past two weeks I have gone back to college. My first year to be exact. I was pretty excited because of the courses I would be starting but also sad because the summer was over for another year. Anyway I’m pleased to say I’m still enjoying it and its my second week (despite the early mornings)! Change is something everyone has to go through in life and sometimes its nice to have a bit of a change. I’ve learnt this the past two weeks; school was getting repetitive, I mean I was there for about 11 years – it seemed it was time to move on. The courses I picked are very different from what I was doing in school, no maths or science involved much to my delight. Going into college hasn’t been the biggest life changing experience but it opens your eyes a little bit and it gets you thinking about what you want to go onto doing later in life and career wise. Even though I’m still not sure, I’m sure I will figure out something haha! 

In other news apart from the topic of change – this week was my birthday! Another year gone by wow I still feel as if I should be 12. I was lucky enough to be able to get a Macbook which I am so thrilled with, I honestly can’t quite get over the quality of everything and how quick it all is! Anyone who has one might understand haha. I’m also saving up for a new camera body so hopefully my blog photos can improve and I can get some really great shots. 

I hope you enjoyed this small little chatter this week – let me know if you’ve experienced any change in your life recently whether thats a new school year, college, uni, moving house – whatever it may be! 

What have you been up too this week?

Lucy x