Meet: Avenue De Sophie

So, I contacted Sophie from Avenue De Sophie because her blog is one of my favourites; to ask if she’d answer a few questions. Which she did – so heres a mini ‘interview’ if you’d like, with her! I hope you enjoy.

01. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Eeeeeek this question is so hard! I guess I should probably start with my name, right? …But then again, my blog name probably gives that away. Oh hec, I’m gonna stop rambling and start again.

I’m Soph! I’m 21 and I’m currently stumbling through life trying to figure out what the hell I’m supposed to be doing. I have an unhealthy obsession with coffee and red lipstick, and spend far too much of my time on the internet. I moved to Liverpool about 18 months ago, and at the minute, it’s probably my favourite city outside of London. I take photographs of pretty much anything and everything, I’ve never been to University, and I basically don’t go anywhere without my phone in my hand.

02. What made you start blogging?

To be quite honest, I can’t really remember what my motivation was to create a blogger account. I remember I’d been watching YouTube video’s for a while, and well, Instagram had always been my favourite social media platform. I kinda just started stumbling across bloggers Instagram accounts (cause y’know, they’re the best ones 😉 ) and then in turn I found their blogs, and it kinda just looked like fun! I was also having a rubbish time in work, and I wanted something that I could use as a bit of a creative outlet. A blog just seemed a perfect fit!

03. Whats your favourite post to write?

My favourite type of post to write would have to be my little life rambles. I’m quite an over-thinker about life, and I’m constantly re-evaluating what’s important to me, and everyone around me right now, so to have somewhere where I can get all of my thoughts out of my head, is great. They’re also the posts where I tend to go for walks with my camera for inspiration – another of my favourite past times!

04. Whats your favourite makeup item to shop for?

Lipstick. Definitely lipstick. Particularly red ones.

05. How would you describe your style?

My style is quite eclectic I think, I have pieces in my wardrobe from Topshop hung next to some of my favourite vintage finds. But generally I do tend to look back in time for inspiration on what to wear, weather it be the 80’s, 90’s, or even the 50’s, I love playing around with different looks that aren’t necessarily just what you’d find on the high street.

06. Do you have any tips for upcoming bloggers and did you expect your blog following to grow so much?

This question kinda made me giggle! But only because I’d still consider myself to be quite new to the whole blogging thing! I guess the biggest thing that I’ve learned over the last 11 months is, to not compare your blog to anyone else’s. I know that sounds SUPER cliche, but your blog should be an extension of you, and not the rest of the bloggersphere. Write and produce content that you want to write!

And oh goodness, I never ever ever ever expected my blog to grow at all! I kinda started it for me, like I mentioned before, it was just somewhere for me to get creative, write a few things that were going on in my head, and to have somewhere else to post my photo’s other than my Instagram. To be quite honest, people weren’t meant to read it! But in all seriousness, I am so so thankful every time someone does read it now, I’ve met the best people through it, and it’s also brought me some pretty cool opportunities. So yeah, I’m loving it atm!

I hope you all enjoyed that little interview with Sophie – you can check out her blog here, I’d recommend you do because her photography and writing style is amazing!