On A Positive Note

I feel like having your own space on the internet is a great excuse to spread a little positivity. I just want to share with you a few things that I think help me to keep happy and positive when I really need it. 

01. Laughing is the best medicine – I know if you’re down in the dumps laughing is the last thing you want to do. But if you can manage to go out, maybe meet a friend and have a really good laugh I promise anything that was bothering you will be put to rest. 

02. Have a good rest – By this I think I mainly mean have a good nights sleep! Sometimes thats hard, I know I’m not the best of sleepers, but when I do I usually feel so much better in the morning and it puts me in a brighter mood for the day. Other than sleeping you could just take a day out to slob around in your pj’s and really give your body a rest, I find this helps me.

03. Don’t overthink – A bold statement I must admit. I suck at trying not to overthink, I’m a seriously anxious person and I will overthink everything and anything. But if you can try to distract your mind for long enough, the overthinking will decrease. Try and find something to keep your mind busy if you’re having a day where you’re not actually doing too much. Overthinking can put you in some of the worst of moods, so trying to stop it is really helpful!

04. Always be true to yourself – I honestly think I’m less positive if I’m not being my true self in front of people. You shouldn’t have to hide or be ashamed of anything you do/enjoy; just be yourself! Stick to what you love and believe in and ignore the rest. I promise you’ll be much happier in yourself for this.

05. Push out any negativity in your life – I guess this is a bit easier said than done. However if someone or something is having a negative impact on your life, either get rid of them/it or address the problem. Talk to the person thats making you feel crap and if they can’t understand then maybe they aren’t worth your time. Or if you don’t like something in your home – get rid of it and start again. Repaint, redecorate, whatever will make you feel better.

I hope this was helpful to someone, it certainly helps me.

What do you do to keep positive?