A Few Bits To Try

A bit of a random post today folks – but I’ve had a lot of minis lying around that either I have been testing before buying the big version or from the summer. These are some of my favourite bits I’ve been trying recently.

Head & Shoulders Classic | £1.50

I know what you’re thinking – head and shoulder?! Hear me out, this has a few different and great purposes. If you do suffer with a sensitive scalp I’d highly recommend this shampoo; obviously thats what its mainly for but it actually works. It also keeps my hair in a lovely condition and actually makes it feel thicker. The other purpose I have for this is for washing your brushes – as you can see on the bottle it has a little hand symbol. That just means its very kind to your skin so is perfect for washing brushes with because its not heavily scented and has no harsh chemicals in. It works really well if you put a small drop in the palm of your hand and swirl your brush around and rinse with water!

Batiste Dry On The Go Blush | £1.50

I do actually have the biggest version of this you can buy – I use this in my bag to carry around. Because sometimes throughout the day my hair can feel messier and greasier (nasty) and I need a bit of this! The only problem I have with this is its very chalky but it does take away the greasiness and make my hair look that tad bit fresher so I would recommend this!

Lush Dirty Springwash Shower Gel | £4.95

A bit more on the expensive side for a mini bottle – but this is Lush we’re talking about. I have previously done a review on this because I truly love it! Its a very minty shower gel that feels so super refreshing when applied to your skin. I love this because whether you wash yourself with this in the morning or the evening, you always step out of the shower feeling so refreshed. I will definitely be buying the big version of this!

Soap & Glory Scrub ‘Em and Leave ‘Em Body Buff | £2.50

The product I wanted to mention most. I actually got given this – and I’ve fallen in love. Its a salt scrub opposed to a sugar scrub so its a little harsher on the skin. However I feel it really works at buffing the skin and getting rid of any dryness. The scent is very masculine which isn’t really a bad thing because it smells amazing. If you can give this a go I’d highly recommend it!

What products have you been loving lately?