What I Love About Autumn

Autumn has rapidly approached with it being the first official day of Autumn on Wednesday. I must admit I prefer Summer much more but there are a few little things that Autumn brings that Summer just can’t compete with.

01. You have the excuse to eat as much apple & cinnamon flavoured things as you could possibly want. I am a massive fan of these two flavours so you can image autumn is a great time for me.

02. Snuggled up under a super fluffy blanket or duvet and watching a movie or netflix. Possibly one of the most cosiest things to do when its chilly outside and you’re all nice and toasty.

03. Long walks with a camera – this is probably my favourite thing to do in autumn. The colours of the leaves are stunning oranges, reds, browns and capturing that in a photograph is amazing.

04. Spending hours inside a warm coffee shop. I love going to Starbucks or Costa on a cold autumnal day because its always so warm inside and you can chill for as long as you want sipping on one of their delicious hot drinks.

05. Wrapping up in coats and scarfs. I looove wearing scarfs in the autumn, they keep you so warm and they can look so stylish with basically anything.

06. Making halloween themed food. I don’t particularly celebrate halloween as such – but autumn time gives you an excuse to make those pumpkin shaped cookies you saw on Pinterest or that yummy looking apple pie.

07. Hot drinks! Any form of hot drink after a cold trip out is perfect in the autumn. Whether you’re a pumpkin spice latte fan or just a hot chocolate lover – there is no better time to enjoy a hot drink than autumn.

08. Shops start to bring out their autumn/winter ranges. Lush always bring out gorgeous products for halloween and christmas! Other shops such as Primark bring out some lovely autumnal homeware and clothes!

09. Snuggling up on the sofa with a huge blanket and reading. Whether thats reading a book or reading through blogs is so relaxing and something you might not get the chance to do in summer.

10. Fluffy socks! Honestly this is probably my favourite thing – I practically live in big knitted/fluffy socks in the autumn time, they keep your feet so warm and you feel so cosy.

What are your favourite things about Autumn?

Lucy x